Instant connections but broken

This story elaborates how the fast-paced culture causes fall out of modern day relationships. It also highlights the depression created when relationships do meet expectation. Ranvir is an ordinary guy who is quite unhappy in his current life. Shweta meets him at party and proposes him her love after some meetings. Ranvir shares his past to Shweta where he shares his multiple experiences.


5. Clean Slate

I started focusing on my work and I became proficient at it. I got along with my colleagues and also developed myself professionally at the same time in 2 years’ duration. To enhance my career, I decided to pursue MBA and started preparing for MBA entrance exams. With my hard work, I scored decent in the entrance exams and luck was in my favor for interviews. I sought admission into Pentagram School of Business which was one of the most recognized college in Pune. I moved to Pune and decided to up-down in weekends. There were students from different backgrounds including my colleague Hiten. Suddenly I saw a pretty girl with hazel colored eyes talking to Hiten. I literally stared her for short span of time. After she went away I asked him who was she. He told she was from engineering college batch and her name was Kriti. Slowly we got introduced to each other via Hiten. It becomes quite difficult to study after you have worked for a while. By talking to Kriti, I was able to identify her as an independent and practical girl.

Finance looks difficult at first but once you get accustomed to jargons it becomes easier. Our trio used to have group studies quite often to understand subjects better. We used to hang around for the weekend also. Kriti used to work previously in Hyderabad so enjoyed seeing Mumbai back again. I didn’t even realize that I actually fall in love with Kriti’s personality and her lovely eyes. Her smile used to take my breath away. I thought it was too soon to tell her so I waited. I observed her if she had any inclinations toward me. Thankfully I found some inclinations so I tried to move more steps closer to her. Only problem was she was quite moody. Finally, I decided to propose her after 3 months of friendship. After class, I told Hiten to coax her for lunch outside. I told her that I contracted a disease. She asked what disease. I replied that I am not able to take my eyes off her and my day does not go complete without seeing her. She understood my statement and told she was ready to give our relationship a try.

This was a major change in my life. I could feel that new love makes you high. One year went by with good pace. Everything went smooth except that Kriti used to be adamant at some points and fail to understand my point of view. We had good social life at college and college also used to help us cultivate professional values by arranging seminars with CEO’s of big companies. Our placements also started and we were confident about it. I managed to get into EZ Business consulting firm while Kriti got into Meril LLP. Once we got good jobs, our rest of the studies went peaceful. Our graduation was quite memorable for us because it was one of our biggest achievements and we were lucky to be together sharing it. We went to a pub for celebrating the occasion and Kriti was too excited to be in her senses. She was drinking vodka, gin and tequila shots and drunken dancing whole time. It was difficult to control her as she was not listening to me. It was quite embarrassing to drop Kriti home in that state in front of her family. I was disappointed with her because of this incident. I confronted this situation to her next day. She was casual about it and alleviated me down saying that her parents were cool about it. 

Once Kriti was chilling with me in my flat. She suddenly came close to me while talking and asked me in a soft voice “Do you want to do something?”. I replied “No. I just want to…” and grabbed her hand slowly and kissed her cheek. I touched her lips with fingers and kissed her lips slowly. Then I continued “Make love to you…” and then started kissing her neck passionately. One day I was in a long meeting, I was repeatedly getting calls from Kriti. I was rejecting those calls but she won’t stop.  I was irritated so I called her after the meeting. She lifted the call and said in a soft voice ‘What happened, Jannu? ‘I was so mesmerized by that tone that I just told her I was in a long meeting so could not pick up your call’. In my mind, I was thinking she is so selfish sometimes and does not respect my perspective.  I also thought at the same time that she was too dominating for me.  As the days passed differences between us began to grow. The love between us began to fade away slowly over a period of three years of relationship. She approached me one day and said ‘No one has ever tried to love me as much as you have tried. You are too overprotective and I am happy go lucky gal. I need more freedom. I have talked to you regarding this, multiple times but we never improved because our basic personalities are quite different.  I think we are incompatible for each other and its high time we end this’. I tried everything to bring her back but all my efforts went in vain. This break-up shattered me from inside and moved me.

I realized that depression is that state when you feel that even the happiness that comes momentarily will be snatched away from you. So, this is my long story. I am still suffering from depression from almost two years. First, Priya left me calling me a distraction. Then, Anita did not want serious relationship from me. Things did not work out between me and Priyanka. Kriti ended everything with me saying that we are incompatible for each other. Now, I have lost all the optimism in love. Sometimes I feel I have been cursed that I won’t be able to find love of my life. “

Shweta tried to have a brief eye contact with Ranvir but his eyes were turned down in sorrow. She came closer to him and said “No, don’t be so sad about it. When you fell in first time in love with Priya, you were not able to control the drug of love and forgot everything other than Priya. With Priyanka, you became too ambitious thereby scaring her. Don’t call it a curse. Maybe they were not meant to be your destiny. Be positive and chip up.” Her words consoled my heart and made sense to me. I smiled from inside after many months of pain

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