Uncovered legacy (strange the dreamer comp entry)

My entry for the strange the dreamer competition

Anna has always felt like she belonged in Greece. She's never been but she knows so much about it. When her family finally afford to get a holiday in Greece, things don't always turn out right.

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1. Dreams

I've always wanted to go to Greece, the history is unusually interesting. The weather and food as well. I have Greek ancestors but that was generations ago. I feel like I don't belong in this generation. My heart always feel like I should be in Ancient Greece.

My family can't afford a holiday there. I work two jobs just to get food for us. My family is only small. Just me my brother Sam and my mum chloé. Some day it might just be me and Sam.

"ELLE!" Shouted Sam one day "COME INTO THE KITCHEN NOW!!" I immediately thought that mum had died so I ran with all my power. When I got there all was fine, "what's going on?" I ask confused. Sam pointed at the screen of mums laptop. "Card balance £1,267.44" it said, "okay, what about it?" I asked Sam, he laughed a bit and opened another tab. "Greek holiday packages, £400 pp." I stopped, and cried.

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