Nothing can change the nature of the scarred. They are anomalies in the world, with freak abilities no one understands. Marine was hidden by her family until she was found, now she must escape and avenge those who were hurt, and death is the only option. Nothing will stop her from killing those responsible for the destruction of the world, and her world, even if it happens to be the king and queen themselves.


5. 5

"Explain." I demanded.

"Copying. I can copy a scarred ability, but only if I have met someone with that ability. I've come across someone like you before, which is why I could block you out." He said.

I crossed my arms and glared at him. "That boy in the woods, copy him and I'll believe you." I said.

He smiled and held out his hands. He closed his eyes, concentrating, then when he opened them again his eyes were full of fire and two flames flickered up in his hands, weaving around his fingers on command. "See? I've traveled, copying every scarred I came across. I can only do one ability at a time, but after a while of using one it's easier to make the shift from one ability to the next." He explained.

"Impressive." I admitted. "Yeah, although I can't just master the ability right away so it takes practice to get used to them all." He said. I nodded. It made sense, the super senses, the teleportation, I wouldn't have been able to think of anything else to explain what I saw.

"Before, you said they wouldn't need me. Who were you talking about?" I asked. His jaw tightened and he looked me over. "They are a rebellion group. Scarred trying to get rid of the king." He answered. 

A rebellion group? Perhaps I could go with them and they could help me if and I help them. I doubt that they don't need me, he's probably just trying to get rid of me. "Take me to them." I said.


"Take me." I growled, taking a step closer to him.

"No." He repeated, also stepping closer.

We were so close we were nearly touching and I just glared up at him. I was always tall, but he was much taller, and stronger, and definitely faster. There was no fighting him, but arguing I could do.

"You can't know the full extent to my... skill set. I could help you more than you realize." I said.

"I know plenty, darling, and I thought you didn't want to come with me?" 

I sighed. "I'll find them myself then." I said. He took one step closer, his chest touching mine. "Look, pretty face, the kind of people they accept aren't like you. They don't lounge around in pretty dresses, worry about their hair, or have people pick their fights for them. You won't fit in, so stop trying." He said.

I stared at him and he stared back. "Everyone could use another pretty face." I said smiling and moved around him. "So, where to?" I said.

"How can you convince you not to."

"You can't, now let's go I don't want to stay out here all night." I said over my shoulder. I yelped as he slid an arm around my waist and whispered in my ear, "Wrong way, love."

Darkness surrounded us again and we were in that forest, then were outside large walls with the noise of many people on the other side.

I stumbled and went to my knees. "Get up, you look weak." He ordered. I looked up and scowled at his back as he swaggered off to the door in the wall. So I got up and followed him. "A warning when you do that would be nice." I complained. He chuckled and continued walking, making me jog to catch up with him.

There were soldiers at the wall with swords at their hips and likely many other weapons somewhere on them. "Welcome back, Kalian." One of them said. "Quite the reputation with the king." The other said. They all laughed and I just sat back, silent. None of them seemed to notice me until I cleared my throat, interrupting their little conversation. "Who's this?" The first soldier asked. He looked me over, his gaze lingering before looking back at my companion. Kalian, finally I know his name.

Kalian looked at me then back at the soldiers and shrugged. "She's scarred wanted to come with me. I couldn't get her to stop asking so I brought her." He said. "Aw, and here I thought you wanted another pretty face to look at." I said grinning. He glared at me and the soldiers laughed. "Well you and your girlfriend can come in." The soldier said. "We aren't together." We both said at the same time. The soldiers looked to each other and I took a step away from Kalian.

"Whatever, go on in." The first soldier said, opening the door for us to enter. 

I walked in ahead of Kalian and surveyed the camp. It was large with lots of tents and building and it was buzzing with life. There were a few kids running around, a lot of soldiers, and some men and women just walking around.

I gawked and stared at everything. No one was afraid that they would be killed by a king or looked unhappy that the world didn't accept them. Everyone was happy, smiling. They were all happy and like would hate me for my wealthy background, yet will always be haunted by my parents' deaths and my sister being taken. won't be happy for a long time and will be the one hated by these people. Perhaps this was a mistake after all.

"Come on, you have to meet Aaron." Kalian said beside me. I looked to him and furrowed my brows. "Who?" I questioned. "Aaron, the one who makes the orders here." He said.

He took me to a large building deep in the camp, although it was more like a town. People smiled and waved at Kalian as we walked by and didn't pay me any attention. No one stopped us when we entered, or when we walked up the stairs and knocked on a door. "Yes?" A male voice said on the other said.

We entered and there was a man sitting at a desk in the middle of the room. His back was to us and he was looking out of a window on the back wall. "Aaron, we have a new member." Kalian said.

"Wonderful, soldier?" Aaron asked and turned to us. My eyes widened. He was young, not much older than I am, and handsome. It seemed attractiveness was a scarred ability so far. Aaron didn't even look at Kalian as his gaze settled on me. He smiled at me and I looked away to the wall behind him, my cheeks heating.

"Not sure, quite an interesting ability though." Kalian. "Well you can train her. What can she do?" Aaron asked. "A mind." Kalian said. So that's what I am, a mind, I suppose it fits since my specialty is with minds.

Aaron nodded slowly. "What's your name?" He asked me. I looked back up at him. He had dark curls that fell slightly in his face and a strong jaw with the darkest eyes I have ever seen.

"Marine." I said.

"Hello Marine." He said and smiled again. I smiled slightly back. "Why don't you find her somewhere to stay, Kal, then be back for our meeting." Aaron said.

"We don't need her." Kalian said. "Oh, but I'd love to get to know our new friend." Aaron said and winked at me. The heat again rose to my cheeks and my ears and down my neck. Kalian rolled his eyes and took my wrist, leading me out of the room. I went willingly with him and pulled my arm away from him when we were out of the room.

"Looks like I'm saying." I said.

"His little infatuation with you will end quickly, like with Aaron does with all his girls." Kalian said.

I snorted. "I'm not interested in relationships or love, not when they are so easily lost and lied about." I said. "Bad experiences with relationships?" He questioned. "Not your business." I snapped. He looked at me and laughed. "Have you ever had one?" He asked. "Why do you care?" I countered. He shrugged. "I don't." He said.

We walked in silence as he took me to where I had to stay while I was there. He brought me to a tent surrounded by other small and larger tents. "We don't have any open tents at the moment, you can stay in my tent." He said. The tent was decent sized and we both could comfortably stand in it and could fit two beds. There was only one though. "Who gets the floor?" I asked. "It won't be me." I added.

"Sorry, princess, this is my tent, you won't just throw me on the floor." He said. I brushed past him farther into the tent. "Princess needs her beauty sleep, although I'm willing to share." I said. The bed was big enough to fit two people, but it would be difficult to keep to our sides. "I'm not sharing, plus I sleep naked." He said. "I don't bite." I said with a wink.

After a moment he finally said, "Fine, I'll take the floor."

"Good boy." I said and patted his chest. I set down my pack before beginning to take off my clothes. 

"What are you doing?" He exclaimed.

"Oh, calm down. It's hot in here." I said and took off my clothes until I was just in my undergarments. "And you've already seen me like this." I added.

When I turned to him his cheeks were red and he was trying not to look at me. I rolled my eyes and slipped into the bed. "I'm tired, have fun at your meeting." I said.

He nodded and left.

It was surely past midnight when he returned and I hadn't managed to get a minute of sleep. I laid there thinking of my mother and father, even cried for an hour, and then though of my sister, somewhere with the awful king and queen. I made a promise to myself and to her to get her back and kill the king and queen myself, and no one would take that privilege from me. 

When he got back I heard the ruffling of him removing his clothes and then he made himself a makeshift bed on the floor on the far side of me. 

"I know you're awake." He said into the darkness. I waited a second before responding. "How long has this been here?" I asked. "A year and a half, but the rebellion started a long time ago." He said. I thought on it for a bit and we didn't talk again before I eventually found sleep. 

I dreamed about my parents again, and it didn't make the fear of what tomorrow would be like any better.

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