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From the state of Scott’s room-house it was clear to see where his passion lay. Poster after poster after poster of every superhero conceived lined his walls. A third of the room dedicated to Marvel, a third to D.C, the other third to various indie publications.

Apart from his bed[1], the shelves upon shelves of comic books and T.V set-up with a Batman disk still loaded into the drive there were four altars, dedicated to his favourite superheroes. Beside his bed sat a Wonder woman bust, nestled between pictures of the various in-costume actresses who had played her and stacks of magazines.  The left wall went to Superman, The right to Captain America and below the T.V, far more impressive then the other three was a colosseum of images, articles, authentic clothing and action figures dedicated to the great Batman.

Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman all of them seemed more real to him then his gas station co-workers. His plan for that weekend had been to make a re-study of scene ten in the Batman vs Superman movie with fellow hero-in addicts online.

The only non superhero features the room contained were a toilet, the bed, a rubbish bin and of course Scott himself, who blinded by the mid-day light was beginning to stir from his slumber. He opened his eyes blearily and sat up. Scott’s skin and torso burnt and there was a patch of carpet where he’d been lying that was soaked with sweat.

It was at this point, as his skin soaked though with the heat of fever and his eyes raced across the comic books scattering his walls a violent headache shook him and he fell back to the ground. Lying there, he had a sudden recollection of his fateful ride home.


Scott stared around dreamily as he hung up his hat on the in and out rack for the second time that day, unlocked his bicycle from the stand and checked he had everything with him. Everything blurring around him as he peddled through the same territory and paths he always did, past the squirrel tree and the batshitcrazy dog that always barked at him, attempted to jump the curb and felt something smash into the back of his head.

As dreams and nightmares tend to exaggerate, the thugs seemed meaner then in real life. Bolder. They approached him with a knife drawn, determined to cut out his kidneys and sell them on Ebay. Scott could do nothing except watch as they cursed him and insulted his bike. The thug on the right held up the knife, ready to strike, when suddenly a rainbow stripe streaked through the air. The criminals turned around, leaving Scott alone. “What do you want?” one of them shouted as the rainbow settled into the form of a man.

Scott could see that it was a hero now, and he knew the bad guys were in big trouble. One of them threw a fist, but the gallant superhero stepped to the side lept ten feet into the air and kicked the same guy in the head. Down the villain fell, followed by his comrades. By the time the cops had arrived Scott was safely on the roof of Escrow tower, the tallest building in town.

The hero looked at him dead in the eye and Scott’s breathing increased. He could see the muscles bulging through the toughened Kevlar suit. On the man’s chest was a whispered M and somehow it seemed to vanish and appear at it’s own will. Scott knew he’d been rescued by a true superhero, perhaps someone more courageous then Batman himself.

The hero slowly reached up and rolled his mask upwards, past lips, a broken then re-set nose and green-green eyes. Until he revealed a head of full Aburn hair. Scott cried out, practically weeping with joy. It’s me Scott Bradford wearing a mask!!

The hero that looked exactly like him placed the mask in Scott’s hands. “With great power comes great responsibility. Scott, if you are prepared to fight for it then you will become one of the greatest heroes the world has ever seen.”

Suddenly Batman appeared beside his future self; “Don’t give in Scott Bradford, the world is desperate for someone like you, to restore the balance between good and evil.”


The edges of Scott’s vision began to close up, and Batman’s voice grew weaker. The words “Only you know what to do…” followed him from a coma into ward 10 B of Middlemore hospital.

Scott Bradford sat up so quickly that the grey haired man that was his 10 B roommate had a mini heart attack. The sudden spike on the man’s cardiac monitors created a rush among the doctors and nurses, five of whom flocked into the room to find patient 102230 Scott Bradford unplugging himself and yelling his head off.

Senior Fred[2] ran to Scott’s roommate and helped nurse Sally to unhook the defibulator. After the sound of expensive glass breaking came from the Scott side of the room he shouted at junior doctor Paul, “Get that guy tranquilized.”

Scott saw everything around him, it’s just he had a filter over his eyes and mind that told him he was going to be a superhero, so when he realised there were people in white coats coming for him he shook his whole body and then shouted, “I have a destiny, I have a destiny!” As a nurse reached for the panic button patient 102230 suddenly became still and asked the doctor carrying his tranquiliser, “Well are you going to put it in then?”

Shocked by 102230’s sudden change in denemor Paul hesitated for a moment before he approached 102230. Scott, for his part stayed completely still and allowed them to poke a big shiny needle into his arm.

These are either evil or government scientists testing new technologies to see if they can heal diseases, Scott thought as he drifted off, little do they know, I’m about to receive a super-ability as a result of their genetic messing.

As their patient’s dopy grin relaxed the staff of Middlemore hospital gathered around him. The cleaner who’d slipped in to clean up the glass and broken tubes  shook her head. Maybe she should’ve taken that job in a petrol station.


[1] Batman sheets and wonder woman duvet. (Superman pillowcases.)

[2] A man is dying of cardiac arrest, in a state of emergency it isn’t rude to call a doctor by their first name in the hopes of speeding his recovery.

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