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8. The Funeral



“All I’m saying is it would’ve been pretty awesome if there’d been a priest.” Josie, Gorgy and Al sat on chairs beside the small patch of dirt that was his front garden.

“I agree,” said Gorgy, “But wouldn’t it be against their code of practice?”

“I think they’d overlook that if you offered enough money.”

While Gorgy and Al discussed buying off a priest Scott tried to focus on how sad he was and how he wished he hadn’t spoken so harshly to Simon Scowl the last time they’d talked. As he patted down the dirt on Simon’s grave with Al’s garden spade he tried to focus on Simon and his destiny, but Josie kept trying to make small talk.

“If I’d known this was for a cat, I wouldn’t have come so dressed up.” While the other two wore, relatively button up shirts and jeans Josie had gone all out. She was wearing a sharp pencil skirt and a jacket he’d never seen her in before. Her hair was pulled up and Scott could smell the sweet aroma of perfume when she moved past him. For other girls this would be considered their ‘natural’ look but for Josie, who’d hung out with the three boys since she began high school it was a really big deal.

“I’m really sorry about Simon,” she said.

Scott gave up thinking deep thoughts for later, and sat down next to her. “I’ve had him three years now, met him when I was eighteen and I moved into this apartment.”

She nodded when he looked at her, “And all that bruising, that’s from those people who knocked you out?”

“Yeah,” Scott’s neck was kind of itchy, he didn’t really understand this caring Josie, he wished they could just have big debates and wrestle like they used to.

Josie tried to tell him about her flatmate leaving and how she had to pay twice the rent and how she had a free space if he knew anyone that wanted to rent it and Scott nodded on like he was listening.

He couldn’t get his mind off images of him flying around in a cape and boots. He zoned back in when Gorgy and Al bought their chairs into the conversation; “You know those jeans he always used to wear? Well the thugs pissed on his Levis too.” Al laughed, he hadn’t heard the news either.

“Oh gross,” she said laughing and relaxing, “Wait a moment!” They all looked at her as she turned to Scott, “Were you wearing the jeans when they, uh did it?”

“What do ya me-“ Gorgy said, stopping himself as he realised. “Oh crap, I forgot to ask.”

All heads turned to Scott, who scratched his head like he was trying to think, “Well…”

“They did, didn’t they?” Al, a self-professing body-language expert said.

“Aww gross,” Josie laughed, “Ugh, yuck.”

“Haha,” Gorgy laughed, starting up a chant, “Scott pissed his pants, Scott pissed his pants.”

Josie joined in until Scott launched himself at her, causing both of them to fall to the ground. She laughed as he tried to put her into a hold, “Come on Batman!!”

Their hands moved quickly as one tried to escape and the other tried to trap, as she attempted a nutjob Scott grinned. This is the Josie I can relate to.

With a maniac scream Gorgy lept onto Scott’s back and two on one he stood no chance. They had him pinned. Scott didn’t care, he knew he’d be able break their grip instantly when he discovered what his superpower was.

Gorgy sat on his belly, “Hmm, now what shall be his punishment? A wet willy? A Chinese burn? Or.. I know,” he looked into Scott’s eye and winked, “A kiss, that’s what we’ll give the little baby.”

At the mention of a kiss, the smile dropped from Josie’s face. When Gorgy looked at her for confirmation she tried to smile but it only half worked, “Umm, maybe we should do something els-“

“A kiss!” Gorgy shouted louder, winking obviously at Scott who was trying to wriggle himself out of the situation but failing miserably. Gorgy bent don and with a wet smacking sound pretended to placed a kiss on Scotts cheek.

“That was horrible,” Scott moaned, I felt some goobies touch me.”

“Your turn Josie,” Gorgy said.

“Um,” all eyes turned on her as she coloured red. “Uh, okay.” Bending down tenderly, she hovered an inch from Scott’s skin, her breath sent tingles swirling down his back. With the perfect pressure her lips touched down on his skin and Scott felt a warmth spread from his cheek to his lips and the tingling kept building as he felt one of her hands on his arm, he couldn’t breathe until she sat up.

“Wow, that was insanely hot,” Gorgy said grinning, Josie’s face had turned bright red and while Scott was free to move he remained lying on the ground.

Tension began to build as they all waited for each other to speak. Josie rubbed her arm slightly. Gorgy chewed his top lip

“Well this is awkward,” said Al.

Scott laughed, and then Gorgy laughed then Josie tentatively joined them. They kept laughing until for the most part the tension had vanished.

“Shit man,” Gorgy helped pull Scott to his feet. “Let’s never play that game again.”

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