I Won't Lie ( Reynico )

As Nico spends more time with Reyna he realizes he is falling deeper and deeper into a hole of love that he can't escape but little does Reyna know Nico has been her crush ever since they met.


2. Reyna

 I woke up the next to Nico wrapped all around me  so I carefully got up and took a shower. "Mind if I join you?" Nico asked I jumped when I heard him "Oh yeah of course" I reply watching him undress himself and get in with me I didn't realize when he started kissing me until I kissed back and you know what happened next. After I got dressed and went to breakfast Everyone asked me why Nico was grinning like a fool "Reasons that only Nico and I may know" I replied to everyone Nico and I shared eggs, waffles, bacon etc. but I don't share my drinks. Nico gets up and tells me he is going to brush his teeth and I follow him. "Reyna why are all my clothes not black anymore?" Nico questioned me "Because Percy and I went shopping" I reply "I'm turning them all black except this skull one I like the red" Nico says "ok babe do what makes you feel happy" I reply and walk out to meet Annabeth and Piper and the rest of them "Ol so tomorrow is his birthday just use red and black and yes Percy the cake can be blue and black" I say to them and go back to Nico's cabin and I over hear him sing I Won't Lie by Go Radio and I walk in and startle him "Nice singing death boy" I smirk he just kisses me and goes to sleep I walk to the big house and get some paper and I leave him a note saying Going to the store be back soon Love your girl Reyna :) and I get supplies for the party and just food in general because I have been really hungry today I come back and he is freaking out "Another nightmare?" I ask he nods yes and I kiss him deeply again and you know what followed 

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