Bad Things

Of all the men mom had married, there wasn't a single one that could replace my dad. Except one.


3. Not a Date

I was standing in front of the open closet. I wasn’t sure about what to wear. This isn’t a date. I shouldn’t wear a nice dress. Harry said that we were having dinner. I didn’t want to feel undressed. I took out a red dress that fell above my knees. It wasn’t the kind of dress I would wear out to a date.

I braided my hair and put on a minimal amount of makeup. I slung my bag over my shoulder and headed downstairs. Harry walked out wearing a white long-sleeved shirt, blazer, and dark jeans. He had on fairly nice shoes as well. Thank god I decided to wear heels tonight.

Again Kathryn, this is not a date. It’s just dinner with your step-father, who just happens to look dressed for a date. “You look beautiful.” said he. I blushed before thanking him. I complimented him as well. He smiled to thank me.


I followed him to the garage and got in his car. He was driving an Aston Martin. “Is this the car you drive to work?” I asked him. He backed out of the driveway, closing the garage door. He said he uses my mom’s car while she uses mine. Hm, explains why my car is missing from the garage. “Where are we going?”

Harry told me that it was a surprise. I thought it was just dinner. It’s not a date. I continued to repeat that phrase over and over in my mind. I stared out the window, only to keep me from refraining to stare at him. Occasionally I would glance over and find him looking back. Then I would look away and turn red.

Finally, we arrived at the venue. Of all the restaurants I’ve been too, why have I never been here? “I thought we were just having dinner.” I looked over at him. He gave me a smirk before getting out of the car. He walked around to my side and opened the door before I got out. I thanked him when I stepped out of the car.

The two of us entered the restaurant and were shown to our seats. Harry pulled out my seat and pushed it in just as I was about to sit down. He was proving to be quite a gentleman. I wonder if this was the way he treated mom. Though knowing her, she wouldn’t go into much detail about her dates. Usually she would just tell me whether or not the date went extremely well or bad.

Harry sat down across from me when a waiter approach our table to take our orders. We were given menus to look over. We said our orders to the waiter, and then he walked away with the menus. “You seem nervous.” said he. I was. I had no reason to be. We weren’t on a date, except it felt so much like one. The waiter eventually came back with our orders.

Now, we were alone again. Before I could say anything, my phone rang. I took it out to briefly check and see a text message from my mom asking where I was. “It’s my mom.” I said, feeling the sudden need to tell Harry. He suggested that I should text her back in order for her not to worry about me. I nodded and said to her that I was out with a few friends before placing the phone in my bag.

Then Harry’s phone rang.

Unlike me, he ignored the call and shut off his phone. “Kathryn, I need to be honest with you.” said he. Uh oh. “When your mom first told me she had a daughter, she made it seem like you were just in high school or graduating. She never mentioned how old you were until I saw you for the first time yesterday. Guess you could say I was a bit relieved that you’re 20. Also, I expected for you to be beautiful. I mean, your mom showed me pictures of you when you were younger. I just… I wanted to spend some time alone with you. I know that we weren’t able to get to know each other last night, but I’m glad that we did start talking. Your mom mentioned that you would shut out your step-fathers."

“Well, what was the point of getting to know them if my mom was going to divorce them for someone else? I half-expected for her to go for someone younger. Though knowing my mom, she attracts men of all ages.” Wait, Harry was attracted to me? He seemed nervous, just like I was. Inside, I was completely freaking out. “Why did you ask me out tonight?"

“I wanted to treat you for dinner. This isn’t… It’s not a date. Wait, were you thinking the whole time it was?” asked he. He seemed more than just nervous. I could read it all over his face, even though he was trying to maintain his composure. I started to eat a bite of my food. I shook my head and replied, “No, of course not. This is just an innocent dinner between a girl and her step-father, right?”

I quickly glanced around the room. No one was looking towards our direction. Thank. God. We finished our meal and walked back to the car. This felt so much like a date. Harry opened the passenger door for me. I didn’t move to get inside. I stood in front of him, gazing into his green eyes.

Kathryn, what are you thinking? I know this was crazy to think of such dirty things. I’m more curious and afraid of what Harry thought about me besides being beautiful. Somehow, I didn’t want to find out. Yet, a part of me was wondering about it.

I opened my mouth to say something but quickly changed my mind. I could sense that Harry was leaning in towards me. He was going to kiss me?! My instinct was immediately to turn my head away. It was then I felt his lips touch my forehead. He pulled away and chuckled lightly before resting his forehead lightly against mine.

I blushed with slight embarrassment. I couldn’t kiss the man my mom was married too. What would she say? I couldn’t admit to anyone, let alone myself, that I was slowly starting to like Harry. He seemed like such an interesting person. Being around him felt different than the way I had felt with other guys. Was it due to the age difference? Maybe. He reached up and touched my cheek. He caressed it softly.

Fuck it. I leaned in and kissed his lips. 

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