I Won't Lie ( Reynico )

As Nico spends more time with Reyna he realizes he is falling deeper and deeper into a hole of love that he can't escape but little does Reyna know Nico has been her crush ever since they met.


10. Summer is over

Reyna was packing up her cabin and I wrapped my arms around her "Why do you have to leave it's not like you can go back to Camp Jupiter" she looked hurt for a second and said "I'm not leaving I'm storing my stuff in your cabin Dumbo" I pretended to look hurt and put my hand over my chest "The others are leaving except for Jason and Piper so we have them to hang out with oh and Hazel is staying Frank is visiting his grandma and Annabeth and Percy are with Sally" I say and kiss Reyna's neck and walk out and get breakfast and when I walk back I walk in to see Pipes and Jason "what's up Superman and pretty girl" I smirk as they glare and Reyna laughs "I'm going to change Reyna be right back" I kiss her cheek and piper goes to eat and that leaves Jason and Reyna together I change into skinny jeans and a tie dye shirt that Reyna got me and I walk back in and see Jason kiss Reyna and I slam the door and run to the beach and cry silent tears and I hear someone sit next to me "Go away" I mumble and the person says "Your not the only hurt one death breath" Piper says "Oh Hey" I mumble and lay on her lap still crying and fall asleep and when I wake up I'm in my bed and a note next to my pillow "Hey Nico I just want you to meet me at the beach when you wake up" I jump out of bed and run to the beach hoping to see Pipes but its Reyna and I frown "Hey..." I mumble "Nico he kissed me I didn't you know I love you" I look up and cross my arms and jump on her and hug her and mumble into her "I love you" and kiss her we walk back to her cabin and see a smug looking Jason staring at me smirking I push him to a building near by with skeleton hands and he cries with shock and I smile and enter Reyna's cabin to a slightly puffy eyed Piper sleeping "What happened to her?" I asked Reyna "Jason" she replies and I shrug and work out with Reyna's gym in the back and get ripped "Rey?" I yelp feeling a pair of arms wrap around me as I do push ups "hmm" she grunts "Lets go to sleep" I say and sleep with her on the bed after we put Piper on a matress on the floor

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