Far Away Romance- Birth of a Hero.

" Far Away Romance- Birth of a Hero " is a story about a boxer who lives a terrible life but fights for positivity.
The story will be acted in a play in June 2019.

Christopher Jones, Stacy Jackson, Jenny England, Azrael, The Masked Man.

Content Rating: 14+

Sex, drugs, Alcohol: No
Contains: Extreme violence and moderated horror.



1. The Beginning.

" Wednesday, October 24th, 2001...This is Boston Massachussets. It is a rainy day, everyone is in their houses for the whole day. It's 8:39 AM and there is not one single car on the streets. Yet here is me, Christopher Jones, looking for a new life to live, I can't stand the misery I live with... it's just not for me. I deserve better than this. Nobody cares.. that's the thing. I go to boxing trainings every damn day of the week just to get beat up by my coach and his friends... I really want to live a normal happy life but I can't. Nobody likes me.. not one single person does. "

Christopher Jones, a strong but hated boxer with short black hair and brown eyes, is a 24 year old born on June 11th, 1977. No matter how much he is hated, beat up and bullied, he always tries to fight back and never give up.

Then we have Stacy Jackson, about an  year younger than Christopher, with blonde hair and brown eyes born on August 14th 1976. She is pretty shy in her normal life but when she steps in the stage, she's a completely different person.

And then others of course... but they're not important right now.

10:00 AM: It is now time for Christopher to go to his training session and expect the expected.

Coach: Come in, turd!- Says the coach as Christopher goes through the entrance door.

The coach immediately starts to attack Christopher using his boxing gloves and Chris tries to fight back but gets knocked out right away and sent back home. Christopher starts to think...

" Why do I even still go there? I need a break.... I want to visit some place so I can entertain myself. A circus?.. nah that's too childish. A museum?....nah...too boring... "

TV: Don't miss the play " Undead alive! " This Sunday at the Orpheum Theatre in Boston! Tickets avaiable now at any ticket stand.

" That's it! I can go see a play for a change...."



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