*Final instalment in the 'Little British Girl' Trilogy *
One year after Elia’s death, and the entire planet is rebelling. With the news of Xander’s assassination attempt against his own daughter alarming the world, Elda and Luci are leading a powerful resistance, competing with the Southern rebellium, with no powerful government to stop either of them.
And yet, nothing seems to have changed.
Annabeth, alongside Beverly, Zacharia, and Steve Ryans, hide out amidst the chaos , unable to prevent what’s happening right in front of them. Disheartened and helpless.
Then one day, a girl turns up, a girl with heterochromia, with some interesting letters, and some even more interesting information. Could it be that Xander Moore had another daughter? And that Luci has a half-sister?


10. Chapter 10 (one year earlier)

“He’ll never agree to it,” Robin shuts me down, whilst simultaneously filling up her coffee cup and taking a sip, “He’d never take a risk like that.”

“Technically I’d be the one taking the risk-”

Technically he’d still face massive backlash because of it if it all went wrong.” She cuts me off, grimacing, “And it probably will go wrong, you can’t ever expect a plan like that to go off without a hitch-”

“But if we planned it well enough then-”

No.” She interrupts me again, “That sort of trip is a suicide mission.” I sigh, backing down for now at least, clearly I’m not going to get anywhere with her. I’ve spent the whole morning trying to get her on-side with my idea. Ever since we got back from Willowbrick I haven’t been able to stop thinking about new and clever ways to make a breakthrough, my meeting with Luci may not have sent me off packing like she’d intended, but it had told me one thing...Daniel wasn’t coming back anytime soon. If he was at my mother’s house then he was in no hurry to find me again and get back to work, it was down to me to find a new team and a new tactic. I had to come up with a new way of thinking.

That’s when my idea hit me.

So far all our efforts have been focused on Luci and Elda, but what about the other extremists? Nobody seems able to shut up about the breakdown of the alliance between the resistance and the rebellium, ever since Grace caught Charles with us in the alleyway that night the deals and compromises made between the two groups have been falling apart one by one. They’re at their weakest now, so why not strike at them instead? Sure, it would mean betraying countless resistance members who stayed after the incident, but then again, they aren’t really resistance members anymore, their  loyalties lie with the alliance now. And the best part is that nobody would see it coming! Zacharia and other important figures still have security clearance, it would be too easy for one of them to sneak in a bunch of rebels and let us wreak havoc inside the base. The only risk is the security. Expertly designed, the security system in place at the base is like none other, apparently equipped to handle any sort of emergency, and nobody knows absolutely everything about it, nobody. Instead, lots of people know little bits, making it nearly impossible for anybody to learn everything. If we went in there, we would easily be able to do some damage, but without all the knowledge about that infamous security system, we wouldn’t be able to guarantee a clean escape.

“If you want to ask him, then ask him.” Robin comes and sits beside me, sensing my deflated mood, “Just don’t expect him to say yes, or even to listen to the end of your little sales pitch.”

“This could be the thing that turns everything around for us-” I start back up again, feeling a surge of enthusiasm rise up inside me.

“Or it could be the thing that destroys us once and for all.” Robin refuses to allow me to kick off again, “We can’t afford to adopt that sort of risk-taking, not now anyway.”

“I disagree.” I argue, refusing to back down, “In times when every single action is a risk you need to take big ones in order to escape from the cycle.”

“Fine. Tell him.” Robin sighs, waving her arms up in the air in defeat, “Just don’t expect a positive response.” As she speaks she reaches into her pocket and pulls out her key to the main office, shoving it into my hand. I ignore her passive aggressive reluctance, rushing off towards the office before she has a chance to change her mind.

I pause outside the door to the office, catching a glimpse of Zacharia sat inside through a crack in the blinds. He’s at his desk, with a scattering of papers and brightly-coloured sticky notes decorating his dusty desk. My heart sinks when I see the expression on his face, the creased eyebrows, the piercing eyes, the tight lips...he’s frustrated. He’s already in a bad mood. This isn’t going to be easy. Cautiously, I unlock the door, and step inside. He looks up when he sees me, and grimaces.

“I told you that you should have waited longer before getting back into the field.” He shakes his head as he speaks, assuming that my reason for visiting is to review the failed security mission with him. “Robin told me that you ran into her... what happened?”

“After they’d shot the mayor she let me go.” I state simply, standing with my hands behind my back next to the ajar door, remaining a few feet away from his desk. Zacharia raises an eyebrow at my response, unconvinced.

“That doesn’t sound like something she’d do, it’s barely been four weeks since you were tied to a chair in her basement.”

“I don’t really understand it either,” I shrug, “But that’s not what I came to talk to you about.” He sighs, sitting back in his chair and gesturing towards the door. I shut it, then walk over his desk, sitting down opposite him. I wait patiently as he tries to clear some space, piling up the stray pieces of paper and brushing off the coating of dust and crumbs. I don’t speak again until he sits up straight in his chair, meeting his eyes with mine. “I want to lead a mission to the alliance base.” I reveal, keeping my proposal plain and simple.

“You mean you want to attack the alliance base?” He rephrases, wincing.

“It wouldn’t be difficult, it’s complete chaos over there. Most resistance agents have left anyway.” I try to sway him, keeping my tone confident and certain. He still doesn’t seem comfortable with the idea.

“Their security system is second to none.” He reminds me.

“But you still have clearance.” I get to the point at last, letting the penny drop. Zacharia's face drops, and his hands fall down off the table. It almost makes me feel sorry. Zachaira’s been doing this for a while now, and it must be exhausting for him, especially now with everything else that’s going on. The last thing he needs is some rash hotheaded agent asking him to risk all future relations with the rebellium over the vague hope of some impact finally being made against extremist rebels. Still, I don’t get up from my seat. I can’t leave this room without his approval. So I just sit and let him register everything I’ve said, keeping quiet as considers all his options.

“There are numerous reasons why I can’t do that,” he decides, “It would mean making an enemy of the alliance and the rebellium, they might organise a counter-attack or release classified information or- well, you get the idea. This is too risky.”

“When has anything we’ve ever done not been risky?” I plead with him, trying to wedge my window of opportunity open.

Enough, Annabeth.” He snaps, slamming the window shut. “I won’t support a mission against the alliance, and you shouldn’t either. Anyway, I’ve finally managed to organise your travel back to Arizona, you leave in two days. Until then, stay out of trouble.” I know better than to argue with him right now, and reluctantly, I get up out of my seat and leave.

Robin is stood waiting outside the office when I exit, leaning against the wall.

“Here’s your key back.” I hand it back over to her. I turn to walk away, but she grabs my arm, stopping me.

“I did try to warn you-”

“It doesn’t matter now anyway, I’m going back home to the North in a few days.” I cut her off, my voice breaking a little at the end. I pull my arm out of her grip and walk off, keeping my head down as I move. I knew he probably wouldn’t agree to it, but it still hurts to know that he trusts me so little after everything I’ve done for the resistance over the years. I hear fast footsteps behind me, and when I turn back around Robin is there, chasing after me.

“Look Annabeth, I don’t have full security clearance, but I do have entry clearance to the main sections of the building, and I’ve seen a lot of files about the base when I’ve been helping Zacharia. And, well, I want to help you do this.”

“Why? It would mean going against Zacharia, you could lose your job, your reputation, your-”

“I want to do this for the same reason as you, so at least I’m doing something.” She reveals, interrupting me again, “I can’t just sit around all day whilst innocent people are being targeted and put at risk.”

“’re quitting the resistance?” I check, not quite able to believe what I’m hearing. Robin just smiles and raises her eyebrows.

“Aren’t you?”

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