Bad Things

Of all the men mom had married, there wasn't a single one that could replace my dad. Except one.


8. The Truth Comes Out

Harry was falling for me? Of course, that was the only thought that ran through my mind while I was sitting in one of my classes my first day back from break. To be honest, I didn’t know how to react. What was I to say? That I’m falling for him as well, or starting to at least.

In the past week that I’ve gotten to know Harry, I did feel like the two of us did have some sort of connection. He wasn’t wrong there. I had much of a connection with him than with other guys I’ve met in the past. I didn’t want to tell Liam or my mom.

I feared for her reaction to Harry and I secretly doing things behind her back. I can remember on Saturday, the last day of Spring Break, that the three of us had gone out for dinner. This would be the last time we’d see each other before I went back to school.

“Mom, was going out for dinner really necessary?” I had glanced down at my menu, looking at all of the many food choices. I was quite relieved mom had chosen a different restaurant. Though, it was more like me begging her to choose another place instead.

Neither Harry or I were prepared to go to the restaurant we had gone to with mom. We feared for any of the waiters who were there would inform my mom that they had seen Harry and I eat there. Mom was well-known in this city. She was born and raised here. Dad as well.

Most people in this city, mom was friends with some of them. I’d know because she was often greeted on the street or when we’d see a familiar face at the mall. Since I was born, everyone had known me as well. Things changed when my father passed away. I started to become a bit distant, especially from some of my friends. Though I’d say that Liam was an exception.

After mom’s countless ex-boyfriends and two previous ex-husbands, mom wasn’t sure whether or not that I was actually going to be okay. I started to lose sight of what it was like to have a dad. When mom introduced me to Harry, I half-expected him to be this handsome guy that I had eventually begun to fall for.

“It’s the last day before you head back to school. Harry and I wanted to spend this last day with our beautiful daughter.” Mom smiled and placed her hand on mine. I smiled softly, though thinking about the last 12 hours I spent with Harry.

“Wow..” I was breathless. I wasn’t expecting for him to say that to me. He brought up saying that it might’ve sounded like a lot to take in. I nodded. It was so much to take in. “Kat, I understand that you don’t—"

“It’s not that I don’t feel the same way Harry. It’s just a lot to absorb, that’s all.” I interrupted with a smile. I leaned in and kissed his lips before climbing on top of him. Harry pulled away for a brief moment as he raised his eyebrow to ask about me deciding to go a second round. I only smirked before kissing his lips again.

I messed with the paper plane necklace around my neck. Mom had pointed it out yesterday when she had come home from her day spa. I told her that Liam had given it to me as a gift. Then she said she had seen Harry with the same exact necklace. I told her that they must’ve gotten it from the same place. Mom could be annoyingly observant sometimes.

“Well, I’m glad that we could eat together as a family.” I told her. Our food was finally brought out to us and we began to eat. Mom still suspected something between Harry and I. Neither Harry or I could come up with a good enough lie because the reactions on our faces would give it away.

“What’s the real reason why you didn’t come with me to the spa?” asked mom. She was home from her day at the spa. She had just pointed out the necklace that I was suddenly wearing. “I told you. I wanted to spend more time with—"

“The two of you have been spending a lot of time together, especially when you went to visit at my office. How about when you said you were out were your friends Tuesday? Why didn’t you come home on time?” This is what I didn’t like. Mom treating me like I’m still 16 and in high school.

Mom wasn’t good at discipline. Dad was. Guess it seemed to attribute to the fact that I never saw mom as a parent. She was more like my best friend than anything. “I don’t have to tell you everything I’m doing 24/7 mom.” I crossed my arms over my chest.

“I’m your mother."

“You stopped acting like my mother since dad died.” It was then I stormed out of the house. She asked where I was going. “I don’t need to tell you everything!” I started the car and drove.

While sitting in my class, all I could think of were the words that escaped my lips just as soon as our food arrived. I was still upset with her due to her confrontation. ‘Mom,’ I said. ‘Harry and I… we’re sleeping together.’ And they were just to spite her for attacking me with questions.

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