This is my Story

Hey guys, this is my story all of this that I'm writing is true and has happened to me. Hope it inspires you to love yourself because I love all of you writers who are expressing yourselves!


1. My Story

My name is Grace, I am 16 years old and this is the story of me. 

It all started when I was four years old.....

Life was good, me and my twin sister were having fun all day. In the morning, the month of January, I didn't come down from my room. My parents came up, and I turns out i was seizing. They rushed me to hospital where I was treated,. However, there wasn't much the doctors could do. They told my parents that I had had an ischemic stroke, and I was paralyzed on my entire left side. I honestly didn't think that I would have made it. They rushed me to a new hospital where I was told I would never be able to run, jump or basically use my left side again. There was nothing they could do so they sent to the best: Marianjoy. There my parents saw hope, the doctors began physical therapy, occupational therapy and worked with me everyday. They put a cast on my right arm to help me get the strength back. My dad stayed with me in the hospital everyday and night, he helped me, laughed with me and was my like my motivator. I was pushed around in a wheelchair everywhere I went. I think my room was always filled with stuffed animals and visitors. After a few months, I was finally released, but things weren't that great. I had just found out that my grandfather had passed. Then a little while later, I started to have grand mall seizures. They tried putting me on so many different medications. It took them about ten years to figure out where my seizures were coming from and get me on the right medication. They started to do so many tests: MRI's, EEG's, PETSCAN's, blood draw, IV's, one time I actually had to go to school with an EEG on my head. Kids at school began to make fun of me, they spread rumors that I picked my nose, That I hit a girl in the head with a metal button on my pants and gave her a concussion, they used to pretend that they were me and mock me having a seizure. I never really had friends besides my twin sister. Once I found friends, they always left me because they were afraid of me. Because of this, I fell into a lot of depression and anxiety. Then I went into lower level classes, and had extra help in school, I began to cut on myself and think I wasn't good enough. Eventually, I went into mental hospital for about a week then into outpatient. I came back to school and was questioned, but I honestly didn't think they even cared. My seizures continued, I used to have about 8 a month. Then a few years later I had brain surgery. They found out my seizures started in the parietal area of my brain and then ended in my temporal lobe. So, they removed the part of my brain where the seizures ended. I was in the hospital recovering for two days. I couldn't eat because of the anesthetics every time I did eat I would throw up. I couldn't even lift my head it hurt so much. After two days, I finally went home and all I could do was sit in bed. My face was swollen, and I looked like a Chinese lady. I couldn't do any physical activity for a whole year. My anxiety got worse, and I still had a little trouble in school. Today, I have fully recovered, am going to take drivers ed classes May 1st. I've learned a lot from my past. I was baptized a year ago and attended church twice a week. I am also serving in the church. One of my favorite bible verses is You can do all things through Christ who gives you strength. 

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