Instant connections but broken

This story elaborates how the fast-paced culture causes fall out of modern day relationships. It also highlights the depression created when relationships do meet expectation. Ranvir is an ordinary guy who is quite unhappy in his current life. Shweta meets him at party and proposes him her love after some meetings. Ranvir shares his past to Shweta where he shares his multiple experiences.


4. The blissful mistake

It was difficult for me because I used to meet Anita on a daily basis in lectures and I had to pretend to be just her friend.  It became difficult for me to concentrate on placements at the same time. Most of the companies pick students like cattle when they come campus for placement. I was not able to crack the interviews. My sister Riya helped me to deal with these problems. I was drawn closer to her in this phase. I used to hang out with her, her friend Priyanka and rest of the gang. Priyanka was an understanding girl. After two-three months everything became normal for me. One day, I, Riya and Priyanka were drowning my sorrows at Priyanka’s house with help of vodka. Riya was high after some time so she went to sleep. I and Priyanka were talking to each other. Suddenly both of us came close to each other and started staring into each other eyes. Then she moved her face forward and I also bought my face forward. I started kissing her but Priyanka backed her body nervously. I asked her if we did anything wrong. She was silent for a minute and then said we should talk about it next day.

That night was quite restless for me. I was not able to understand why I kissed her and was thinking about it the whole time. When we met next day, I told that I liked talking to her and spending time with her. I realized that I liked her from the bottom of my heart. She said that I was sensible man and different from other guys. She added that she also liked me. Then, I hold her hands and hugged her. My day was never complete without playing with her long straight hair. We decided to tell this secret only to Riya. She was happy to hear this and supported us.

          Priyanka and I used to get plenty of opportunities to meet each other because she could come any time come home as Riya’s friend. We used to have good quality time with everyone at special occasions like birthdays and family functions. I also got busy with interviews in the meantime. Finally, I got offer from L&T InfoTech Mumbai office and I decided to go ahead with it. Priyanka had completed their BBA. So, Priyanka and Riya were partying at a pub with their college mates. It was becoming late and I tried to call Priyanka but she did not pick up. Then I tried to call Riya but she did the same. I became furious and I kept calling Priyanka. Next day, she came to me and said” Are you mad! You left 20 missed calls last night”. I said “Why did you not pick my call! I wanted to talk to you”. She said “Anything important you wanted to talk?” I said “No. Just missing you.” She said “You are really a nut case”.

          Next day, it was my first day at work. People were helpful and dedicated at work. I had enhanced my skills set working in different projects. Priyanka also joined at TCS in administration team. Both of us became busy working but still we used to find out time for each other. This happy phase continued for one year. Once Priyanka had high fever. I was worried so I wanted to go her home to see her using Riya. I requested Riya and convinced her with lot of effort. I took chicken soup for her with me. We had long conversations. Finally, Priyanka told us to go away. She was feeling awkward because we had been at her home for a lot of time. I disagreed and we got into argument. She told me I was intruding her personal space and she needs little more freedom. I left then. She got well in some days and we started meeting regularly. My mom suddenly asked me what’s going in between me and Priyanka. I was perplexed and remained silent for some time.

At the park, I told her my parents were suspecting our relationship. I suggested her we should inform our parents about our relationship. It would be difficult to hide from them. She strongly disagreed and remained staunch at her point. Suddenly while we were discussing she realized that her mom overheard our conversation and we did not realize that. Her mom took her away and I was too stunned to react.  After some time, I tried to call her but she did not pick up. Next day when I called her she told not to contact her for some days. Her mother is conventional and she prohibited from contacting me. This created a wall between us and destroyed our relationship ultimately.











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