Bad Things

Of all the men mom had married, there wasn't a single one that could replace my dad. Except one.


5. Behind Closed Doors

Again, I was home alone. Mom and Harry were both at work. I was able to think things through now that I could finally clear my head. Mom would question me on occasion about why Harry and I were acting different around each other.

I would casually tell mom that Harry and I were starting to get along. This was one piece of news mom liked to hear. Guess she had a feeling of knowing that the two of us would get along eventually.

Though what she didn’t know was the night we had spent together after having dinner together. I had two more days until the end of my Spring break, and then, I was back to school. As I was having lunch, my phone rings. I picked up to answer it. “Hey, it’s Harry.”

His voice came through when he answered. My heart was suddenly pounding hard against my chest. This was a first. I haven’t felt this way before towards anyone. He had made me nervous, in a good way. “Hey.” I said.

For a strange reason, I didn’t know how else to talk with him. He asked me if I was free to have lunch. I told him that I was just in the middle of eating lunch. “Oh, sorry. Do you want to call back after you’re done?” asked he.

“No, I can talk. Why did you call?”

“Honestly? Kathryn, I… I really want to see you.” When the words escaped his lips, the images from that night appeared in my mind. I wanted to see him, more than want. I could tell by the tone of his voice that he wanted me in that way as well. “Harry—"

“Fifteen minutes.” He interrupted.

Quickly, I hung up the phone and drove as fast as I could to his work. Little did I know, his office was in the same company as mom’s. I had noticed her car parked right outside the building when I arrived. Oh boy. People here knew me.

I was the daughter of one of the bosses. As soon as I entered, the woman at the front desk noticed me. “Here to visit your mom?” asked the woman. Rebecca was her name. I smiled softly and nodded. She immediately allowed me to go through without a pass.

I entered the elevator and headed up to the floor of my mom’s office. There were going to be security cameras. The doors opened on her floor. I walked out and walked down the hallway. It was then I saw Harry’s name on a placard outside one of the office doors.

He had his own office on my mom’s floor? Was this how they met? I knocked on the door and heard a faint come in. I entered to see Harry look up from his desk. He stood and walked over. He shut the door behind me and locked it. He pressed me against the door and kissed my lips.

I started to immediately take off his jacket and undo his tie; and then I proceeded to unbutton his shirt. I pushed them off as they fell to the ground. It was then he lifted me up and sat me atop his desk. He reached underneath the dress I was wearing to pull down my panties.

He pushed up my dress and rubbed me between my legs. It was then I started to unbutton his pants and take out his hard member. I rubbed his full length. He wasn’t lying. He really, really  wanted to see me. Without anymore hesitation, Harry spread my legs and pushed his entire length inside of me. 

“Ahh…” I gasped. Harry leaned forward and pressed his lips against mine. He thrusted his hips in and out. The sounds of our moans were muffled and quiet. We couldn’t let anyone else hear what was going on. Minutes passed by, it was then we heard a knock at the door.

Harry pulled out and told me to get underneath the desk. He stuffed my panties into a drawer in his desk after he had put on his pants. He ran a hand through his hair and opened the door. “Hey hon.” I heard his voice from underneath the desk. Mom’s here? It was then I heard the door close. Shit. “What do you need?”

“Right now? You.”

“Is that appropriate?” Harry backed up into the desk. I was trying my best to hold my breath or at least keep my breathing slow. Without any words being spoken, I could hear sounds going on in the room. I was witnessing this? Ugh. Gross. I sat there for, god knows how long, and heard the door open. “See you at home hon.” I heard mom say before the door closed. 

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