Nothing can change the nature of the scarred. They are anomalies in the world, with freak abilities no one understands. Marine was hidden by her family until she was found, now she must escape and avenge those who were hurt, and death is the only option. Nothing will stop her from killing those responsible for the destruction of the world, and her world, even if it happens to be the king and queen themselves.


4. 4



I brought him through a small hole I would escape through in the wall of our family's grounds. He had to duck to fit through it. "We can enter through the kitchen undetected, just try to be quiet." I whispered. "I'm not stupid, of course I'll be silent." He said back. The house was still, too still. I took in a shuddering breath as I surveyed the untouched kitchen. My father's blood was dried on the table I had left him on, but he was gone. The one thing was his body had disappeared, probably been taken. "The blood on the table is the same on your dress." He said to me quietly. 

I went rigid and turned to him sharply. "How do you know that?" I hissed. He chuckled softly. "I smell it on you." He said. "You smell it? How?" I asked. "Now's not the time for an explanation." He said and grabbed my wrist and quickly pulled me to the dining room. When we got into the room he slammed me into the wall and held a hand over my mouth.

Just as I struggled to get away I heard voices in the kitchen and a chill went down my spine.

"How will we know if she comes back?" Someone said. "Just keep a look out for her, put a guard in every room." The other answered. I recognized the voice. The king's guard who killed my parents, he was back. My blood boiled with rage, it took all I had not to shove away and tear apart his mind and leave him in scraps. Let him suffer slowly and leave him a drooling mess when I was finished. I wouldn't let him remember his own name if I could only get away, but it would draw too much attention.

I pealed the hand covering my mouth away and glared at the boy, stepping away from him. "Just follow me." I said and quickly stalked towards the steps that led to my room. He followed behind me so silently I had to look over my shoulder to make sure he was there. He was so casual and calm as he walked with perfect stealth.

I straightened and tried to appear as calm as he was as we neared the separate staircase that went up to where my rooms were. The main staircase would likely have many guards, and although it was the quickest route it was the riskiest. He gawked at my house and grimaced at the expensive pieces scattered everywhere. I noticed when he swiped something small but likely worth more than what I was wearing, he shoved it in his pocket and shrugged.

Every guard we passed by unnoticed was added to my ever growing list of people I would possibly have to kill if we were found. I flinched at the thought. Of killing someone, to save my life of course, but it was still chilling to think of. They likely had families of their own waiting at home, families that wouldn't be murdered and likely had hate in their hearts for my kind. They probably payed no thought to what happened to me if they had known. Wouldn't care, and most likely thought I deserved it. I didn't feel as bad for considering the guards now. They will probably kill me first sight anyway, why not repay the offer. Sure I'd walk away with blood on my hands, but well worth it.

I felt a squeeze on my arm and jumped. I had tuned out again, stopped completely and gotten lost in my thoughts. I shook my head and looked back at the boy. The boy's face was unreadable as he looked at me. I furrowed my brow and he gestured to the hall ahead of me, reminding me what we were doing here. I turned back forward and grit my teeth.

After a while of stopping, listening, and walking slowly we finally got to the back staircase, the stairs for servants mainly. 

I cringed at every groan the stairs made when we walked up, and up. The stairs never seemed to end and it just took someone turning the corner to see us, and trap us.

I sighed in relief when we were at the top and there wasn't a guard in sight. "No one is up here yet, be quick." He said to me, he was so close that I jumped when I felt his breath against my ear. He backed up and I glared at him for startling me. "Look out for anyone, I'll be out very soon." I said to him. His brows rose. "Are you telling me what to do?" He challenged crossing his arms. "Just, don't get us killed." I said. "Trust me, I won't get killed." He said, grinning. "Although can't say the same for you sweetheart." He added.

I tried to ignore the threat, he would get out fine, I knew it, but what about me? I was no one, he wouldn't even think twice before leaving me and saving himself. My room wasn't too far from the stairs and when I was in the comfort of my plush room again I released a breath of relief. 

Pushing off the door I bolted for my wardrobe. I brought out a pack that I kept in the back and stuffed some fighting clothes into it and took one other outfit out for me to change into. My mother had always complained about having to get more clothes when I grew so fast, scarred usually came into their adult bodies much quicker than normal children but we said I simply was an early bloomer. It had worked, but I suppose when people find out they won't be surprised that I was at my peak looks a little more than a year ago. 

My face was lean and sharp and my breasts were larger than anyone my age. When I had grown into my looks I had many features from my mother, but none from my father. I wondered if perhaps he wasn't my father but never mentioned it to my parents. My parents surely noticed as well but kept quiet about it. I stripped from the bloody dress and stepped out of it after it slid off my shoulders to the ground. I thought about what to do with it afterward.

If I left the dress they would know I was there and most likely make the assumption I was nearby and hunt me down, or I could take it with me and waste space in my pack for other necessities. Getting rid of it completely would be too complicated, so I just left it on the floor. Just for now, I told myself.

My undergarments had blood on them too and I left them on the floor with my dress. I found a new pair, comfortable and easy to move in, and set it onto the bed. 

I had water drawn for me by servants before I fled and although it was cold I stepped into the elegant, clawfoot tub. I scrubbed my body quickly then got out as silently as I could and dried off. The bath water was colored red with the blood I washed off my body and I left the water, hoping they would think I washed off before leaving. I hadn't let my hair get wet so I didn't have to dry it or worry about dripping. 

I put the dress and undergarments, that had the foul stench of blood on them, into the tub. That had to work, they had to think I did that last night. 

When I had my undergarments on and I was just about to dress the door swung open and I grabbed my pack and dropped to the ground rolling under the bed. The door closed quietly and I heard the boy's voice.

"It's me, we have to go. Now." He said hardly loud enough for me to hear.

I took a deep breath and pulled myself from under the bed.

His attention snapped to me and he looked me over once before turning, his cheeks turning red slightly. "Dress quickly." He ordered.

I didn't hesitate to change into my fighting leathers with hidden blades in the uniform. The leathers were shaped differently from a soldiers, more revealing and tighter than usual. Fit perfectly to my body and mine alone.

I took one glance at myself in the mirror. I looked like a trained assassin, I looked nothing like the helpless lord's daughter that I had appeared to be before. I strapped on my knife holders onto my thighs and connected them to my belt. Putting the knifes that went into those holders and slipping one extra into a slot of my right boot.

I heard the sound of approaching footsteps, running, in the hall and he didn't even bother to make sure I was dressed before lunging to me and wrapping and arm around my waist. I slung the pack on my shoulders and tried to step away from his hold but he pulled me to him. The doors opened again revealing the guards and I readied myself to fight but then we were surrounded by nothing but darkness and a second later we were in the forest.

I stumbled away from him and I suddenly felt the need to throw up. I bent over and dry heaved, thankful I didn't throw up the contents of my stomach. When I sat back up my head felt light and dizzy. 

"What was that?" I cried.

"We aren't that far, hold on." He said and reached to grab me again but I backed away before he could touch me.

"Not until you explain what that was? You aren't scarred, I know it. The heightened senses? That? Your strength?" I started.

"Your half-breed scarred are the least of my concerns, and what I am is the least of yours. Do you want me to leave you here to die or can we go?" He said.

I opened my mouth to protest and press him for answers but thought better of it and stayed silent. 

He nodded his approval and stepped towards me this time careful not to startle men and grabbed my arm.

The world once again fell away around us and then we were somewhere else, very far from my home and definitely not in the same forest.

Again the queasiness came back and when I no longer felt like I was going to empty my stomach I asked, "Where are we?"

"Far away, somewhere the king won't find us and no one will be hunting us." He said.

"Why didn't you just leave me?" I asked. 

He paused and thought for a second. "I went there because of you, if I left without you I would feel like the biggest idiot for doing it in the first place." He said.

So he did it not to help me but because he didn't want to seem stupid to himself? Arrogant bastard.

"Thanks, I guess." I said instead of what I was thinking.

"I hope you're worth the risk though. So, half-breed, what you got?" He asked crossing his arms.

"Excuse me?" I said eyes wide.

He waved his hand gesturing for me to begin.

"I'm not going to prove myself to you. I don't know you, and I don't even know your name."

"Dalian, and if you aren't worth saving then I can just leave you here."

This time I didn't bother. "You arrogant fucking prick. I'd be happy to tear apart your mind first chance I get." I snapped. He tipped his head back and laughed. My hands clenched at my sides and my nails dug into my palms. I made a mistake going with him.

I turned and began to walk away and then I heard him stop laughing.

"Hey! Where you going sweetheart?" He called.

I ignored him and continued walking away. I didn't know where I was but I didn't care, I should've just gone by myself not with some stranger. 

"Away from you." I retorted.

He laughed again, not as loud this time, but it sent my blood roiling with a strange rage. I never let myself get so ticked over something before, I didn't know why this was bothering me so much. "Leave me alone" I snapped. 

"I'll just explain what you and I are later." He said and I heard him walk away. 

I stopped and processed it. He had answers I needed. I could just listen then leave, or I could find the information some other way and try to figure out where I was. Either way I was going to learn what the hell was going on in that damned country and I didn't care who from.

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