I Won't Lie ( Reynico )

As Nico spends more time with Reyna he realizes he is falling deeper and deeper into a hole of love that he can't escape but little does Reyna know Nico has been her crush ever since they met.


7. A Drop In The Ocean

Reyna and I were at Percy and Annabeths trying to calm down Annabeth and Percy after they had a heated fight "Percy bro calm down she is just upset she didn't mean it" I calm him and wipe his tears and he gets close and tries to kiss me "Percy I'm married don't do that" I say and I turn the corner and and Reyna and Annabeth are kissing "Ok Percy let's make out quick" I say and kiss him deeply and disconnect walking up to my beautiful wife "Hey babe is she ok now" I say wrapping my arms around her "yep now lets go to the kids Derrick has a bmx contest and so does Pete and Sadie has gymnastics" she replies while we shadow travel them all to the places and we go home and kiss deeply "It's been along time since we had alone time babe" she says to me "I miss this being teenagers not knowing what's next and who we are going to fall in love with and no kids to punish and send to grandpa" I laugh "True" she replies

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