My Perfect Love

What happens when you become close with the guy of you're dreams? Will it crash and burn? Or will it turn into something beautiful?


1. The Realization

Love is never found easy. I never knew until I saw him for the first time. I couldn't have imagined anyone better. My friends told me I was crazy, I thought I was too. It was like he stepped out a dream. To think it all started on the first day of my senior year. Me and my best friend Ella were chatting about our favorite thing ever:Hamilton. Then suddenly, there he was: James Hanson. He was the sweetest person I had ever met, I would see him at church every week. He would play with the kids in their rooms and laugh whenever they said something funny. In math class, when I was stuck on a problem, he joked with me told me it was easy, and that i'm way to smart not to get it. Did he like me? Or was he playing me like all the other guys? As we got closer and closer, we had found a connection that was so strong, it could never be broken. "Why me?", I would always ask, "Why not some other girl who isn't crazy and like me?" His response was always, " Because your the most amazing girl I have ever met, and I feel like you get me. You're sweet, kind, funny and everything I could ever ask for." No, it couldn't be. I wasn't what he said I was. He was just saying those things. Was I really that special to him? There was always doubts in the back of my mind, but whenever I was upset or frustrated he was the one who wrapped his arms around me and held me close until all my tears were gone. I felt like i was in love with him, and the feeling never faded. How long could this go on? The very next day, I finally found out.


It was the perfect day, no homework, only four weeks left of school, and my grades were perfect. Senior Prom was on it's way. No one had yet to ask me, but why was I surprised? I had never really had any guy friends besides James. At the end of English, my favorite class, James met me at my locker and I immediately noticed the roses in his hands, that smile that I could bear to look away from and his eyes that were locked into mine. I walked over with the sweetest smile on my face. Lets just say I didn't even have the words. He took my hand, smiled, and said, "You know, out of all the days I've seen you, you look most beautiful than ever. I think it might be the eyes." "Are you done yet." I said laughing. He said, "Almost, there's just one more thing though. His eyes locked into mine as he got down on one knee and said," Grace, would you do me the biggest honor, and be my date to the last high school prom of my life?" I stood there with a smile that I felt kept growing on my face and said," I've been waiting for you to ask that for the longest time." He stood up picked me up in his arms and kissed me ever so gently. I could feel the softness of his lips brush against mine, and for that one moment I completely forgot about the world around me. It was like all my worries disappeared into a cloud of nothingness. He set me down so that I was about a few inches shorter than him, and he said,"You have no idea how long I've been wanting to do that." I pulled him into a hug with my arms draped around his neck and whispered in his ear," I think I've waited a lot longer than you have." He broke out of the hug and threw his head back laughing. " I have to get to Science. I'll see you later beautiful" He winked at me and slowly walked down the hall. As he faded into the crowd there was this strong feeling inside of me that grew stronger each minute. I didn't know what it was, but I knew one thing: It was one of the greatest feelings I had ever felt in my entire life.
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