All In A Moment

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  • Published: 1 May 2017
  • Updated: 13 Nov 2017
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All in a moment is about a young queen named Evie and her journey back to the home of her childhood. As she sits on the bed she slowly vanishes and sees life before her birth, her father's death and her mother's death. Evie finds her mother's favorite book, necklace and portrait.


3. Don't Leave Me

Maybe some moments weren’t so perfect

Maybe some memories not so sweet

But we have to know some bad times

Or our lives are incomplete

Then when the shadows overtake us

Just when we feel all hope is gone

We’ll hear our song and know once more

Our love lives on

         When the first frost hit the ground a baby slept in the wooden crescent moon cradle. A new portrait of the beautiful family hung on the wall in place of the portrait of the couple. The walls had been painted a nice earthly tone and the hearth had been rebuilt with smooth stones from the river running behind the house. The room had been refurbished by using half of the four hundred crowns. A bigger black soup cauldron had also been purchased and Robin stole new books for Regina’s ever growing library. Regina sat by the hearth knitting the baby a pink bonnet to wear when it got colder. Her shiny gold ring shone on her finger and her long curly hair hung at her shoulders. Every now and then she would get up to stir the pot, walk over to her daughter Evie and then walk over to watch for Robin’s return.

         When the sun had fully set and the stars begin emerging Regina bundled up, bundled Evie up and and went searching for Robin. They walked to the edge of the woods and Evie began crying.

“It’s okay darling we’re just going to find your Papa. He’s never this late.”

         Regina kept walking and shouting for her husband. Finally as the North Star moved Regina held Evie closer and returned home. She put Evie to bed and waited for Robin to return. Regina finally retired as the sun began to rise in the early morning. She changed into her cotton gown and climbed into bed. As she fell asleep she said a silent prayer.

“Deliver my husband. Please bring him home safely to his family?”

         The very next morning a knock came to the door of the cottage, hut or house. Regina got out of bed and put on her shabby black robe. She gathered Evie into her arms and opened the door. Standing in the doorway with a weak Robin on his shoulder was Little John. Regina opened the door and instructed John to get Robin over by the fireplace. Evie went back into her cradle whilst Regina grabbed medical supplies.

         Deep into the night Robin opened his eyes and reached for his wife. She kissed his lips and held onto him. She wiped his brow and let him breathe. He reached for her and reached for the cradle. Little John helped him sit up before Regina placed Evie in her father’s arms.

“Be brave little one and take good care of your mother for me. I love you Evie and I bid you never forget that.”

         Regina put Evie back in her cradle while Robin talked to Little John.

“Take care of them for me please?”

“I promise. Me and the merry men will not let harm come to them.”

“Good. Regina!”

         Regina walked over and knelt down beside her husband. Robin held her face in his hands and kissed her. She held his hand close to her chest.

“Regina takes care of Evie. I love you. We have two hundred crowns but we have 3000 hidden under the bed. Remove the plank and get yourselves a proper home.”

“Robin please don’t go. Don’t leave us.”

“I love you Regina.”

         Robin was buried underneath the willow tree in the shack of the yard. Evie’s mother couldn’t bear move away so they didn’t move. The house wasn’t furnished or painted anymore. Regina wanted it to be perfect as if Robin was going to come again. She washed Evie daily and dressed the little girl up in bowties and cool things.

         When Evie was ten years old Queen Snow found out where Regina was hiding. Regina was reading a book on the hearth when a knock came to the door. Evie was also reading. Regina opened the door to find two of Snow’s guards standing at the door. Snow emerged, her hair had a white streak and she wore a huge poufy pink dress. She smiled at her stepmother and smiled even bigger when she spotted Evie.

“Dear Regina, you didn’t tell me you had a child. I’m here to take her.”

         Regina stepped out in front of her daughter and said.

“No you aren’t taking her.”

“Yes I am.”

         Long story short Regina ended up wounded by a sword on the ground. Evie said goodbye to her mother and was taken by Snow to be raised to become a proper queen. Evie always hated Snow but did what Snow instructed of her for fear that she would kill her. Evie missed her mother with all her heart and vowed that when she became queen she would return home and say goodbye to her mother properly. 

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