I Won't Lie ( Reynico )

As Nico spends more time with Reyna he realizes he is falling deeper and deeper into a hole of love that he can't escape but little does Reyna know Nico has been her crush ever since they met.


4. Nico


I woke up and Reyna was in the bathroom so I went to check on her and she was puking so I rubbed her back "let it all out babe" I comfort her and get her a wet cloth "babe stay in bed I will make soup and grilled cheese with salad" I say she nods and continues to puke while I make her food and I think to myself I would be a great husband maybe even a father one day I smile at the though of having little Reynas and Nicos I would be the over protective dad for the daughter  and Reyna would be the hip mom -cough- sexy mom -cough 


Nico if you don't narrarate right I will take over

Ok babe whatever you say babe so back to the story 

Percy walks in and so does will because they are taking care of her because I have work to do at the mini mart to make money and when I come back from work Reyna Percy and Will look at me funny "Nico sit down you may take this news heavy but.." "don't fucking but me Percy or Will" I say "Neeks I'm pregnant" Reyna says my eyes light up "WOOHOOO IM THE FIRST PARENT BEFORE ALL OF YOU LOSERS TAKE THAT PERCY AND JASON AND LEO AND FRANK AND EVERY OTHER GUY" I dance around the room "I guess he is excited" Percy says "last time he was this happy he beat me at mythomagic" Will says "He's always that happy when he takes showers with me" Reyna remarks -cough- and when he watches scooby doo -cough- "Reyna I thought you promised" I sigh "not on the river Styx" Reyna says "Atleast we are the first parents" I say

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