Five Days

"What's the worst that could possibly happen? It's only five days."| As head assistant to late night talkshow host James Corden, Alicia Mendez has dealt with her fair share of obnoxious celebrities. So when reknowned boy band member Harry Styles is announced as a week long guest in honor of his solo debut, she wants absolutely nothing to do with him. Unfortunately, he's exactly who she's stuck with for the next five days.


3. D A Y T H R E E

D A Y  T H R E E

Harry should have been elated. He had every right to be, his album was charting at number one all over the world, his mum had just called and told him that she couldn't be prouder of who he has become, and he had gotten extra whip in his chai latte. It was a pretty decent start to the morning, you know? 

But he knew that the moment he walked into the studio he would have to come face to face with Alicia and the clear awkwardness that was now before them. He didn't want to say he had never felt this—whatever it waswith anyone else, but he really hadn't. It sounds cliche, it does. Harry knew though that things with her were just so different than they had been with anyone else. He didn't know where he stood, what he could say, what he could do. All he knew was that yesterday things had changed and he didn't know what to make of it or how it would effect their work relationship. 

"How do you do that?" James asked, peering at him from the top of his sunglasses. They were at a red light, and James was once more marveling at how Harry always managed to look so incredibly put together at the ass crack of dawn. 

Harry smirked as he looked at James who was wearing a dad-ish polo shirt with a few remnants of baby spit up on it. James' cargo shorts had been clean, that is, until they hit the coffee shop closest to them and he had managed to spill a great deal of his iced latte on them. Now there were chocolate stains and remnants of the muffin he had attempted to eat while driving. 

"Don't know. Just throw anything on, you know?"

"Clearly I don't." James said, signaling to his mess of an outfit.

"That's what you have stylists for." Harry pointed out.

"They aren't on hand 24/7."

Harry leaned over and cupped his friend's shoulder with fake sympathy, "You'll eventually get the hang of it, mate."

James swatted Harry's hand away and tried to focus on the road. But Harry had begun humming and tapping his long fingers against the dashboard in beat to the music that was playing on the radio. It just so happened to be his song. 

"Normally I'd say that's incredibly narsassitic, but it's actually kind of endearing."

"You're making me blush." Harry said with a playful coyness 

James leaned over and shoved him even though he was driving. Harry laughed, but once the moment passed he began to sing out loud with the radio. He couldn't help it.

"You do actually listen to your own tunes, don't you?" James asked.

"Well, yeah. Why wouldn't I? I love my album."

"See, that's the kind of response I want to hear from a musician!" James said excitedly, "How can you expect someone to buy your album if you don't even like listening to it. "

Harry nodded, "I completely agree." and continued humming along to his song. James respectfully waited until the song was over to continue the conversation, even turned up the radio a bit so Harry could jam out in the confines of the Range Rover

"Guess who loves your album more than you do, though." James asked when the music had faded.


"I reckon it's someone you don't quite get on with."

Harry furrowed his brow, "Kanye?"

"You don't even know Kanye."

"I met him once."

"You're right, once is enough for someone to decide they don't like you."


"Am I wrong?"

Harry sighed in response, "Who then?"

James slyly smiled, "Alicia."

Harry immediately recalled the day before and their conversation in the tight confines of the hallway behind the set. He played it off though, "Yeah right."

"I'm serious."

"How do you know?"

"She was jamming to it when I walked into her office yesterday afternoon."

"She had her headphones in?"


"Then how did you—"

"She was singing out loud."

"No she wasn't." Harry couldn't even imagine it. Alicia was much more careful than that.

"It was lunch time, she probably thought there was no one around. Listen, the point is, I think you two might get on just fine. I reckon you'll become much closer than you expected."

"Just because she liked my album?"



"Because she likes you."

Harry was reeling. It was not like him to believe any of the shit that came out of James' mouth, but he wanted to. For some reason he did want to believe that Alicia could actually fancy him. That she was siging to one of his songs while writing notes or cue cards. Something about imagining her pouty lips mouthing the words turned him on a bit, he couldn't deny it. But that was to be expected. There was nothing hotter than the object of your affections truly vibing with something you've created. 

"I doubt it." Harry said, clearing his throat. He pulled down his striped button-down shirt and awkwardly shifted in his seat. 

James arched his eyebrows as he looked at Harry and smirked, "Really, is that why you've gotten a stiffie?"

"I have no idea what you're talking about."

"I've seen the nude selfie, I know you're not that big."

"Seriously? We were talking about my music not my dick."

"Aren't they one and the same?"

Harry turned to face the window, "I'm done engaging."

"You can't just disengage. You've got to know how to turn the conversation around when it's getting off track!"

"You're seriously going to say this is an exercise?"

"Everything is an exercise, young Harold. Life comes at you when you least expect it, you have to be ready."

Harry stayed quiet for a second before saying, "Not that great at the dad thing yet, are you?"

James laughed loudly, "Carey's only three, I have some time to figure it out before she catches on."

"Max is nine." Harry said referring to James' older son.

"That's why he mostly talks to his mother. I've decided to start over with the little one."

Harry chuckled loudly, "Is it really that easy?"

"What? To start over?"

"Yeah, I it possible?"

James shrugged, "Don't know. I sure as hell hope it is."


"Sometimes you just need a clean slate, I mean," He paused, "Just look at you."

"I didn't need a clean slate. Everything was wiped off of it."

"That's a tad melodramatic."

"It is not. I had no choice."

"So you're saying you would have stayed in One Direction for the rest of your life if the circumstances had allowed."


"See! You know bloody well you wouldn't have. People change Harry, its not about you erasing who you are or denying where you've come from. That's what's brought you to the place you're at now, what's made you who you are. It's about getting the chance to redefine yourself, to finally become who you've always known you could be." Harry didn't say anything, simply nodded, so James continued, "And I think you, more than anyone, can understand that."

After months of hiding himself away in the Carribean, of trying to finally find what it is he wanted to show the world, Harry knew that what James was saying was completely correct. It wasn't about erasing his past with the band, it was about redifining himself as an individual. He would never denounce his time with One Direction, he loved every second of it, but it had become montonous and riddled with pressure and anxiety. They were at the very top, and Harry didn't know if they would ever be able to get any higher. He didn't think he wanted them to. There's only so high you can go before you stop seeing the ground below you, and Harry had been losing sight of it every passing day. 

This transition from Harry Styles of One Direction to just Harry Styles had been one of the hardest things he had to ever do. It wasn't because he wasn't with the band anymore, no, it was the fact that he didn't know how to define himself without them. So what he had told Alicia was true, without a doubt. He still wanted to be himself, he didn't want to omit the parts of his life or identity that he didn't like. But without the band and without the fans, he had truly questioned how much of himself was actually him and how much was the persona he had to put on. 

So as the months passed and Harry began to settle down into a more recognizable routine, he knew that he didn't know quite who he was yet, but that was okay. He wouldn't change anything for the world. And as time passed and he grew more into himself, he knew that one day he'd become the person he was meant to be. Flaws and all. 

"Hey Corden?"

"Yeah, mate?"

"I take it back."


Harry smiled, "You've totally got the dad thing down."

"You reckon?" James said in an uncharacteristically small voice. Harry immediately wondered if he would cry. He probably would, he was a sap.

"Yeah, I reckon. I really do."


So the only thing that Harry's residency had really changed for Alicia, was unfortunately her downtime. While before it was usually in the morning or late afternoon, with Harry there it had become virtually nonexistant. Especially since she ended up thinking about him, even when he wasn't around.

She shook her hid to rid herself of her thoughts, and made a mental note to take some time to herself when she got back to her small apartment. She deserved it after all, but right now she couldn't do anything about that, seeing as it was about half an hour before they would pre-record their segment for tonight's show and things were not yet put into place. She had about fifty things to do to make sure everything went off without a hitch, but only two hands. Being an assistant called for impeccable multi-tasking skills, and while Alicia could definetly hold her own, today was proving to just be too much for her. She seriously hated it seeing as it was so unlike her. But she was trying to focus on the positives.

For example, she had yet to run into Harry. Thus she had yet to have to deal with whatever it was that happened yesterday.Okay, so maybe she had totally been ignoring Harry all day, making sure to be preoccupied with the celebrity guest that had arrived earlier that morning. So what though? She had to do what she had to do. 

It had felt like months since she had finally gotten to work with someone other than Harry. Sad wasn't it? It had only been three days. But luckily for Alicia, Ewan McGregor had flown in from London from a movie he was filiming to be on the show. He had lost a bet to James apparently, and because he was such an important guest, Alicia's time would be shared between both Harry and Ewan.

Ewan had to participate in James' Crosswalk the Musical of Moulin Rouge, reprising his role as depressed writer Christian alongside his leading "lady" James, as none other than the cabaret dancer and romantic interest Satine, as per the terms of their bet. Problem was Ewan had come down with something on the plane. James called bull, Ewan got upset, long story short it was Alicia who had to come to the rescue. 

"Mr. McGregor, I've gotten you some tea. I heard it helps."

He didn't open the door to his dressing room and Alicia  sighed. He had locked himself in there about twenty minutes ago. He couldn't stay in there forever, could he? 

"He's not going to come out, you know?"

She didn't need to look behind her to know that Harry was pracitcally pressed against her, his lips far too close to her ear. It took everything within her not to drop the mug she had in her hands. 

"Have you ever heard of personal space?" She asked, her skin covered in goosebumps. 

Harry chuckled, still mere inches away from her. She could feel his warm breath upon her neck, and before he could do anything else, she turned around, shoved the mug into his large hands, and started walking back to her office.

"What do you want me to do with this!?" Harry yelled.

"Drink it, throw it away, force it down his throat. I don't care! It's not my problem!"


She didn't turn back, not this time, she had learned her lesson. Alicia had to stay as far away from Harry Styles as humanly possible, but then again, that was easier said than done.

About five minutes later Alicia had been sent to costume by James to make sure that all the outfits were ready for the musical montage. She took her sweet time looking through the large rack of clothing, making sure all the necessary props were there. She checked on James' red ruby dress, made sure the wig was in place as well. Wondered how many of these princess dresses James now owned because of this ridiculous segment, and thought about how Carey would probably enjoying having tea with him more often if he actualy dressed up in them for his daughter.

Alicia reached an unfinished glittery body suit with a fishnet wrap and scoffed. The post-it note on the hanger said "HS" and she really wished she could say she was surprised, but of course she wasn't. She rolled her eyes at Harry's ridiculous cabaret outift  for his role as one of Satine's fellow dancers and suit for his role as Harold Zidler. How he was going to manage two full costume changes she had no idea, but then again, it wasn't any of her concern. 

"I'm telling you, it's absolutely perfect." Harry said in a rather chipper voice as he walked towards the rack. He couldn't see Alicia as he was on the other side. 

"You're going to blind someone with the amount of sequins on that thing." The costume designer, Lizzy, said as she stood next to him. She was trying to convince him to let up on the sequence, but of course he wasn't having it. 

"But it's Broadway, you know? Go big or go home."

"It's a city crosswalk. We don't even have permission to do this shit." She responded.

"Doesn' that make it even funner."

The designer sighed, "You sound just like him."


"Who else?"

"Oh come on. It's James, don't you kind of know what you're getting into."

She sighed, "If only I did. I bet Jimmy Fallon doesn't ask for Princess ballgowns in a men's 24W on a monthly basis."

Alicia had to hold back a laugh, Lizzy was right. Working with James was sometimes a huge pain in the ass, Alicia would clearly know. 

"Oh, what are these?" Harry asked as he moved two hangers out of the way, only to reveal Alicia standing on the other side. 

"Fuck" she muttered as he looked at her with an incredibly amused look upon his face. 

"Fancy meeting you here." He smirked.

"I was just checking on the costumes." 

Lizzy sighed, "Did James send you?" 


"Tell that man that he is not going to look like Nicole Kidman. It does not matter how much I tighten the corset or add on more sequance, it just is not going to happen." Lizzy huffed, before turning on the points of her feet and marching back to the sewing area in the other room. She had clearly completed all the costumes, and had no intentions of changing them. 

"Good for her" Alicia thought to herself, a little jealous of how Lizzy was able to stand up for herself. Not that Alicia couldn't, she tried, the problem was no one listened. 


"What!?" She said, clearly not wanting to talk to Harry. 

"I just wanted to ask you how you were."

She shook her head, "I really just need to go back to work. You guys are filming in less than a half hour."

"I got Ewan out of his room."

"Good for you." She said, clearly unimpressed.

"His voice is better too."

"That's great." She responded as she began to finish examining the costumes. 

He placed a hand upon hers to stop her from ignoring him. They probably looked ridiculous to anyone that walked in. Harry on one side of the large rack of costumes, and Alicia on the other. His arm was stretched out over the expanse of material to reach her. She didn't pull back, not yet anyways. 

"We should really talk."

She shook her head and slowly moved her hand away, "Not yet."

"Then when?"

Alicia shrugged and responded, "Never?" Before taking her hand back completely and turning to go out the door. He wasn't going to get her this time. Yesterday she let her guard down, but today she was ready for anything. 

And that included a stupid boy bander who believed he was entitled to getting any girl he wanted. 


Harry didn't want to confront Alicia about everything that had happened, but he had to. He knew that there was something there to talk about, to see through. He wasn't stupid enough to think it would last—he only had five days left in LA for the next two months anyways. But damn, this whole situation was just bothering him in a way that he just didn't quite know how to articulate. 

"Alright." James started, dressed in a large black ballgown with sparkly gems. "We're all here today to put on a production of Moulin Rouge, correct?"

The actors that had volunteered to be a part of this large skit whisteled and cheered, to which James responded with a, "We came here to work! Not play!" The group thus quickly settled down and looked at him with somber looks. Well, all except Harry of course.

Harry tried to hold back his laughter. This was clearly not James. This was his theater persona, the one that demanded everything be done perfectly. The one that made most people cry. This was the one that he had constantly employed on Harry when they had run lines togehter for Harry's upcoming Dunkirk role, not that he minded, it actually helped keep him on his toes. 

Most of the crew knew this was James putting on a show, but there was the rare newcomer who was terrified of what was going on, and the thought of running into rush hour traffic to perform a stupid musical for a couple of laughs just didn't seem like a legitimate reasons for putting themselves in immediate danger.

Not that they would say anything to James though, even they knew it was better to just go along with his crazy ideas. Most of the time they ended up being the funnest things they'd ever done, even if they were a tad bit reckless. 

Harry was no exception. In the seven years he had known James he had done many things he thought he never would, mostly because at the insistance of his dear friend. Going solo definetley being at the top of that list as the most mental thing he's ever done because James encouraged him that he could and therefore should. So wearing a sheer sequin bodysuit in the middle of LA traffic at two pm while getting ready to perform a musical number alongside Ewan McGregor didn't really phase him at this point. It was not even close to being as terrifying as writing an album as vulnerable as the one he had. 

"Okay, here's the deal." James said as he gathered everyone in for a huddle. Alicia had perched herself on a director's chair James had had brought out for her. She was right next to the light, cell phone ready to dial 911 in case someone got hurt because they missed their cue and got stuck in the middle of the intersection, "I need you all to be aware of your surroundings. I need you to hit your marks, emote, and give it all that you've got!" The group clapped loudly, their various costumes glimmering and reflecting the hot afternoon sun. 

"Oh, and McGregor, try not to sound so nasily. It ruins the chemistry between us."

"The only thing that ruins our chemistry is your lack of taste. Really, a ballgown?" Ewan said critiquing James' flowing satin ensamble.

"We can't all look like Nicole Kidman! I'm sorry to let you down!"

"No one ever thought you were going to-" Ewan began, but Harry quickly shut him down. 

"Isn't it about time we get started? " Harry asked.

"Alright everyone, "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend" is our opener. Break a leg on three!" 

Everyone gathered in, squishing Harry into the middle of the large circle along with Ewan. As weird as this situation was, he felt so incredibly attuned with everything around him. 

He actually wouldn't mind it if every day was kind of like this one.


Alicia always had a particular problem with James' reckless stunts, but somehow Crosswalk the Musical had found a place within her heart.

This was the fourth production they were putting on, even though James was warned already by the LAPD that if anything happened to one of our "insane" employees that they would be pressing charges against him. James of course laughed it off, as he did with most things. 

But for the first time Alicia was kind of glad he did. So she wasn't particularly thrilled that Milo had found a way to worm himself into this skit, especially since he had been on board with the removal of it altogether. But she figured someone needed to be in charge of costume changes and props, and it certainly wasn't going to be her. 

Traffic was incredibly heavy today, cars were constantly bumper to bumper. It didn't help that it was muggy out, incredibly humid and sticky weather that made Alicia's dark hair stick to the back of her neck and frizz almost instantaneously. But she paid it no mind, the musical was actually coming along quite nicely.

Typically this particular segment took about thirty minutes to shoot, what with the whole time calculations they needed to make to ensure they had enough time to perform a song between the red and green light. The planning it took to coordinate an exit and entrance that ensured every person's safety. And of course the whole having to drag hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of mics and speakers to set up along the side of the studio so that the whole city block could hear the production. 

Harry was a natural, there was no doubt. He had no qualms in making an ass out of himself, and Alicia knew that was part of his allure. Surely there was nothing more charming than a man so sure in his own sexuality that he could can-can in a bodysuit and still laugh at himself at the end of the day. But Alicia didn't even want to look at him. She forced herself to focus on James' interpretation of Satine's songs, and his clear attempt to striking up chemistry with Ewan. Strangely enough, it kind of worked. 

By the end of their rendition of "Elephant Love Melody", Ewan and James had become Christian and Satine. Parody or not, they were both broadway actors by nature and always took their roles seriously. James may have been a man in a ballgown playing a french prostiture, but he made it charming and he made it his own. 

Sure, the people sitting in their cars may have had no idea with this large man in a wig was trying to kiss the smaller man who was singing to him in the middle of the intersection, but Alicia understood the sentiment and had really gotten into the spirit of things by the time the "show" was about to wrap up. 

Perhaps it had been the heat, the excitement, or the volume of the speakers, but some of the group had unfortunately missed their cue. While James and Ewan and a couple of other extras had managed to run back to Alicia before their standing ovation, Harry and the others hadn't. 

In fact, by the time they noticed that they should have been on the sidewalk, the light turned green. And before they could run to the other side, Alicia heard Harry scream and cars break roughly. People around her were yelling and frantic, asking "Where's Harry!?". James ran into the street, ballgown billowing and wig falling off, and still Alicia couldn't move. 

She was frozen on the spot, until she wasn't. She dashed into the street, right after James. Traffic had completely ceased, it was as if the entire world had gone silent the moment she laid eyes on Harry lying upon the concrete. 


Harry, being Harry, had managed to get out of the incident without a scratch. Actually, he had come out a hero. Go figure. He had managed to push an extra out of the way of a car and had thrown himself in front of it instead. Luckily the car had stopped before it had grazed him, nonetheless he had screamed loudly. The adrenaline causing him to fall to his knees. 

It was nothing serious though. But James was probably never going to put on a crosswalk production again. The curtain had closed for the last time. At least, that's what the cops had told him when they arrived to the scene. And after the scare he had gotten today, James did nothing but solemnly agree.

Alicia though, still clearly upset, marched to Harry's dressing room. She didn't bother knocking, simply barged right in. Harry laid upon the plush couch, shirtless, his ankle on the armrest with a pack of ice. He didn't seem too surprised to see Alicia.

"What a tough crowd." He said, grinning as if nothing had happened.

She stood directly before him, her arms crossed tightly, clearly implying she was anything but amused,"Seriously?"

"Was I that bad? I reckon I was rather good. Not a Tony worthy performance but-"

"You almost got run over by a car!" 

"The key word is almost."

Alicia huffed, she couldn't beleive him. This whole situation didn't even phase him.

"I'm fine you know. Don't have to worry about me."

She looked at him through her eyelashes, "I wasn't worried."

"You ran out into the street. I woke up and your face was the first one I saw."

Alicia blushed, "I was scared you were hurt."

"Because you fancy me?" He said.

"No, because James would get sued and this entire show would probably canceled for putting celebrities in deliberate danger."

"So you don't fancy me?" He asked, ignoring her clear attempt to change the conversation. 

Alicia couldn't answer. 

"How about this." Harry said, sitting up and taking the ice pack off of his slightly swollen right ankle. Alicia tried to stop him, but he waved her off and stood up as if nothing had happened. clearly he was playing it off as his ankle throbbed when he put weight on it, and he felt incredibly light headed. But that last thing could have been because of a mixture of factors, one very important one being the girl standing before him, "Since whenever I talk to you about something that makes your uncomfortable you refuse to give me an answer, I'm going to get one out of you."


"I am going to stand right here." He said, taking a step to get closer to her, "And I am going to-"

"Don't you dare kiss me, Harry Styles!" She pushed him back, making him fall onto the couch again. He yelped in pain, which immediately made her feel like shit. "Oh, god." She mumbled hovering over him, "Are you okay?"

He rolled his eyes, "Look, either you like me or you don't. But don't do this."


"You pushed me and then you're concerned?"

"You tried to kiss me!"

"You don't know that!"

"Really?" Alicia said, bending over to be at eye level with him, "Because any time someone gets this close to my mouth." She whispered as she became accutely aware she was mere inches away from closing the gap between hers and Harry's lips, "I'm pretty sure they don't just want to talk."

"So why are you doing this right now." He said, looking down at the lips he had imagined upon his many a time this week. 

"Proving a point." She said, taking a step back so that she could finally breathe.

Harry smirked, "You fancy me."

"Not everyone is in love with you, Harry. Get over yourself." She said, making him lie down again and propping a pillow beneath his foot. 

"Then why are you doing this?"

"I'm your assistant."

He tilted his head slightly as he made direct eye contact with her, "I think you're more than that."

"I'm not."

"The tears in your eyes, the ones I saw when I woke up on the ground."

"They were from the shock."

"No," He said shaking his head, "They weren't."

"Just because I care about you doesn't mean I like you. It just means I'm a decent human being." 

Harry motioned for her to sit on the edge of the sofa next to him, she was about to say no when he muttered, "I can't stand up, the least you can do is sit down so we can have a proper chat."

So unwillingly she did just that. Making perfectly sure that she didn't come into contact with his bare skin, and wishing that she had made him put on a shirt. 

"Thanks." Harry said, taking her hand in his and placing it upon his chest. So much for no contact. 

"Just try not to get into harm's way for the rest of the week." She sighed, looking at their intertwined hands. He had placed them right above his monarch tattoo upon his abdomen. In fact, she hadn't seen him shirtless in a while and could see there were dozens of new tattoos upon his already tanned skin. Jamaica had done him well, he almost looked like he was glowing. You know, even though he was almost hit by a car.

"You know I can't make any promises." He said, clearly taking note of how long her gaze lingered upon him. 

"Ah, yes. You are indeed accident prone."

"That has yet to be proven." 

Alicia gave Harry a very pointed look, "Really? "

They both laughed, a lot of the tension between dissipating. So much so that Alicia allowed Harry to continue holding her hand. 

"I've been meaning to ask you." Harry said, his face looking as serious as ever.

Alicia felt her heart skip, "Yeah?"

"Did you really dump that milkshake on Beiber? Because that story has made some rounds and honestly, I never would have believed it was you if I hadn't heard it from Corden himself."

"I'm full of surprises." Alicia shrugged.

"Fucking ace." He nodded in clear approval.

Alicia looked at the large clock above them and sighed, "I have to get back to work." 

Harry didn't losen his grip though, "You can spare another minute."


So the whole Crosswalk Musical deal had to be cut out of the show, but James managed to improvise with one of Alicia's most favored segments. She figured he picked it as an apology to her for putting her through hell the past few days, and she was considering accepting the peace offering pending the outcome. 

"Alright," James said clapping his hands together upon the stage, "Harry, you've never played this game, and I don't know if you follow the show..."

Harry made a face and shrugged, "Kind of busy, mate."

"Oh, that's quite fine. Thought my best mate could watch my show and all, but you know that's cool."

The audience laughed loudly, right alongside Harry. 

"Anyways." James continued, "We're going to play Flinch."

James explained the rules of the game and directed Harry to go first. Harry of course, the goofball he is, didn't quite believe that the game was that bad. He stood behind a large transparent plastic pane, waiting for James to catapult various fruits at him through what seemed to be an automatic tennis ball launcher, in order to make him flinch. It was simple enough. 

What made it fun was the fact that James was always able to distract the guest from realizing that he'd pressed the button, causing the various food items to hit the pane at full speed, making whoever it was behind it scream loudly. 

Harry was no exception, it was priceless. Alicia felt the weight of the day start coming off her shoulders as Harry walked back around and tousseled his hair once more, trying to play off the fact that he had shrieked so loud that James was most likely going to save the clip and show it at every family party he and Harry attended. 

There were splatters of avocado upon his suit, remnants of the attack, but Harry didn't seem to mind. In fact, he went right into his live performace. 

He had chosen a more upbeat song, one of Alicia's favorites off of his album. Not that he'd ever know, or at least she thought. The slight sway of her hips and the slight way she mouthed every word tipped him off, even all the way on stage. He couldn't think of a more befitting song for her than Carolina. Even sang the lyrics, "How would I tell her that she's all I think about? Well, I guess she just found out" while making direct eye contact, just to make it completely clear how he felt about her. The rest, he figured as he continued his performance, was up to her.


"Liked that song, did you?" Harry asked as Alicia came into his dressing room after the show ended. She had come to drop off some scripts for tomorrow and some other paperwork. 

"I don't know what you're talking about." She said, pushing her glasses back up the bridge of her nose and turning to leave. 

"Carolina. The song you were rocking out to."

She turned back to look at him, placing a hand upon her hip, "I was doing no such thing."

Harry smirked, "Ali, you can't hide it from me." He pulled her to him, making her dance with him. He placed his hands on her hips, making them mimic the movement she had been doing earlier. And for once, she didn't get mad at his advances, instead, she danced with him. 

There was no music, there didn't have to be. 

"You just keep testing your luck, don't you." She said, placing her hands around his neck as they continued moving to the nonexistant beat.

"Only when there are no milkshakes around."

She laughed, "Is that all I'm going to be known for?"

"There are worse things."

"That's true. I could be the assistant that was dumb enough to fall for Harry Styles."

He shrugged, "That's fair, I suppose."

They stopped moving, but her hands remained wrapped around his neck, and his upon her hips. Slowly his hands inched to meet at the small of her back, puling her into him. 

"But would that really be the worst thing that you could be known for?" Harry asked, his eyes looking the brightest she had ever seen them. It was completely and utterly unfair how good he looked, especially from the angle Alicia had been graced with. 

"I don't know." She said, quite honestly, "You tell me. Would it be a mistake to fall for you?"

He pushed back a strand of hair from her face and leaned in slowly, cautiously. Almost as if waiting for her to change her mind. But she didn't. So he leaned in slowly, "I don't know, Ali. All I hear is that I'm trouble." His words were hot against her ear, it made her chest tighten. "I don't think I am." He said, looking at her head on now, his hair swooping down upon his forehead. "But then again, we never think we are, do we?"

"Oh my god." Alicia her lips brushing his slightly, you couldn't even technically call it a kiss. But Harry's entire body lit up at the sheer touch. "Do you ever shut up?"

Harry looked at her with comic confusion, his heart beating so incredibly quickly that he could barely hear anything but it, "You are seriously a piece of work." He said, trying to catch his breath. Normally he would have reacted by now, wouldn't have allowed for her to take the first swing. Would have pressed her onto that fucking couch from the first day he met her and made her his within five minutes. But there was something so incredibly peculiar about her. He wasn't going to pretend it was love or anything of the sort, he didn't know what it was. But he was infatuated with it, with her. 

Alicia leaned back, taking the weight of her body off of him, but not breaking their embrace, "You know, I'm clearly giving you the green light here and you're just blab-" Alicia was unable to finish her sentence, because the next thing she knew Harry drew her back upon him with a raspy groan and slammed his lips upon hers, nearly knocking all of the wind out of her.

Harry's frantic mouth began to part her just as willing lips, sending tremors of nervous excitement throughout both their bodies. It was something that they had both equally wanted, but that they didn't want to relent to. But Alicia felt his body beneath hers, felt him—all of him—pressed against her, and for a moment she truly didn't care what anyone would think. Could give a fuck if he was leaving in two days. She inhaled his delicious scent, knew it was that shaving cream he always used mixed with his favorite cologne. But there was another layer, one so much more intoxicating, and she knew it was just him. She wanted to breathe him in, taste him, eat him.  

Harry couldn't get a hold of himself, her lips tasted so incredibly good, like honey. Better than honey. He couldn't get enough of her. She felt so incredibly wonderful underneath his hands, upon his body, within his mouth. It didn't matter how close their bodies were, he felt the need to have her closer.  

Alicia felt his large hands moving slowly up and down her back, pressing her as close to him as humanly possible. Their kiss lastnig longer than she had ever imagined. His hands were everywhere, everywhere. And still it wasn't enough. 

It wasn't until she could no longer breathe that she broke their kiss and looked up at him with a dreamy half lidded stare. He wanted to kiss her again, and again, and again, just so he would get to see that vulnerable and undone look upon her face.

"Do you regret falling for me now?" Harry asked breathlessly.

"Who said I fell for you?" 

"So what, what was this?" He said with a chuckle, leaning down once more to plant a kiss upon her soft cheek.

Alicia reciprocated by kissing his neck , and grinned at the sharp intake of breath he took at the contact.

"It was what it was. Nothing more." She said, slowly pulling away. 

"We still have two more days together."

"That's right, two."

"You know, if you had given in earlier we could have been doing this since day one."

Alicia punched him in the arm, making him yelp. 

"What you're going to tell me that wasn't fucking amazing?" Harry asked, a hint of indignation in his voice.

"I didn't say that."


"I'm not saying anything." Alicia said raising her hands, "I'm going home. I suggest you do the same and get some rest."

"We can't just leave it like thi-"

"We can and we will. We lead completely different lives Harry, don't get delusional."

Harry crossed his arms, "Can we at least-"

"If you're about to ask if we can keep doing this until the end of the week I'm going to punch you in the face this time."

"You didn't say no though."

She smirked, "Indeed I didn't."

Harry's eyes widened in surprise, ""

But Alicia was already heading towards the door, "Goodnight, Harry. Get some rest."

Harry shook his head, a large smile upon his face, wondering how in the hell he would be able to ever fall asleep with the amount of adrenaline coursing through his veins.

Alicia, as cool as she may have played it, couldn't even make it back to her office. She had made it two steps down the hallway before having to lean upon the cold, white wall to catch her breath. It was stupid, she was stupid. All of this was a mistake. Three days in and already she was coming completely undone because of that stupid boy. 

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