Five Days

"What's the worst that could possibly happen? It's only five days."| As head assistant to late night talkshow host James Corden, Alicia Mendez has dealt with her fair share of obnoxious celebrities. So when reknowned boy band member Harry Styles is announced as a week long guest in honor of his solo debut, she wants absolutely nothing to do with him. Unfortunately, he's exactly who she's stuck with for the next five days.


2. D A Y T W O

D A Y  T W O 

So Harry had made it through his first day and Alicia didn't particularly feel like pulling her hair out. She called that beginner's luck. Ultimately, today would be the real test—for both of them. 

Alicia sighed as she looked through James' monologue. Wondering how many times he rewrote it just to make sure Harry was comfortable. She could see eraser marks, knew that he probably would still edit it throughout the day. She read through it and found it quite comical, as it  always was, but she understood his apprehension. 

It's one thing to be the guest, it's a completely different ball game to be the host. James had never had a co-host, never mind someone that he was so close to. Alicia just didn't understand why he was so worried about him. As if Harry was really some poor soul who didn't know how to make his way in the world. He knew very well what he was doing and why he was doing it. She didn't buy into his sheepishness like everyone else did.

But, okay, she could maybe see why Harry's nervous about his week long residency. Although he was the co-host, he was still a major component of the show. She could tell he was working himself into a fit about it, even though he would never admit it. She found it funny, really. Harry always loved being the center of attention, how could this job not be made for him? 

"Knock, knock" 

Alicia looked up to find James with a cupholder filled with coffee. Right behind him was a rather sleepy looking Harry, holding a full cupholder as well.

"Since when do you get here before eight?" Alicia asked, eyeing the venti iced coffee that she so clearly needed to deal with the day before her. She knew it had her name on it, just knew it. But then again, Harry was the one holding it. There was no way he knew her coffee order. Okay, actually, there was no way he knew anything about her, considering he didn't even remember meeting all those years ago. 

"Couldn't sleep." James said, smiling widely, "Too excited."

"Indeed he was." Harry said shaking his head drowsily. 

"Julia was none too pleased, was she?" Alicia asked knowingly.

"Kicked us out of the house at seven. Seven, Alicia." Harry muttered, placing the cupholder on the edge of her desk,"Didn't even let me grab a fucking banana." 

"The travesty." 

"Bloody ridiculous. I stayed up all night listening to this crackpot prattle on about his monologue-"

"Our monologue." James reminded him.

"Whatever." He said with the wave of a hand, "Anyways, I stay up half the night, and I can't even sleep in. Even though the show isn't for another, what? Twelve hours?" Harry said, picking the coveted venti iced coffee out of his cupholder and placing it right before Alicia as if it was nothing out of the ordinary. 

"We have to prep." James argued.

"For twelve bloody hours, mate?" Harry responded indignantly.

Alicia payed no mind to them though. Instead she blinked twice, looking at the cup before her. There was no way Harry just did that, "Is this for me?"

"What?" Harry asked, clearly thrown off by her aloofness, "Didn't I just put it in front of you?"


"Why?" Harry asked, not quite understanding.

"Why did you get me coffee?"

"Why not?"

Alicia eyed him, "How did you even-"

"I know more about you than you think." Harry said, winking as he placed a few napkins before her. 

"You told him, didn't you." Alicia said flatly to James.

"Oh, dear, look at the time." James said looking at his wrist.

"Mate, you're not even wearing a watch." Harry said, chuckling as he looked Alicia.

She actually smiled at Harry, shaking her head, "Just go, James. Go make your rounds and then finish this monologue." She said, holding up the folder.

"It's finished."

"Is it?"

James nodded, "You're quite right. Needs a bit of polish." He grabs it from her and walks out the door, yelling behind him, "Behave you two."

Alicia rolled her eyes, but Harry just laughed. 

"Shouldn't you be following him? I'm sure those coffees were meant for someone else." She said, eyeing his still full tray.

"Yeah, for me."

"You don't drink coffee." She blushed when she realized what she said, and what it could imply. You know, that she actuallly was something more than indifferent towards him. 

"I don't?" He asked, clearly intrigued.

"You didn't the last time I saw you." She replied quickly.

"That was two years ago."

"Yeah, you keep making that point, Ali."

She looked at him, "Ali?"

"What, I can't call you Ali?" He asked in his charming slow drawl. 


"What can I call you then?"


"I think we're on better terms than that."

"Yeah, I'm sure."

"Well, if we know each other's coffee preferences I don't think there's any need for such formality. It hinders the development of a professional relationship."

"That makes no sense. How could staying professional ruin a professional relationship."

"You call James by his first name and talk to him as if you were his boss." He pointed out as he sat down on the edge of her desk.  

She glared at him pointedly, but he paid no mind. Alicia took a sip of her coffee, hoping it would calm her,"That's different." She replied in an even voice, hoping that Harry would get the hint that she just was in no mood to put up with his irrelevant chatter. 

Clearly he didn't as he quickly replied,"How?"

Alicia sighed loudly, "Get out of my office."



"Don't know how to get back to my dressing room."He smiled as he took a sip from his coffee cup. Alicia saw the string from the tea bag brush his lips as he tipped the cup towards him. He clearly took note of her watching him, and smirked. "Earl grey is rather good in the morning. You wouldn't know though, since you hate tea and all."

She glared at him, "Maybe I've changed. Maybe I like tea in the morning now."

"Oh?" He grabbed her coffee and quickly switches it out for one of his own coffee cups. 

Alicia frowns, "Give it back."

"I thought you said that you—" He couldn't even finish his sentence before Alicia grabbed her coffee cup back from him and in one motion pushed him off the edge of her desk.  

Harry looked at Alicia, clearly taken aback. He didn't know whether to laugh or what. All he could do was look at her while she carefully brought her treasured cup to her lips.

"Don't ever think about messing with my coffee again." She said, glaring at him once more. Clearly, he noted, all she could do was glare at him. 

He lifted his hands in defeat, "Alright, alright"

"Just get out." She said in an exasperated tone.

Harry grabbed his cupholder and made his way to the door. He was finally about to step out when he just stopped. He stood there for a good four seconds.

"What?" Alicia asked.

"I really have no idea where my dressing room is." He admitted without turning around. 

"For the love of God." She said, rubbing her temples. It was only 8:05 AM. 


By about two in the afternoon Alicia had managed to shove Harry off on another, all too willing, junior assistant who had been following them around all morning. Harry had to go practice some bit with James to work out the kinks, and who better to make sure they didn't kill themselves than a junior assistant that was scared shitless of James and so in awe of Harry she might faint if he even looks at her.

But then, that was no longer any of Alicia's concern. For the rest of the day she was finally free to do her own work. That is, until James found some other thing he wanted her to do for Harry.

She simply did not understand what James' obsession was with them getting along. It wasn't going to happen, so why push it?

Alicia sighed and stretched her arms above her head, trying to calm herself down. She could feel her heartbeat accelerating at the thought of Harry, knew it was the anger that he arose in her that made her body react that way. There just couldn't be any other explanation. 

She closed her eyes and counted to ten, hoping that by the time she got to five she would have finally gotten her hands to stop shaking. 

She didn't even get to three though before she heard Milo's annoying voice say, "You're needed on the main stage."

"Oh god." She said as she opened her eyes. 

"And can you please keep your phone on, I'm not your assistant." He said pointedly.

"It's not like you do much else here." Alicia muttered.

"What was that?" He asked, hazel eyes squinting at her as she quickly gathered her things and shoved them in her oversized bag.

"Oh, nothing. Nothing at all. Have to be off now." She said, her heels clacking as she quickly made her way out of her office. 

"This better be important." She said to herself as she shook her head.


"The name of the game is Human Basketball Hoop" James announced from the middle of the stage. Or, rather, "court". 

"Oh lord." Alicia said, shaking her head as she watched crew members turn James into an actual, living, basketball hoop. 

"I quite like the idea." Harry said, watching as well from the second row of seats. He had his feet up on the seats before him and looked rather comfortable, "It's fresh."

"You're actually going along with this?"

"Why not? Can't be worse than that spill your guts shit."

James laughed remembering that the last Harry had been on he had to drink a cup of salmon juice. How James had even found salmon juice, Alicia did not want to know. 

"How are you going to top this during the week? Can't you at least move it to another day?"

"Can't, Shaq is the guest star tonight." James said, lowering his head so the hoop could be affixed properly. 

"So you're going to have Shaquille O'Neal play basketball. Groundbreaking." Alicia remarked.

"Be nice." James warned.

"You want to get ratings? You should have Harry be the hoop." 

"Can't, bruise like a peach." Harry shrugged as he peeled a banana.

"Says the human sketchbook."

Harry smirked and chewed his fruit contently.

"Now, now. I'm the hoop, bloody terrible at sports anyways. And nothing better than to see young Harry attempt to beat a famous basketball player at his own game."

Harry shrugged, "It's not about winning—"

Alicia smirked, "It's about hitting the bullseye."

"What bullseye?" Harry asked, "Don't you mean basket?"

Alicia laughed as she picked up an adhesive bullseye that one of the props people must have left behind. She stuck it directly upon James' stomach.

James frowned, "Oh come on now."

Harry got up, threw his peel into the nearby wastebasket, and rushed upon the stage, "Alicia, if you're going to do something, you've got to do it right."

"He's all yours." She said, stepping aside.

"Oh come now, mate. Isn't it enough I'm taking one for the team here?

"Didn't you say I was in charge this week?"

Alicia's brow furrowed, "What?"

James turned to look at her, "That's not what I meant."

"That's not what it sounded like." Harry said, his lips in a full pout now.

Alicia shook her head, but both men ignored her. Instead Harry ripped the bullseye off of the body suit James was wearing and stuck it directly onto the large man's crotch.

"Oi! There is no way in—"

"I'm in charge." Harry shrugged, "Remember?"

"Alicia he can't—"

"Oh no you don't," She answered pointedly,  "Technically I'm not your assistant this week, you lent me to him, remember?"

"Hey!' James said frowning at her. 

Harry turned to look at the crew memebrs and nodded, "Set him up, boys."

"What! No!" 

But James wasn't able to say anything else before he was propelled up into the air by a large rope and three very heavyset men.

"How long can we have him up there?" Harry asked as James cursed repeatedly in the background.

"As long as you like Mr. Styles." One of the men answered, chuckling.

"What do you say," Harry said turning to face Alicia, he picked up a basketball from one of the stands that had already been set up, "Fancy a little one on one?"

She shook her head, "We have lots to do."

"Oh one game won't kill you."

She shrugged, "It might kill him."

James struggled to maintain calm, and he was turning a deep shade of red as continued screaming profanities at both Harry and Alicia.

"Mate, you've got to calm down." Harry tried, as he forced himself to swallow a laugh, "You won't be able to make it the whole segment if you don't practice."

"A whole segment! We said this was only for one game of hangman"

"Had a change of heart once I saw you up there." Harry shrugged before he set up his shot and threw the basketball into the air. It went into the hoop attatched to James in one swoosh. 

"Lucky shot."

Harry's smile gathered onto one side of his face as he turned to look at her, making his dimple even more prominant than usual. His eyes were also doing this weird thing where they reflected all of the lights above them, making it look like they were actually twinkling. It made Alicia's stomach flutter, which was weird, because her stomach definitely never did anything like that. Especially not because of Harry. If anything, it was because she was anxious about James being up there for too long. That had to be the case.

"You do it then." He said, quickly grabbing the ball and passing it to her.

She caught it with ease, making that cocky smile on Harry's face only grow wider. 

"Do I hit the bullseye or make it into the basket?"

"NOT THE BULLSEYE!" James cried.

Alicia tried to imagine the ball going into the hoop, just as her brother always told her to do when she was little. And with one slight hop she sent it flying into the air and promptly into one of the cameras on the left side of the stage.

"Whoops!" She cried out, trying to hold back her laughter. 

"Not very good, are we?" Harry asked laughing as he watched three cameramen trying to frantically make sure she didn't break the obviously expensive and crucial piece of equipment.

Alicia shrugged as she pushed up her glasses, "I used to play on a team, that was a really long time ago though."


"Yeah, I just was always on the bench."

Harry nodded, "So you...sat for the team?"

Alicia unwillingly smiled, "You're right, I did."

"It's nice you're both getting on, but could you PLEASE GET ME DOWN." James cried, trying to wiggle himself free. In the process he managed to dislodge the hoop from his chest and it came down with a crash upon the stage. The camermen looked up in fear of another piece of equipment being ruined, but quickly realized that none of their cameras nor devices were in immediate danger and went back to what they were doing. 

Harry put on his serious face and nodded at the crew members that were still holding up James. They let him down immediately, almost a little too quickly, which caused James to scream on his way down.

Alicia had to cover her laughter, as James was clearly pained. But it served him right for bringing in that stupid boybander for an entire week. Justice was clearly served on the court today.

"So, anything we have to fix for tonight?" Harry asked as James angrily ripped the bullseye off of his crotch.

James looked at Alicia almost as if pleading with her to fix his mess per usual, but she ignored him. She went back to where she had left her bag, hitched it up on her shoulder, and turned to walk back to her office.

"Hey, wait up!" Harry yelled behind her. 

Alicia didn't want to stop. In fact she told herself not to, knew that if she did she would never rid herself of Harry. So she just couldn't fathom why she slowed her pace and turned to look back to make sure he was behind her. 

"Thanks." Harry smiled endearingly as he began walking next to her, "Didn't think you would." He said looking down and stuffing his oversized hands into his too tight pockets. 

Alicia wanted to scream. Wanted to tell him that he wasn't fooling anyone. That his stupid outrageous fashion choices and too-cool demeanor wasn't going to charm her. That he could smile at her all he wanted, but at the end of the day, they were nothing but acquaintances. 

Instead she said, "I'm not the same person I was all those years ago, you know?"

And she knew that was for damn sure. Because the Alicia from three years ago, hell three days ago, would never be caught dead walking next to Harry Styles just because. 

But alas, here they were. Walking side by side, arms almost touching, in a narrow and cramped corridor that led from the stage back to the studios. It was too intimate, she could feel the warmth he radiated and could hear his uneven breaths. She wanted no part in this, none at all.

"Yeah." He said, his voice vibrating off the walls, "I don't think any of us want to be who we used to be."


"You know," Harry mumbled, "We all like to say 'oh, no i'm not like that anymore' or 'look at how much i've changed, i'm nothing like I used to be' and it's like, why is the person you were so bad?"


"I mean, if we aren't the person we once were, doesn't that mean we're a whole new person? Like, we've erased everything we once were. You know, you can't just erase the bad parts, a lot of the good parts disapear as well" He went quiet for a second and then added, "Maybe the parts we thought were bad were the parts people loved about us the most."

Alicia didn't know what to respond to him, all she knew was that they had stopped walking and were now standing face to face in the middle of the empty corridor. Harry was clearly having a moment and she didn't want to interrupt him. 

He looked at her, almost hoping she'd say something. So she asked, "Are you really a different person from who you were all those years ago?"

Harry shook his head, "No, and I don't want to be."

Alicia smiled, there was something in the simplicity of that answer that she couldn't help but be envious of. 

"So you'd keep the bad parts and all?" She asked.

"Every. Last. One."

She nodded, not sure what else to say. So Harry chuckled, "Sorry, I'm completely mad, aren't I?"

"No, no."


"Well, maybe a tad full of shit, but aren't we all?"

He laughed, the sound filling the small space, "This is too deep for a "we're strictly in a professional relationship" relationship, isn't it?"

She shrugged, "I've handled quite a few of James' existential crises. Although, I imagined you have about two a week."

"Life of an artist, I guess."

"Pain makes the money." She shrugged, starting to walk again. They hadn't even made it halfway down the hallway yet.

"I guess."

"You guess? Have you heard your album?"

"Have you?" He said, looking at her clearly shocked.

"No, I just-" She turned about three shades redder than she already was clearly giving it away that after downloading Harry's single she had proceeded to devouring the entire album. 

"You did." 

"I did."

"And you liked it?"

"And I appreciated the work you put into it."

"Ouch, that means you didn't like it."

"I didn't say that."

He turned to her and quickly said, "Favorite song!"

"Kiwi." She said without even missing a beat. He smiled widely. 


"I'm not doing this."

She quickly realized in what direction this conversation was headed and she wanted no part of it. Five days, she just had to keep it light and professional for five days. 

"Why not? You have the chance to talk the artist of your favorite album Alicia." He said, grabbing her arm so that she would stop and face him again. He had clearly caught her off guard, but he ignored her surprise face and asked, "Do you know how many people would kill for that chance?"

She yanked her arm away, "I'm not one of those people, clearly."

"You have a favorite song!" He yelled after her as she began speed walking towards the exit and her heels began to clack furiously. 

"Yeah, just one! You need better material!" She yelled back. 

She could hear him running behind her, and within an instant he was beside her once more. There were no lights above him, but still his eyes looked dazzling. His smile was resplendent. And when he said, "Then give me some." and grabbed her hand, she could have sworn she felt the world move beneath her feet.


They didn't talk again for the rest of the afternoon. Perhaps they had both realized what dangerous territory they were heading into and knew it was best to keep their distance. Maybe it was just because they were both busy. Okay, yeah, it was because of the first reason.

After about two hours, Alicia finished writing up some cue cards for Harry. She knew that she to deliver them, there was no way out of it. She had to go over the changes and notes she had made, just as she always did for James.

She sighed, tugged at her skirt to make sure it was not wrinkled, and tightened her pony tail. With an inhale and a small prayer she hoped that she would be able to compose herself and forget that whatever had just happened earlier had happened at all. 

She hesitated as she knocked on his dressing room door. Clearly, he was put off as well, seeing as the moment she walked in he didn't make a peep. 

About twenty minutes went by before Alicia quipped, "Awfully quiet, aren't we?" As she finished organizing the cue cards she had for him. 

"You're complaining?" He asked without looking up from the folder he was reading from. It had the words Day Two in James' tight block letter scribbled across the front. 

"Not complaining, just curious."

"Huh." Harry responded, leaning back in his seat. He placed what he was reading on the vanity in front of him and stretched pensively. 

Alicia watched him through the mirror, rolling her eyes at the sight of his exposed hip tattoos. She could only see the tops of them, but knew from afar that they were two ferns. Back when he had come to LA the second or third time he had been in a minimal clothes phase and only wore obscenely short shorts wherever he went. That boy and his phases. She shook her head and turned back to her work.

"Hmmm" Harry continued, obviously trying to get her attention.

"What?" She finally sighed.

"I don't know, that's just..." 


He smirked, "It's funny."

"Oh?" She asked, her brow creasing as she turned to look at him head on.

"Well, yesterday you said I'd have to deal with your indifference, and now you're wondering why I'm not talking?"

Alicia blushed, but quickly composed herself, "I'm just making conversation, don't flatter yourself."


"And when I do talk you run off."

"I didn't run off because you were talking."

"Why did you run off then?"

She couldn't say it, for some reason she just couldn't admit it was because of what he had said. The whole "give me some material" thing? As if she could be fodder for one of his overly emotional songs.


"I just-"


"Look, we talked about this. We're keeping this professional."

"We weren't being professional?" He said, clearly playing stupid.

"You grabbed me by the arm."

"I can't touch your arm?"

"You can't touch me at all!"

He quietly muttered, "You didn't pull away."


"The second time, you didn't pull away."

She had been taken by surprise. She hadn't expected his hand to fit in hers so perfectly, for his skin to be so warm or his fingers so callused. She thought that the tops of his hands would be rougher from the indentations of his tattoos, but she had been wrong. And she was so sure that she could feel his heart beating as rapidly as hers, so fucking sure of it.

Alicia had managed to memorize all of that in the short time that they had touched, and that's why she knew she couldn't do this anymore. 

She threw the cue cards at him and walked towards the door, "See you in ten for rehersal."

"You don't have to—"

She slammed the door behind her before he could even finish. Yes, it was petty. Yes, perhaps a bit adoloecent, but come on. She was just trying to be civil, why did he have to say shit like that? He knew what he was doing. He was forcing her to admit something she knew she couldn't possibly feel. At least, that she thought she couldn't. 

"Is he still in—"

"No!" She yelled at some girl from down in payroll. Everyone who worked on the show, from behind the scenes to James' tailor kept trying to "casually" stroll by Harry's dressing room hoping to run into him. 

Ironic, wasn't it, that she was trying to avoid him while basically everyone on the planet hoped to spend at least a second of their time with him? 

She took a breath and told herself to calm down, showtime was in less than hour. 


To be fair the whole human basketball deal worked out better than expected. The rehersal did work out the kinks, however, the bullseye still remained in its place. 

"Oh come on Shaq, you're going to let the skinny brit beat you?" James asked in mid air as Shaquille O'Neal got ready to shoot the ball.

"You're really going to antagonize the guy who could hit the bullseye, no problem?" Harry quipped eliciting a large amount of laughs from the audience. 

"He has a point." Shaq said, laughing as he took his stance again, this time clearly not aiming for the hoop.

Alicia laughed along half-heartedly as they finised the game. Miraculously James was uninjured, and Shaq clearly let Harry beat him simply because his daughter told him not to embarrass Harry Styles on national television or "he'd never want to meet her". A story the ex-NBA told whilst sitting in between Harry and James on the reknowned navy blue couch. Harry laughed, promising that Shaq's daughter would be meeting him soon. 

Harry had a nice chemistry with both the celebrity guest and James, they all managed to bounce off of each other nicely, rarely even needing the cue cards.  

By the end of the show though, Harry was once more getting ready to sing another song off the album, and Alicia was getting ready to call it a night. She didn't want to stay for his performance, not tonight. But she could feel that same nervous energy coursing through him and remembered what James had told her yesterday, and somehow that made her feet remain firmly in place. 

It was basically the end of day two and Harry Styles was already proving to be more trouble than he was worth, clearly. But as he stepped upon that stage and those stupid lights shone on him and his stupid face lit up, she knew that something was clearly wrong. 

He wasn't the same boy she had met before, no, he was different. But maybe, that was just because she didn't know him at all then. And that's what began to set off an alarm in her head. 

She didn't know him, but now she wanted to. More than anything, she wanted to know why his songs were just so fucking sad. She wanted to know who hurt him, what made him feel like no one listens when he speaks? What is it like to lose someone that important to you that you have no other remedy than to pine over every mistake you made in odes to them? How could you ever perform something so clearly personal to an audience of people who want to dissect every word you've written? How do you know it's reached the person you wrote it for? Will you ever know? Would it matter?

Alicia couldn't stop, she heard him singing and felt the lyrics wrap around her. Oh god, she didn't know what to do. All she could do was leave. She didn't wait for the music to stop or the lights to dim, she just grabbed her bag and quickly left before it all became too much for her to bear.


"You didn't stay."

Alicia looked up to see Harry leaning against her doorframe, he was still in the outfit he had been wearing when he had performed. She wished she could've said he looked ridiculous, but somehow he could pull off a red floral suit. 

"I'm not always going to stay." She said, trying to quickly pack up her things so she could finally leave.

"Oh." He said, nodding solemnly, trying to understand when he clearly didn't. 

"I uh, I'm heading out." Alicia said, grabbing her phone before trying to approach the door cautiously. Harry didn't move an inch.

"I justI." Harry took a breath, "I know things got weird today."


Alicia didn't know what she was hoping for here, things could either go one of two ways, and she doubted this was going to turn out like some cliche romantic comedy. 

"I'm sorry. I was out of line, it won't happen again."

Yep, nothing like a romantic comedy, because clearly, this is where Harry would've told her he felt something for her. He didn't know what, but god, it was something. And then he would take her in his arms, in that tacky floral suit and


"Oh, sorry." She said, shaking her head to rid it of ridiculous thoughts, "It's fine, really."

"You sure?"

She nodded, "You're good."

He smirked, "Well, I know that."

She rolled her eyes, "Okay, I'm done."

"No, no come on now we were having a nice moment."

"Not one part of this day had a nice moment."

"Hey now, I thought we did pretty well until"


"Well, until we had that moment."

Alicia just couldn't leave it alone, "And what moment was that?'

Harry stopped being flustered, because in that moment he knew. He knew that Alicia needed him to say it for it to be real. "When we touched, you know?" He asked, his hand somehow finding its way back to hers, almost as if to relive that moment once more. 

She looked at her hand in his, this time really looked. His fingers wrapped around hers more confidantly this time, and now, she didn't dare think of pulling away. 

"What happened when we touched?" She asked, not daring to look up at him, instead she focused on their intertwined hands. 

Harry stayed quiet for a moment, "I don't know, I think"

But that was as far as he got before they head James' loud voice coming down the hallway, making Alicia take back her hand as fast as humanly possible. 

"Alright then, we ready, H?" James said, cupping Harry's shoulder with his large hand. 

Harry nodded, clearly still a bit rattled. 

"What's with the vibe in here? You two get into a spat again?"

Alicia shook her head, "No, I was just heading out."

"Why don't you come to dinner with us? Julia's got a sitter, we can make a night of it."

"Oh, no I"

Harry looked at her and said, "She's got a long day tomorrow, mate. After all she's been dealing with me the past two days, give her a break. Kid deserves it."

James shrugged, "Alright. Well, you're not getting out of Friday dinner."

"Wouldn't dream of it." Alicia nodded. She silently mouthed "Thank you" to Harry as James turned around and headed back out the door. Harry winked in response, making her blush. Which immediately made her curse herself because she did not blush. 

"Well, we're off. " James said, clearly waiting for Harry to follow him.

Harry gave Alicia a two finger salute and said, "Goodnight, Ali, get some rest."

She nodded, "Yeah, you too."

The moment she could no longer hear the echos of their loud voices in the hallway, she let out a large sigh of relief. She had to lean against her desk and take a breather. It was all too much, far too much. Nothing had happened, not technically. But in the same way, something did. And it was unexplainable and undefinable, but at the same time you could see how it was about to change everything. She sensed it, she knew. 

It was safe to say she would not be getting any sleep tonight. Day three was going to be fun, wasn't it?

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