Bad Things

Of all the men mom had married, there wasn't a single one that could replace my dad. Except one.


4. The Morning After

I awoke with the sun casting its light on the bed. I felt an arm wrapped around me. I glanced over and saw that Harry was asleep. Quietly, I get out of bed and silently get dressed. I exited my room and headed downstairs. Mom was in the kitchen, making breakfast.

“Aren’t you working today?” I asked her. I walked over to the coffee pot to see she had brewed some coffee. I poured myself a cup when she asked me about Harry and said that he wasn’t in bed last night.

Harry’s hands found his way to the back of my dress. He unzipped it as it fell to the floor. We had headed upstairs to my bedroom. He closed and locked the door behind us. We had just arrived from our dinner. After that kiss, the entire car ride home was suddenly different. Guess he wanted me as much as I wanted him. I reached down and started to unbutton his pants while he started to take off his pants. I pulled down his pants along with his boxer-briefs. He laid me down on the bed and kissed my lips. He reached down with one hand  and started to rub me between my legs. He rubbed slow, going in small circles. I moaned softly through the kiss while running my hands through his hair.

“We came home late. I didn’t want to wake you hun.” I was suddenly startled by the sound of Harry’s voice. He was wearing his pair of gray flannel pants and a black t-shirt. Harry went over and kissed my mom’s cheek. Then he ran a hand through his hair. “Well, I made us breakfast since all three of us are awake this early.”

I saw the time on the microwave. Wow, I usually get up at this time with an alarm. Harry motioned to the cup in my hand. I handed it over to him. He took a sip from my cup before handing it back to me. The three of us sat down at the table. “How was your time with your friends?” asked mom.

Harry pulled his hand away. Then he started to pull my panties down. I gently bit my lip, watching him. I couldn’t believe that this was actually happening. I mean, the image in my mind was coming true. At least, now I didn’t have to pleasure myself while thinking about Harry. He leaned down and started giving me soft kisses along my inner thigh. He started outward and moved in. I felt his tongue lightly lick my clitoris, which made me moan a bit. Then I felt his finger enter  me while he licked. I had to surpress my moans. I had a feeling that mom was downstairs already asleep. Harry and I had come home fairly late. He began to go bit faster. I closed my eyes and bit my lip. Oh. My. God. 

“I had fun. It was nice seeing them.” I answered, and then I took a bite of my food. For as long as I could remember, I was a terrible liar. Mom was usually good at detecting whether or not I was lying. “I'm guessing you went out with yours as well?” Mom turned her attention to Harry. Right, I had almost forgotten that he had been ignoring her calls all night while we were out

 I wasn’t sure how good Harry was at lying.  He said that he and the guys had gone out for a few drinks at the bar. She said that Harry’s car was missing from the garage and that I didn’t take my car. Damn, she was observant. “Harry gave me the keys to use. I’m not sure if my car had gas.” I told her.

She eyed both of us suspiciously while finishing her breakfast. She set her dirty dishes in the sink before telling me to rinse them to put in the dishwasher before leaving the room. Harry and I ate in silence. “I have to get dressed for work. Mind if I finish your coffee?” asked Harry. I shook my head in reply.

He thanked me for the cup before standing up as well to rinse his dirty dishes. I was left at the table to eat alone. Once I was finished, mom stopped me before I headed upstairs. “Let’s have a spa day before you head back to school. How does that sound?” She knew that something was up. I asked her when. She told me that she’ll make an appointment for this Saturday. I nodded and agreed to the spa day.

Finally, both Harry and mom left for work. I headed upstairs to take a shower and get dressed. I took out my phone and called one of my friends to ask if they would like to hang out. They agreed to meet me at the mall at noon.

I started on some homework, watched TV, and cleaned the house a bit. Just before it reached noon, I grabbed my keys to my car and drove to the mall. Liam Payne was sitting at a table. He was a brown haired boy with brown eyes. He was busy looking at his phone to even notice that I had arrived.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” asked Harry. He was above me with a condom in his hand. Did he have to ask? It seemed that he knew my answer before I opened my mouth to say anything because he took the condom out of its plastic wrapping. He slipped it on and positioned himself between my legs. “I want this Harry. We just can’t tell anyone, especially my mom."

I approached Liam's table. His eyes lit up when he saw me. He stood and wrapped his arms around me. I hugged him back. “Hey, you’re back!” said he. Liam was one of my oldest friends from elementary school, more like Kindergarten. Also, he was one of the people that I told most of my secrets to and who knew me best.

“How’s college going for you?” Liam and I had gone our separate ways for college. While he went to college here, I moved out of state. I was so relieved to see a familiar face. The two of us sat down to talk about how the other was doing.

He could sense that something was wrong, that I was distracted. He knew I came here to do more than just hang out with a friend. I needed to talk with someone about what happened. There was only one person that had come to mind. Liam. 

I explained to him about what had happened the night before. “Well, this seems like a personal problem.” he joked. I rolled my eyes and nudged him. I was really wanting his advice here. “Right, I shouldn’t be laughing about a serious matter

 All I can say is that you and Harry will eventually have to tell your mom. Though, knowing your mom, she would have a clear idea by now about what’s going on between you two. The best thing you can do is completely avoid Harry, or try to. You know, like you did before with your other step-fathers and their kids."

“It was so much easier with them Liam. Harry’s… He’s different."

“How different?"

“He’s 32, and he’s… There’s no better way to sugar-coat this. He’s hot. I’m starting to more than just have a crush on my mom’s new husband. I'm screwed if she finds out.” Just by seeing his reaction, I knew exactly what he was thinking. Liam reached out and did what he could do best. He hugged me. It helped… sort of.

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