Just Super.


14. This superhero is on fire.



Back at ‘The Murmurlair’ Scott was taking a moment to chill. His newly bought sewing machine had twisted it’s thread and he was close to incinerating it with his bare hands.

Power he thought, what’s my power?

Scott looked at his drink bottle and water bottle, he knew for sure that it wasn’t speed or super strength.


Without thinking Scott grabbed a lighter from the bench. He clicked it, flicked it and then held the small orange flame to the back of his hand.

First came the smell of singed hair and then a little candlewick of pain that quickly erupted. His whole entire hand had caught fire! Scott held it up, stunned. Sure the pain was like sticking his arm into a furnace but that didn’t matter; he’d found his power. As he waved his hand side to side the flames fanned even higher and then he looked down, realising that it hadn’t worked; his shirt-sleeve had just caught fire.




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