Just Super.


3. Gorgy



“Alright kid, you got beaten up pretty bad and then their excretion caused you to develop a serious fever so I want you to give this to your work.” Doctor James told him part-way though his fifth day in hospital. The doctor passed him a folded piece of paper.

“It says you need at least ten days to recover from your injuries and if you need more you come to me okay?” Doctor Fred James with two first names had been horrified that one human being could get so messed up. “Are you sure you want to leave?”

Scott had wanted to leave the moment he’d gained consciousness, the scientist’s serum had been working it’s magic and he felt his health being restored to him. He could wait to test his new ability out, whatever it was. “Of course, even if I have to fight my way out Dr Jahmez.”

The doctor sighed, and signed the consent form. Truth be told he couldn’t wait to get rid of the guy, who’d been no trouble until the point where he’d managed to make a completely recognizable name sound foreign and attempted to jump out of a window. “Here you go Mr Bradford.”

Scott smiled and took the sheets in his freshly bandaged hands, “While the law is corrupt, vigilante justice will be upheld.” Then he limped out of the front door, both arms plastered to paris.


Picking up his most prized possession, a first edition batman comic, Scott paced. In his mind a checklist was forming; Someone who I care about has to die, then training and costume, go out on my first patrol…

As much as he could Scott snapped his fingers, “Idiot, oh my gosh. I almost forgot the most important part.”

He logged onto his computer, flicked aside the Lego superman game he’d been playing and opened up his neglected Facebook page.

“Hmm,” He said carefully scrolling through his friends list.

“Nope.” Kept Scrolling

“Nope.” Kept Scrolling

“Nope.” Kept Scrolling

And then he saw her, the girl of his dreams. Clicking on her Facebook profile he found out that  she’d become a lingerie model; “Which is close enough to an actor or reporter,” he told the Batman statue behind him.

Scott tapped his chin as he stared at an image of the flawless Vanessa Kerouc, “I should pay a visit…”

The checklist in his head kept pinging as new items were added.

Giving her latest profile picture a heart palpating like Scott turned away from the computer, pulled his tee-shirt off and stared at himself in a polished Captain America shield. Ribs showed through his skin and everywhere else was coloured by the brown of fading bruises. Quickly dropping to the ground Scott arched his arms and moving arthritically did a press-up. He returned to the mirror and flexed, even the veins that meekly showed themselves were poorly.

He pulled out a Batman notebook, carefully ripping it so that Batman’s body remained intact and with the precision of someone that spends their leisure time examining comic books and movie scenes began putting his mental checklist to paper.

Stare longingly at a girl I’ve loved since childhood but haven’t dared to approach because she’d so much better looking then me from across the street. (May need binoculars.) Have someone I care about die. Attend their funeral and swear that I’m going to devote my life to fighting injustices (Tissues and decent clothes, not Levis.) Join gym

After chewing on his pencil a couple of moments Scott added:

Work out name Make Suit Discover superpower

As he scratched his mind for the seventh there was a tinkling coming from Scott’s front window, “Hey man,” came a slightly shrill voice, “Open up, because maybe you can squeeze your paper ass through that window but the rest of the world ain’t so dang skinny.”

Folding the note, placing it in his front pocket and unplugging his computer monitor, Scott cracked glass beneath his feet as he opened the door, “Come in Gorgy.”

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