Just Super.


12. Names.



“Names, names, names.” Scott said to himself as he google searched ‘cool superhero names’. It seemed the best ones had been done, Superman, Batman, Captain America, Iron man.

“Stoneman?” He questioned the air.

And what about you relates to stone?

“Hmm, maybe not.”

“Red dragon?”

Already in use.

“Urg,” Scott said, wheeling himself away from the computer, his body hadn’t been coping with the trainings as well as he thought it would and the only thing that kept him from giving up on the whole enterprise was his sheer belief that he was meant to be a superhero.

On the other side of the room his phone rang, unable to move his limbs properly Scott wheeled the chair across to it. “Hello?”

“Hey man it’s me.”

“Gorgy!” He said, raising his eyebrows.

“Yeah man I just wanna talk about what you said yesterday…”

The way Gorgy’s voice dropped off let Scott know he was in for another lecture. Scott coughed, I wonder if I could hang up? He thought sadly. “Yeah? What about it?”

“Look I know you hate it when I talk to you like a little kid, but Scott be reasonable. What would your parents say if they found out…”

“Don’t even go there.”

“Okay man, forget your parents. You know how much trouble you’ll get into with the law? And what happens if a criminal’s got a gun, huh? They’ll just shoot you!”

Scott shook his head sadly, he hated arguing with Gorgy, it was always about something Scott shouldn’t do... “Come on Gorgy, you’ve seen Batman and Superman” He said, “Either a bulletproof vest or hardened skin.”

“Man, that’s the movies…” Scott put the phone on the floor and stood up, he might as well go fabric shopping. He closed the door, leaving Gorgy’s pitched voice in conversation with his carpet.

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