Behind the walls of friendship

Jake is fifteen years old. Lacking a father figure, he places his hopes in young people around his age. When a mysterious, and a seemingly innocent friend arrives, Jake is forced to realize who his true friends are, and just how dangerous fake friends can be.


2. New friends

Finishing the morning daydream, I said good morning to my mother. She hugged me and said, “Going to Nick’s?” I smiled and nodded, but she already knew the answer. I unlocked the front door and glanced at the perfectly white house with the black window shades and the friendly greeting of the house.  The perfectly carved driveway that would fit two cars perfectly. Another day with my cousin and best friend was about to begin.


The sun rose as I watched the grey car leave the driveway. I knew within eight seconds, a knock would be at my door. Then the light brown hair and brown eyes of a fifteen year old named Jake would be at my door. The fifteen year old that I had known for almost three years would bound out of his front door and come smiling to my door. He would leave his house across the street and one house down from mine, say goodbye to his mother and arrive within seconds. We had met two and half years ago, when he was thirteen. I had been eighteen at the time, and my mother suggested I tried to hang out with our long distance family more often. When Jake and his family moved from San Antonio, Texas to where I currently live in California, Jake was a shy boy. Jake immediately thought I was a cool person, growing up with few friends. I liked Jake because with Jake, I didn’t have to feel that I had to be someone else, I could just be myself. Now Jake was fifteen and I was twenty, and we were close friends and cousins. As Jake bounded across the street and knocked, I smiled saying, “Hey, where you been?” Jake typically stayed at my house the entire weekend, but this weekend he had only been at my house for three hours on Saturday. It was now Sunday morning as I asked my question. “Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you Nick” I heard him say, “I met a friend.” So typical of Jake, to meet another friend. Jake was always trying to meet new friends who were a few years older than him so he could learn pointers from them. I was intrigued when Jake said he had met yet another friend. So far he had met me, but I didn’t count because I was his cousin. Then he met Clark, who was eighteen currently and who would occasionally hang out with Jake when I was busy. There was also Justin, and there was Samuel, but they were always busy. They too were eighteen. Jake’s mother liked Jake to hang out with older people, as he grew up without a father figure. “His name is Austin, he’s nineteen” Jake said. “Jake, how did you meet another person, you’re always with me!” I said, laughing. “When I was walking from the store I saw him. He had on a shirt with The Drums written on it. I told him they were my favorite band as well and we started talking. Except Austin is always busy. He goes to college a lot, he’s gone all day, I guess studying to be an engineer isn’t easy” Jake said. So, Austin was studying to be an engineer. Interesting. “Oh, that reminds me!” Jake said, “My mom wants you over for dinner.” That sounded nice, I would go. But then Jake sprung it on me that his grandparents would also be there. Jake’s grandparents hated most people. I agreed to the dinner and tried desperately to think of something to say to his grandparents before I went. It was only 7 AM, I had time. Jake surprised me yet again saying, “Clark is coming.” Oh Clark. I liked Clark, although he was originally Jake’s friend. Jake and I had known each other for a year when Jake met Clark. Clark was eighteen right now, and he spoke with Jake occasionally. Clark was mature, so I not only felt that we could get along, but Jake and Clark as well. As I saw Clark’s car pull up and him get out to walk to my door, I wondered if Clark would be invited to eat with Jake’s grandparents as well. “Hey Clark” I said, greeting as he came, “Jake’s already here.” “Hey, sorry I’ve been busy, music” Clark said. Clark had just graduated high school, and now he was trying to make his own one man band. “How’s the band life been going?” I joked. “Haha, very funny” Clark replied, sarcastically. He greeted Jake and Jake said, “Guess what Clark?” I knew the story of Austin would come.

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