Nothing can change the nature of the scarred. They are anomalies in the world, with freak abilities no one understands. Marine was hidden by her family until she was found, now she must escape and avenge those who were hurt, and death is the only option. Nothing will stop her from killing those responsible for the destruction of the world, and her world, even if it happens to be the king and queen themselves.


2. 2



"Where have you been?" My mom yelled at me when I walked through the door after supper.

"I was out, with Harley. Sorry mother." I said.

"Don't do it again, or I won't let you go with her anymore."

I nodded and turned to go to my room. Our home, or really manor, was extravagant and wonderful but I hated it all the same. The chandeliers that hung from the ceiling, the golden candles on the walls, the exquisite furniture, I hated it all. I was living in a luxury scarred weren't supposed to have.

I had endless amounts of gowns and dresses and had the finest meals prepared by the most skilled chefs. Everything about it made me want to throw up, and it should make me happy.

It took me a whole five minutes to get to my room from the foyer. 

That was the only place I felt remotely comfortable, but still I couldn't get away from the constant show of riches.

I tried to make my room simple and plain, hoping it would help, but my mom insisted on having an expensive bed with floral designs made from silver, and a desk with silver legs with a matching chair. My windows reached from the floor to the ceiling and a small chandelier hung from the center of my room.

A servant entered my room and I jumped at the sound of the door closing. "Sorry, miss. Your dinner." The servant said and set a tray of food on my breakfast table. "It's fine, thank you." I said.

Father always complained about the kindness I showed to the servants, but I didn't care. Neither did my mother.

I sat in front of my dinner, but didn't eat it. I played with it until it got cold then pushed it aside and lied down on my bed big enough for three to fit in.

My room was silent and it took a lot of effort to try not to close my eyes and not open them till morning, but just as I was peacefully going to sleep my father burst into my room and I jolted upright.

"What is it?" I said. "We have to go. Now." He ordered and pulled me out of my bed.

"Why?" I asked. 

"They know." Was all he said, then there was bloodshed. 

We were in the living room with my younger sister, mother, and father when the king's guards rushed into our home.

My father threw me into the closet quickly then grabbed my family. I didn't scream or come out and watched through the small crack between the doors. "Where is she?" A guard asked my father. "We don't know, she hasn't come yet." He answered the guard.

"Sir, if you just tell us then your family won't have any problems." The guard warned.

"I already said, Marine is not here." My father lied. The guard stared at him, furious. "You're lying old man, I see it in your face." The guard said.

My father was never good at lying, no one in my family was. "Please, don't harm us. We have done nothing wrong." My mother pleaded with the guard.

The guard shook his head. "Harboring a scarred is a crime punishable by death, we don't make the laws. Just follow them." The guard said and then, he removed his sword and plunged it into my father's chest.

I clasped my hand over my mouth so I wouldn't scream, but my sister and mother shrieked and stood next to him. The guard pulled the sword from my father's chest and it came out covered in his blood. He fell to the ground and his head fell to the side, his eyes staring right into me.

He was dead, the guard killed him without any hesitation. 

"If you don't want to end up like your husband, then tell us where your daughter is." The guard now said to my mother. "No, you won't find her it's no use killing us." She said.

The guard shook his head and raised his sword. My sister screamed and my mother shoved her away before the guard swung his sword and cut my mother's head clean off.

Tears flooded my face as I watched through the closet in horror. "Take the girl and find Marine, kill her if you have to." The guard said.

The others did as he said and dragged my sister away as she sobbed, and I watched. Again doing nothing as it happened. I couldn't move or speak and now my parents are dead because of it. The only people who ever accepted me and wouldn't judge me for what I am.

Until I heard the sound of hooves on gravel, trotting away, I didn't exit the closet.

The scene was even worse from outside and I turned away and hurled up the contents of my stomach.

I dropped to my knees beside my parents. Talia and Robert Costello were the wealthiest lord and lady of the land and my father was even good friends with the king; I suppose now he's not friends with anyone of the royal family, and neither am I. I wouldn't mind running through the king and letting him bleed out on his carpet and slicing the queen's head off like she's hunting game.

I hadn't realized I was squeezing my hands until I heard my father groan. My attention snapped to him and I loosened my hands, leaving blood dripping from where my nails broke my skin.

"Father!" I cried and held on to him.

"Marine." He forced out.

"You're ok, I'm here." I said.

I lifted him from under his arms and pulled him to the kitchen, hoisting him up onto the table in the center. If mother was alive she would kill me for ruining the table, but now it's her whose been killed and her death will not go unnoticed.

Hurrying, I rummaged through the cabinets knowing there was some stuff to help somewhere.

I pretty much jumped with joy when I found a small basket with medical cloth and stitching material. I dropped the basket next to him and grabbed wine from dinner.

Quickly I ripped away his shirt revealing his bloodied chest. The sword just missed the quickest killing place, and I knew the guard did it on purpose. He wanted my father to suffer for his crime of keeping me a secret.

I poured the wine over his wound and he winced slightly, but his eyes were closed and I could see him getting pale. "Father!" I screamed and shook him.

His eyes fluttered open for a second before closing again. I couldn't let him die, even if he has given up.

In the corner of the room was a bucket of cleaning water with a rag on the side. I pulled it over beside the table and dipped the rag in the almost clear water before washing his wound. The rag was soaked through with blood after cleaning the wound just the once.

I had to stitch him up rather quickly so he wouldn't bleed even more. After closing the front I flipped him over with a grunt and began on his back.

Making sure he was still alive I placed my head on his back and listened for a pulse. It was very faint and slow, I knew I was losing him but I didn't give up.

After cleaning and stitching his back as best I could I flipped him back to his back. He didn't react and he made no sounds.

"Father?" I said.


I placed my hand under his nose, he wasn't breathing. Again I listened for a pulse. It was empty. There was no faint thud, it was completely flat and silent.

"No. Please don't die." I cried into his chest.

I don't know how long I was there sobbing, but eventually I had to pry myself away. I had to leave that house before they come back, but where was I going to go? Where would I be accepted again? I remembered my sister, Meena. She was only two years younger than me but I took care of her as if she was my own child.

The king took everything from me and destroyed my life, my parents, my sister, my freedom, and I won't stop until I do the same to him and his family.

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