Billie Rae Newman is thrown into prison at the age of 18 after a traumatic event. What will happen when secrets unfold and truths will come out? And who can she trust?

#romance #action #mystery


2. chapter 2

For the first few hours I make no conversation with any of my cell mates; instead, I decide to make my bed and then I proceed to stare at the ceiling for what seems like a decade.

I notice the grey eyed boy keeps shifting his eyes in my direction and so I look towards him. He wanders over to my bunk "what's your name?"

The tough guy looks over to me, awaiting my answer.

I decide to use my middle name instead of my first - "Rae."

Grey eyes nods. "Well I'm Tyler" he says as I sit up. I offer him a half smile as he taps the framing of my bunk.

"You can have my bunk if you want" he suddenly offers. My eyes trail down to the lower bunk on the other bed.

"The lower ones are comfier and I always end up banging my head anyway so you can have it if you want" grey eyes - I mean Tyler - explains.

"Um okay, thanks" I mumble as I push myself over the edge of the bunk to stand.

Just as I'm walking to my new bunk, the girl makes a comment.

"Flirting with the new girl already Tyler?" She smirks as she chews gum.

A loud sigh can be heard coming from Tyler's lips as he hoists himself up to his new bunk.

It's evening, although, without the clock in the corner of the room, I wouldn't know that, because there are no windows.

Tears threaten to burst through the barricade of my closed eyelids, but I force them back. I cannot look weak if I'm going to get through this.

The boy in the opposite lower bunk watches me analytically, his jaw tensing suddenly when he realise I noticed him.

I look away and feel the bed sink beside me slightly. Tyler is sitting with me.

"How long are you in for?" He says cautiously.

I reply, "At least a year." He nods slowly.

I decide to break the awkward silence "What about you?"

"Ty ty here's been a bad boy hasn't he, stealing and selling and doing all sorts of dodgy stuff - he's gonna be here for a long time" the muscly guy retorts.

"Oh shut up Aaron, you're no better" Tyler argues back.

Aaron. So that's his name.

I can't help but notice scars lining Aaron's face and neck. He must have been involved in something violent I guess.

Tyler continues "Um, so this is Frankie..." he nods towards the girl in the corner, who acknowledges the introduction with a sharp glare.

"...And that's Aaron..." Aaron strolls out of the grey door on the far wall and winks at me before hoisting himself onto the bunk above me with ease - making the bed rattle.

"...And that's Blake"

I turn to look at Blake, who's eyes look like they're about to burn through the pages of the book his face is currently buried in. He doesn't move a muscle.

", I guess I'll tell you how things work around here" Tyler smiles nervously.

I guess I can talk to Tyler, he doesn't seem so bad. Hopefully I can make at least one friend in here to make this experience less hellish.

"That's the bathroom, we shower on a rotation each day, um, breakfast is at 9am, lunch at 12, dinner at 7. Lights go out at 9 but before that we have a cell inspection - that's at 8:45 for us."

I nod at intervals as I take in the information.

"Cell rules are.." Tyler stops, deep in thought.

Frankie is quick to comment "No touching my stuff."

Tyler nods. "Yeh no touching each others things, but outside of the cell, just don't talk to anyone."

My eyebrows rise. "Anyone?"

He turns to face me "you don't wanna get on the wrong side of the wrong people..."

"And there's a lot of wrong people in here."

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