Just Super.


13. Mumuring

Scott had decided Lycra would be best. It was light, relatively cheap and the good quality stuff claimed to be almost as strong as leather. Scott had wanted Kevlar, but the prices were outrageous. Slipping his fingers around a few sheets of the fabric Scott nodded to an old guy who was staring at him.

The guy didn’t blink , he just squinted his eyes a little harder and walked toward Scott. Pulling red blue and white sheets of Lycra from the shelf Scott tried to escape the man’s gaze. But before he could put the fabric in his shopping trolley the old man had managed to grab a sheet of Scott’s Lycra.

“You know son, if a guy was buying fabric like this in my day he’d be halfway to the stake by now.” The man said, he had slicked back tinned white hair and wore ridiculously thick glasses.

“Even if he was buying it for a friend?” Scott asked, politely trying to remove the hand.

But the old guy wouldn’t let go, he looked exactly like the sort of guy who’d hang out in Walmart isles just to annoy people, “You queers, sure have a lot of friends these days.” He spat.

Scott didn’t really care, he let go of the Lycra, grabbed another three sheets and wheeled his trolley as fast as he could to the sewing machines and scissors.

As he scanned the shelves for something within his budget Scott heard a loud hack from right beside him. “So what is the big event? Ballet? Synchronised swimming? A strip club?

Scott frowned. “whyareyoufollowingme?” only his words jumbled together as he tried to work out what the old guy was doing, he still had his fingers wrapped around the Lycra.

The old guy laughed, “The Murmur. Ha ha ha.”

Scott spun so fast he almost cut the old man down, “WHAT DID YOU SAY?” He yelled, excitement palpating in his chest.

The old guy was shocked and even took a step or two back, “Hey, there’s no need to get antsy I just mentioned that you Murmured, that’s all.”

“Wow,” Scott said looking up at the ceiling, “The Murmur.”

He tried in a deeper voice, “I am THE MURMUR.”

“You just got Murmured Lex Luther.”

“Hi Scott.” Said Al coming down the aisle,

“Hey Al, guess what? It’s really exciting.” Scott said, he’d already forgotten about the missed training that morning.

“Hmm, world peace has been achieved, we’ve solved cancer, I’m going to get a raise?”


“Well I don’t care. Make sure you pay for that.” Then he wandered off gazing forward but not really seeing.

The old guy, now slightly friendlier looked at Scott, “He was a bit rude.”

Scott shrugged and threw the scissors into his trolley, “He’s my friend and he’s always like that.”  A tiny sewing machine stood on sale at the end of the row. Scott, his trolley and the old guy walked over. As Scott pushed it into his trolley the old guy scratched his neck.

“Look son, I’m really sorry for the way I acted. I just wanted some entertainment you know?”

Scott knew exactly what to do, he offered his hand, “It’s fine, in fact you helped me with something very important.”

The old guy leaned in closer and whispered, “The Murmur? What is it?”

Scott looked around him, the row was clear, there were no cameras around and the excitement was practically bubbling out of him. It would’ve been okay if he’d been able to tell Al, but now the news was practically leaking out of his mouth. Gorgy had warned him not to… But it was only a harmless old citizen. What did Scott have to fear?

He leaned in closer, so close the old guy would’ve got uncomfortable had he been wearing Lycra and then Scott whispered, “I’m a super hero.”

The old man’s eyes turned into saucers, he grabbed the front of Scott’s shirt, “For real? How many criminals have you slaughtered?”

Scott shook his head, “I haven’t started saving people yet because I didn’t have a name,” he pointed to the Lycra, “Or a costume, I think I’ll be right to start by next week.”

The old guy nodded, he was smiling like he’d hit a winning lottery ticket, “Hey I’m Stallone.” He held out his hand.

“I’m The Murmur,” Scott said with a grin.

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