I Won't Lie ( Reynico )

As Nico spends more time with Reyna he realizes he is falling deeper and deeper into a hole of love that he can't escape but little does Reyna know Nico has been her crush ever since they met.


9. I Love You

Reyna woke up freaking out and asking what we did and I just shrugged which made her more mad and I raised my eyebrows amused at the sight of her screaming and pacing the beach with only a blanket around her "NICO IT'S NOT FUNNY" she screamed and I got up and put underwear on and gave her clothes "Reyna if it makes you feel better we didn't do what you think we did" I said calmly and walked to my cabin and put on skinny jeans with a Camp Half blood shirt since I didn't have any other clothes I pulled my sweater over it which was grey and walked to her cabin they made for her here at Camp Half Blood. I knocked and she opened it still in her bra and underwear and I walked in and sat on her bed "So Ra Ra what do you wanna do today I thought maybe we could have a lazy day and stay in here" I said nd she came out wearing sweat pants and a baggy tee  and laid down"Neeks I already planned that now come cuddle me" she said and motioned me to come cuddle her and I crawled and cuddled her and she put her head in the crook of my neck. She fell asleep and I stayed awake and played with her long beautiful hair and caressed her face but I knew when she woke up this would end only because when she wakes up she will train and train. "Nico you look deep in thought what's wrong?" I jumped and she was awake and still here "Oh sorry I was thinking about Will getting beaten by Hazel" I lied she giggled that giggle does something to me and I kissed her and it got heated quick she took off my shirt and I took off hers next thing I know we are lying naked in bed the blankets on the floor and a sheet covering our lower quarters and she was panting and so was I and she said "I never knew a son of hades was so good in bed" I laughed and kissed her cheek and got us both dressed and luckily we did get dressed because the others barged in and said "We decided to play truth or dare in here" we shrugged and joined the circle Percy went first "Nico truth or dare" and of course I picked dare "I dare you to have Reyna cuddling you for the rest of the game" Reyna didn't object and walked over and cuddled me "Annabeth Truth or Dare" she picked dare "I dare you to make out with Piper" I smirked and she blushed and made out with Piper you could tell they liked each other once they finished Annabeth asked Hazel truth or Hazel picked truth and the question and answer was too graphic and Jason asked me "Neeks dare or dare" I chose dare "I dare you to kiss Rey" I kissed her and dared Reyna to sleepover with me and she dared Percy to sit on Jason and over all the night was fun

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