I Won't Lie ( Reynico )

As Nico spends more time with Reyna he realizes he is falling deeper and deeper into a hole of love that he can't escape but little does Reyna know Nico has been her crush ever since they met.


11. Leaving

I wake up and iris message Percy and he answers "Hey Percy do you mind if I come visit you and Annabeth for a little like a week or so?" Percy nods and hangs up and I start packing I leave Reyna a song to play while I'm gone for a week or so and I shadow travel to Percy and land on him and roll on the floor with a thud "Hey death breath" Annabeth says "Hi I need help" I say brushing my self off "With what?" Percy asks I blush and say "I uh want to propose to Reyna but I don't know how" I answer Annabeth jumps up and down and Percy smirks "That we can help you with shadow travel all of us to camp and we will set everything up" Percy answers and I shadow travel us back "I was planning on being back a week later but this is fine" I say "Ok" they answer dragging me to the beach "Ok so we will set up roses and a tae and stuff but the magic happens when your about to propose so when your ready to propose raise your eyebrows" Percy says "Alright" I say "Dinner is at 8:00 so hide at that time" I add and run off to my cabin and jump on Reyna and she was sleeping listening to the song and I snuggled her spreading out falling asleep and Piper got out of one of the beds and I opened an eye and she snapped a picture and I got up and chased her around the camp raising my hand campers coming out of cabins to look and I see Percy snickering and I stop "You want to be in the same boat as piper water boy?!" I yell he shakes his head and I jump on piper taking her camera and I shadow travel away to Reyna and put the camera in a secret place and she walks back in "Where is it Di Angelo?" I pretend to be asleep "It's in the river" I reply and Reyna wakes up "Nico your back and on top of me" she says and I nod wrapping my legs around her "m'teddy bear" I say half asleep and get up in time for dinner and put a black suit on that has a bit of black fire coming out of it thanks to Leo and Reyna has a beautiful skin tight dark purple dress on with purple heels and I take her to the table at the beach and we eat and have a long conversation and I raise my eyebrows signaling Percy and her makes a water dome that nobody can see through or hear through and I get one knee and take a ring with a black diamond out and hold reynas hand "Reyna your sun to my shine and the French to my toast I love you more than anything or anyone I would die for you I just have one thing to ask you Will you be my wife my cuddle buddy my forever my best friend my battle partner?" I ask and she holds her hands to her face and nods "Yes Nico one million skeletons times yes" and with that I slip the beautiful ring on her hand and kiss her and the walls fall down for people to see the kiss and Piper obviously found the camera because I heard her take a picture "you forgot to turn your sound off Pipes" and with that I chase her tackling her to the ground taking her phone and cameras and hide them in my cabin and go back to Reyna brushing my self off "Sorry this happened when I got back" I say "Oh by the way everyone Percy and Annabeth are back they helped me with the proposal and they come out of the bushes and wave awkwardly and run as people chase them and I snicker "Let's go to bed my fiancée" I say and we went to bed

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