Instant connections but broken

This story elaborates how the fast-paced culture causes fall out of modern day relationships. It also highlights the depression created when relationships do meet expectation. Ranvir is an ordinary guy who is quite unhappy in his current life. Shweta meets him at party and proposes him her love after some meetings. Ranvir shares his past to Shweta where he shares his multiple experiences.


3. Second chance

I started looking for excuses to meet Anita and talk to her. We became good friends. After two months, I gifted her roses and said that I really liked her from the bottom the heart. She said she also liked me. We started hanging out more. After sometime happiness surrounded me and I did not even realize that our first-year anniversary was coming. I had made a video of all our pictures depicting our love journey. She was happy with my surprise. After some days, we were talking to each other at a party. A guy came to Anita and asked her “Hey Anita, Remember me? Rohan. We used to be in Applied Mathematics tuition last year.” Anita replied” Oh yeah, how are you?” He responded” I am good. How about you?” Anita noticed that I was bored by seeing both of their faces. She said “I am good. Meet Ranvir”. Rohan interrupted and asked” Is he your boyfriend?” She responded “No. Just a friend”. A volcano struck inside me but I kept calm.  Rohan said “Aniket is calling me. I will meet you after some time. Bye”.

I was enraged when she called me just a friend. So, I grabbed Anita by her wrist and took her to a corner to ask her the reason. She told me first to leave her wrist as I was hurting her. Then she told me she does want to let everyone know that we were dating each other. She also does not want her parents to know about me. I apologized her and promised that I would remain calm next time. As the time passed my love for Anita intensified and we were at the end of our third year. Once I was cuddling her and started discussing about future. Anita said that she would do a MBA after working for some time. She added she will start studying for MBA entrance exams in some time. I said that I would start preparing for placements and try to get into same company as Anita then the same MBA College as Anita. After 6-7 years, we would get married and have two children. I thought she would laugh at me but she was just staring at me in a weird way. She asked if I was serious and could I think about anything above her.  I told her I was serious. She told me I was such a clingy person and ran away. First I took his incident lightly but then Anita did not take my calls for two days.

Finally, after two days she called me and asked to meet in the evening at the College canteen. When I reached there, I noticed that her face looked quite serious. I asked her if she had anything important to say. She replied that it was very important. She wanted to discuss our priorities, desires and expectations from each other. She asserted that she will always put career above me in term of priorities.  She used to think I was very serious about the relationship than her. I had lot of expectations from her and she would not be able to fulfill my expectations. She closed with “We should end this”. To which I replied with my head shook down, “If my exit makes you happy, you shall have it.”  After a lot of thinking, I had agreed with her views. I felt that I was always pressuring her to gain her attention towards me.




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