Instant connections but broken

This story elaborates how the fast-paced culture causes fall out of modern day relationships. It also highlights the depression created when relationships do meet expectation. Ranvir is an ordinary guy who is quite unhappy in his current life. Shweta meets him at party and proposes him her love after some meetings. Ranvir shares his past to Shweta where he shares his multiple experiences.


1. The contemporary act

It was Mohit’s birthday party. There were 20 people in that house party. Most of them were his colleagues from the advertisement company where he works. Ranvir tells Mohit “You know I do not like party so much.  I am here only because of you. Now let me go”. Mohit replies “No way. You have to wait until dinner at least. Anyways its Saturday tomorrow. Why do you always run away from parties?” Ranvir replies” Ok” and stays silent for a while.

Mohit disappears and brings a girl with him towards Ranvir. He says “Ranvir, this is Shweta. She is new in the office. I am going out to make some arrangements. Talk to her in mean time.”  Shweta introduces herself smilingly “Hi. I am Shweta. I am working in the HR department. It has been 2 months now.” Ranvir replies “Hi. I am Ranvir. I am Strategic Consultant.  I had joined as a Strategic Consultant Junior two years ago, and now I have been into senior level for a month. So how do like the company? “. Shweta says” It’s good. People are nice. I am having trouble with the city because it’s new to me.” Ranvir says “Oh! You are new to Mumbai. Where did you live before?” Shweta replies” Pune. I had been living in Pune since childhood. What about you? “Ranvir replies “Just Mumbai”.

Ranvir took a drink while Shweta was staring him for a while.  Shweta says “Mohit is quite gregarious to give us such a party. Are you his close friend?” Ranvir replies “Yes “. After some time, everyone starts to leave as the party's over. On Monday, everyone was busy working. Ranvir was at the water cooler. Suddenly he sees Shweta and they begin to chat. Shweta asks” You seem so calm at the office. I have seen you many times. Don’t you get stressed? “Ranvir replies “I do not believe taking stress / work pressure. Any ways if you are a Strategic consultant you have to be calm to make decisions.” Shweta asks “What are you planning to wear Friday for Office Diwali party? Any traditional attire?” Ranvir replies “Nothing planned yet”. On Friday, there is a traditional environment in the office.  Ranvir wears a golden kurta over red pajama while Shweta wears a pink lehenga.  Shweta comes to Ranvir and gazes her for a brief amount of time. She gives a good smile and wishes him happy Diwali. She further adds” You look quite handsome today. Can I have a selfie with you?” Ranvir asserts “Thanks. You are also looking beautiful. Yeah, I am fine with pictures”.

After a month, one day Shweta asks Ranvir in the office” Can we go for a coffee today after office?” Ranvir replies” Yes. I am Ok.” After some time, they met at a nearby café. Shweta initiates” Listen, I need to tell you something important. You are handsome and intelligent. I like calm and mature guys like you. “She grabs his hand and says” I love you.” Ranvir runs away with no response. Next day Ranvir tries to avoid her but Shweta manage to catch him and she asks” Why didn’t you respond? “Ranvir says” Sorry, It’s a no”. Shweta asks” Why? Don’t you like me?” He responds” It’s not that. You are beautiful and loving person. Any man would be happy to have you”. Shweta gets astonished and asks” Why?” Ranvir says” Ok. I will tell you after office at same place same time. It’s a long story.

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