Nothing can change the nature of the scarred. They are anomalies in the world, with freak abilities no one understands. Marine was hidden by her family until she was found, now she must escape and avenge those who were hurt, and death is the only option. Nothing will stop her from killing those responsible for the destruction of the world, and her world, even if it happens to be the king and queen themselves.


1. 1


I stood there silent, watching. Everything around me continued as if I was the only one aware of what was happening around me. 

In front of me was a woman dragging a small boy, maybe twelve, out into the square. He was kicking and screaming, but the woman held on to him with fearsome strength.

No one payed attention to them, no one but me; yet still I didn't do anything. I watched, afraid to act. I was a coward, everyone around me were cowards

The woman screamed at the boy, what she said exactly I couldn't tell. One person did notice what was unfolding though, and that's when I realized why this was happening. An officer ran over to the woman and the boy and pried the boy from her arms. The officer said something to the woman and she started yelling back. I only caught a few words.

"He's a dirty scarred officer!" 

I flinched at the venom behind scarred when she said it.

The officer only nodded and took the boy by his arms and dragged him away from the square. I stared as the boy stopped fighting and cried in the officer's hold. After the boy was no longer in my view my gaze turned back to the woman, but she was already looking at me. Her eyebrows rose and she crossed her arms as she surveyed me. I opened my mouth to speak, like she could hear me, and closed it again. She only scoffed and turned to go back into the store she dragged the boy from. she must have owned it.

"Marine, are you there?" Harley said beside me.

I looked to her and her face was full of concern.

"Something wrong?" She wondered.

I shook my head and turned away from the shop and where the boy was a second ago.

"What's going to happen to them?" I asked.

"To who?"

"The scarred."

"Does it matter? Come on, let's go before everything is gone." She said and grabbed my wrist and pulled me to a small dress shop across the square.

I didn't have the stomach to look at dresses, so I let Harley admire and ask me about the ones she liked. I nodded at every one she suggested for herself and shook my head when she chose one for me. Eventually she stopped and just rolled her eyes at me.

"If you want to leave, go ahead, you're just ruining my good mood." She complained. 

Harley was always this way, caring more for herself than anyone else. She was my friend though, and my only one. Without her I would have nothing but the clothes on my back to keep me company.

"Can we do this some other time, I don't feel well." I said. She sighed and threw her arms up. 

"Didn't you say that last time?" She exclaimed, her nostrils flaring and her cheeks turning deep red.

"Look, things have been odd lately. I promise we can do this in two days." I said, trying hard to be nice to my friend. She took a deep breath and smiled at me. "I'm sorry, of course we can reschedule. The winter festival is still another week." She said sweetly, although it seemed too fake. I nodded and thanked her before running out the shop.

She was right though, it didn't matter what happened to the scarred as long as they were gone. We didn't deserve to be in the world, but if I ever got caught then it would matter to me what happens to the scarred

I didn't stop until I was far from the square and the heart of the city. My heart pounded in my chest and I bent over to catch my breath. I ran all the way to the edge of the city, and as much as I wanted to get away from the square the edge of the capital was definitely not a good place to be.

I looked around me at the faces that looked at me confused. I gave them all a small smile and darted to the nearest building. It was a small restaurant with only six people in it, and three of them worked there. The walls were chipped and stained with water damage. The roofs in this part of the city weren't as well built as where I came from, but no one seemed bothered by the seemingly dirty environment they were in. I suppose this is what they are used to.

"Can we help you?" A young woman said to me, looking me over.

"No thank you." I said and sat down at the table closest to me.

I felt out of place there, like a red rose in a garden of lilies. My dress was made of fine silks and bright colors while around me were dull colors and clothing made of common cloth.

I avoided looking at anyone and was wringing out my hands on the table. 

Someone sat across from me but I didn't look at them. 

"You ain't from here." A woman's voice said.

Still looking down I shook my head. She leaned close so I could see her hair on the table in front of me. 

"Who are you?" She asked.

Finally, I looked up at her. She was younger than how she sounded, probably seventeen like me. She didn't seem unnaturally dirty, but compared to me she was certainly of lower status, and I knew what she was thinking. How was it fair that I was living my life like this while she probably struggled and actually worked for what she had, not having things because she was born into it.

"Marine. Marine Costello." I answered. 

The girl sat back and crossed her arms. "Why are you here?" She asked. I shrugged and admired how confident she appeared from her body language.

"Well, you gon' get killed comin' here dressed like that." She said. "Am I now?" I returned. She had no idea what I was capable of, and I could tell from the way she looked at me that I was just a piece of meat for her devour. 

She didn't know I was trained to fight my whole life and had three knives on me. "And who are you?" I asked. "Iva Andrews." She said with a certain boldness and held out her hand. I grabbed her hand to shake it and she yanked me forward so my face was inches from hers. "Don't think you can disrespect me or anyone here lookin' like you are. I suggest you leave." She snapped. "I suggest you know exactly who you are threatening." I said with a grin and poked one of my knives into her leg under the table.

She tightened her jaw and sat back. I leaned back as well and straightened my dress then stood up. "Pleasure to meet you." I said with a slight bow and strolled out the restaurant and made my way back home.

I won't make the mistake of going there again, that's for sure. Mother would kill me for sure if she found out. 

When I walked home I tried to ignore the stares of the people around me, but I couldn't help but notice them. I walked with my chin up, hoping my confidence would make people stay a little clear from me.

I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding when I entered the heart of the city again.

That was home, where I so desperately wanted to escape from, and although going to the edge of the city made me think a little differently it didn't take back the desire to leave.

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