Maddie Brown

Maddie Brown has always been poor, and unloved by her whole family. But all that changes when she meets a boy who's interested in football as much as her.


1. Unloved

It was raining in the back garden of Maddie's auntie's house. Constant noise of a rusty old football hitting the fence. How many times do people come and complain to Maddie about all the noise? Well, more then she could count. Maddie was a small girl, only 11 years old. She had dark brown, long, wavy hair. Also, jet black eyes. Her hair was tied up in a ponytail. She had a dirty, white vest on, along with black football shorts. She was wearing the only pair of shoes she owned, which were black and white, puma trainers. No socks, no bracelets, no necklace, no nothing. Maddie's family were millionaires, but they never gave Maddie what she deserved. Maddie's passion was football, but her family didn't support her because they wanted her to take on the family business. Maddie's father was the mayor of the small town they lived in which was SunValley but for Maddie, it was all stormy rain.

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