Billie Rae Newman is thrown into prison at the age of 18 after a traumatic event. What will happen when secrets unfold and truths will come out? And who can she trust?

#romance #action #mystery


3. chapter 3

Who am I anymore?

The Mirror offers no answer; instead, the girl in the glass just stares back, her eyes drained of energy and her lips in a firm line.

I leave the bathroom after having washed my face and brushed my teeth.

"Lights out!" A guard shouts as he parades down the hall.

Almost instantly, the room goes dark.

I scuttle to my bunk and climb under the thin itchy blanket provided.

Like Tyler said, the bed is relatively comfortable. My eyes soon adjust as I stare blankly at the bunk bed on top of me and I notice that the room has fallen eerily silent.

I begin to wonder what went so wrong with my life for me to end up here.

Almost instantly I regret this thought.

My head throws be back to that night.

The night full of gunshots and screams. The night that went so horribly wrong.

The night where I lost everything.

Goosebumps pepper my skin and I am suddenly extremely conscious of my heavy breathing. Don't have a panic attack Rae. Don't.

As my heart rate returns to its normal pace, I realise my cheeks are wet with tears. With a sniffle, I turn over to face the wall and find myself drifting into sleep.


"Don't scream" a gravely voice spits.

I am awoken in shock, a hand pushing down on my mouth and another on my arms. My lungs reach for air but the hand only forces itself down harder.

What's happening?

2 more hands clamp down on me, one on each leg. My body flails and kicks, trying to wriggle free from their iron grip; but it's no use.

My frightened eyes desperately try to make out the faces. And I soon realise Aaron is leaning only a few inches away from my face.

Heart racing, lungs screaming, eyes pleading. He smirks at me as I struggle; the heat from his breath sends shivers across my face and down my neck, and I shudder in fear.

"Shut the fuck up or we'll hurt you" he violently whispers.

I desperately try to make out the silent figure who has my legs pinned to the bed, but it's too dark.

My muscles relax slightly.

"Right, listen here Rae. You are going to do as you are told aren't you?" Aaron smiles in a sadistic way.

I nod with hesitation.

He smirks again "Good girl."

Aaron's grip only tightens when I cry for air.

"You are going to tell us why you are here, and what you want. Okay?" He states.

My teary eyes meet his and he nods slowly.


I nod.

"What could a little innocent girl like you do to end up here?"

Each word is spaced in painful intervals as he inches closer to my face, pressing his palm down firmly on my mouth.

I wince.

"I'm going to take my hand off your mouth, and you are going to stay quiet and tell us why you are here." He orders.

His eyes imply that I should not mess with him as he removes his palm slowly.

My lungs inhale as much air as possible in one big breath and I almost choke.

"Stop being loud!" Aaron snaps.

My body is shaking furiously and my heart is pounding.

"Tell. Us. Why. You. Are. Here."

I open my mouth to explain, but only a whimper escapes - causing me to burst into tears.

"Aw little Rae is scared" he mocks. His free hand tracing my face before moving down to my overalls.

One of my buttons pops open as he slides his fingers over it.

No no no no no.

Aaron smirks proudly. "Tell us Rae...what did you do?"

I shake my head

"I can't."

He snaps, his hand wrapping around my throat and the other twisting my arms painfully.

Don't cry Rae don't fucking cry.

"Tell me" his hand tightens around my neck, cutting off my air supply for seconds.

My body shakes vigorously now, and I pull on hand free. I scratch at his fist, desperately trying to remove it so I can breathe.

I can feel blood in my throat as I choke.

Aaron doesn't stop.

"Dude I think we're going too far-" a voice says cautiously.

"Just shut up!" Aaron spits, loosening his grip slightly.

He then releases his hand altogether but closes the little space between our faces.

He is centimetres away from me. I close my eyes as I struggle with the air.

His fingers tighten on my arm.

"What did you do Rae?" He smiles.

I cry. "I..i..." I gasp for breath and rub my bruised neck.

My body feels like it's giving up on me.

The hands around my legs are loosening gradually.

"Say it" Aaron spits in a horrific tone.

"I killed someone okay.  I killed someone" I say through gritted teeth.

Blood specks line my lips and everything goes quiet for a few seconds.

Aaron turns to the boy behind him, then back to me, before sniggering.

His tone suddenly turns harsh again.


I gulp, tasting metal run down my throat.

"I shot my neighbour" I confess.

Aaron looks at me with mixed emotions.

"Why?" Aaron asks. His hands gripping my wrists.

" I was home alone, waiting for my brother to come home. I heard gunshots and I looked outside..." I begin to explain. Tears threatening to flood my cheeks with each word.

"He was lying dead in the road; and.. and I saw a gunman and some other people begin to walk away. I couldn't see them, then there was banging on my door. I grabbed my dads shotgun." I cry.

"It was dark. He broke through the door and I fired before I even realised. I thought it was the thugs outside. But it was my neighbour." I say shakily.

"He had been locked out and he was trying to get in so he'd be safe."

"I didn't mean to did it."

Nobody replies.

Nobody moves or breathes.

The hands on my legs let go and Aaron stands up.

"Jesus Rae" is all he says as he hoists himself up onto the top bunk.

I'm frozen. All the muscles in my body are tensed and my hands are cradling my throbbing neck.

I sit up.

Blood comes spraying out of my mouth as I cough and splutter and I use my sleeve to wipe my mouth. My eyes drift upwards to the end of my bed and find a blank face staring back.


He scans over my blood and tear stained face. Then his eyes wander to my hands, which are grasping my neck.

We hold eye contact for a few seconds before he swiftly slides back into his bed.

I lie down with the image of my dead brother in my head. A puddle of blood on the road. The way his head was lolled back, the multiple holes in his lifeless body. His glass doll eyes staring into the dark abyss.

Bloodstained bedsheets curl under my wrists and I sob into my hand.

What has happened to me?

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