Just Super.


6. Spy



“Scott man,” Gorgy said as they crossed the street together, “I’m bloody sorry.”

They’d walked two blocks before the apology had prized open Gorgy’s lips and thrust it’s self into the air. “I didn’t really mean it, especially the gas station bit. You’re a good man Scott.”

“I don’t seem like an interesting guy though right? Like the sort of guy everyone fixates on?” Asked Scott, who’d calmed himself down on their short walk to realise that Gorgy thinking he was a lame ordinary person like he used to be was actually a good thing. It’d help if anyone was searching for him. They’d ask whether Scott could possibly be a superhero and reliable Gorgy would spurt whatever he was drinking out of his nose. Scott stared at his friend affectionately, “I don’t really mind that much Gorgy, I mean this boring life is what I’m really here for. You’d never catch me doing anything exciting.”

Gorgy kicked a can as they came to stop beside a cinema. “I do feel really bad though, next time The free economy meet I’m going to shout you whatever you want. Even if it’s lone star.”

Scott nodded in appreciation, after all lone star was the most expensive place their group had ever eaten. Only achieved when a Hollywood celeb had tried to persuade Gorgy to join Jackass.

“No, it’s fine, I’ll catch you later Gorgy.” In the hipster fashion they hand-slapped.

After five steps Gorgy turned around to watch Scott go, the happy superhero-to-be didn’t even notice as he cut his way through the people walking the street.

AS he watched him Gorgy scratched his nose, which always got itchy after he performed his party trick, Actually Scott was right. There is something up with the way he’s walking today. His shoulders were the most noticeable; Instead of their usual sagged right forward, they’d picked up a little and he appeared more confident.

Eventually Scott vanished and Gorgy shrugged, then turned to the cinemas, poor Josie.



As he walked down her street, binoculars in hand Scott had already forgotten about Gorgy. At long last, he was going to see the love of his life. Gorgy felt like Clarke Kent.

He passed he letter box, giving the little flag a quick fondle before moving into an empty construction site a couple of houses down. Nestling himself into a shrub and pulling out a large container of MuscleMass he focused in his binoculars.

He checked their balcony, because that’s where he expected her to be. Either sighing in the wind or dreaming about a guy dressed in Lycra who’d save her and become her boyfriend.

Scott, quickly scanned his brain. Is there anything else I need to do? I’ve imagined she’s my girlfriend, fondled a piece of her yard. Stared at her house from afar….

A light came on in what Scott had decided was the bathroom. “Oh.” He whispered to himself as an image of her was projected onto a curtain. Slowly, sensually her shadow pulled a tee shirt over her head. Revealing the outline of a dainty chest. As she began to remove her bra strap he groaned and placed hands over his eyes. I shouldn’t be seeing this, even Superman didn’t use his X-ray vision for…

Making a hundred and eighty degree turn from the window, Scott place his palms to his face, trying to cool it down. Falling out of the shrub and trying to fan his face as he walked back the way he’d come Scott decided that Vanessa was the most beautiful person he’d ever watched from a shrub across the road.

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