I Won't Lie ( Reynico )

As Nico spends more time with Reyna he realizes he is falling deeper and deeper into a hole of love that he can't escape but little does Reyna know Nico has been her crush ever since they met.


1. Nico

As all of my so called friends walked into my cabin to wake me before I pulled the covers over myself I noticed Reyna and felt this kind of flutter in my heart but I barely even know her. It also turns out she is staying in my cabin because nobody else wants her in their cabin. "NICO YOU THERE BUD" I heard Jason yell "oh oh yeah I'm not here goodbye leave now" I replied shuffling everyone except Reyna out. "Well this is my cabin bathroom is Down the hall thingy desk is in the corner the rest is for you to explore" I told her I guess she wanted to talk to me "Nico why do you build your walls so high and thick I mean mine are like a fence and like paper" she remarked "I don't like people" I replied it was awkward silence after that until she climbed in my bed for no reason I guess there is no other bed because it's only me. I felt safe near her though I mean we did go through that rise of Gaia together kinda fell in love with her there. But she was dating Percy a bit because Anna Beth took a break with him but that didn't work out. "Nico I love you even though you can be anti social" she said out of no where  "I-I love you too Fence/paper walls Reyna" I snicker she slapped my arm for that it turned into a pillow fight. Percy walked in on us and he got sad knowing he isn't the one making me smile. After he left I pinned her to the bed. She looked scared but I know she wasn't. "Nico what are you doing?" She questioned "I'm doing what I should have done with All the hot boys even Leo" I reply and kiss her deeply "Wow Nico didn't know your face got a darker shade" she smiles "Oh yeah it does I shine baby" I giggle " Want to go out Nico?" She asks "Been waiting for that yes but it is also lunch so let's go" I reply getting a shirt on and taking her hand pulling her to the tables "Wow Ghost King you are attached to her for reals" Jason says with a derp face and I laugh returning the derp face.  Reyna pokes my cheek getting my attention "yes?" I ask "I'm going to go freshen up" she says "Noo last time someone said that they died stayyy" I whine "Fine but only because your being cute" she replies and I smile laying my head in her lap


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