All In A Moment

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  • Published: 1 May 2017
  • Updated: 13 Nov 2017
  • Status: Complete
All in a moment is about a young queen named Evie and her journey back to the home of her childhood. As she sits on the bed she slowly vanishes and sees life before her birth, her father's death and her mother's death. Evie finds her mother's favorite book, necklace and portrait.


2. All in Time

25 years earlier…

Minutes turn to hours, days to years and gone

But when all else has been forgotten

Still our song lives on

         The scene shifts and Evie is no longer sitting on the bed. The portrait of the beautiful couple hangs on the freshly painted yellow walls. A few dresses hang on hooks in the corner. The wooden cradle is full of soft little blankets. A fire is roaring in the hearth and the smell of soup fills the tiny hut. The door is closed and snow dances past the window. The bed is all made and each pillow is properly fluffed. The floor has been swept and everything has been dusted.

         A woman sits by the hearth in an armchair and she reads a book. She has shoulder length curly brown hair, perfectly tanned skin and big brown eyes. She reads her bible and stares up at the door every now and then. She stands up and stirs the soup. Finally the door is pushed open by a man wearing a snowy cloak and carrying a bow and arrow. He throws down a sack of money and smiles at his wife. He has warm blue eyes and a scraggly beard. The woman greets him with a smile and a kiss.

“I love you Robin.”

“And I you Regina. I still can’t believe you gave away your palace and your title as queen for a poor little thief like me.”

“I would do anything for the one I love. Did I ever tell you about Daniel? My mother killed him because she didn’t want me to give up my title as princess.”

“Your stepdaughter Snow now sits on that throne. She has sent out warrants for your arrest. There is a rumor that our firstborn child will become Snow’s heir.”

“Our firstborn is not going into her hands.”

         Robin bends down again and kisses his wife. He picks her up in his arms and stares up at her in her big brown eyes.

“What’s for supper?”


“Sounds delicious. I got paid today.”

“How many pence.”

“100 silver pence, 10 silver coppers, 3 gold farthings and 10 whole crowns.”

“That puts us at 400 crowns total.”

“That means we can buy the mansion on the hill doesn’t it?”

“No silly that means we can afford a couple more chickens and maybe an extra room.”

“Why would we need an extra room?”

         Regina stares down and then walks over to the cradle. She leans against the edge and smiles at Robin. His eyes grow big and his smile widens. He walks over to his beloved wife and kisses her.

“I’m going to be a father?”

“Yes and I shall be a mother.”

         Robin takes something out of his pocket and takes his wife’s hand. The piece of straw from two years ago still stays on her finger. He bends down and takes the piece of straw off. He slips on a gold ring and says.

“When I married you I told you that one day that piece of straw would turn into a ring of gold.”

“Oh Robin I love you so much.”

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