Just Papyrus

"What do yo even see in him? You're Mettaton and he's just... Papyrus."



1. Just Papyrus


Papyrus groans and rolls over. It's very much unlike him to sleep in but he had stayed up all night talking to his boyfriend on the phone.

"Papyrus, are you sleeping?"

Papyrus tries to ignore his brother. Maybe he should've gone to sleep earlier, just like Mettaton had heavily insisted (even though he really didn't mind when Papyrus insisted otherwise.)

Papyrus rolls over again so that he's not facing the window by his bed.

He hears footsteps coming up the stairs, then a knock on his door. However, Sans doesn't wait for Papyrus to answer he just walks in.

Sans plops on the end of Papyrus' bed.

"This seems familiar for some reason," he says, "This might just be dejà vu but I feel like this same thing happened yesterday but it was reversed," he's laughing.

Papyrus, not amused, rolls over away from Sans.

"C'mon bro, why are you so tired?"

"Mettaton," Papyrus mumbles.

"Really? Isn't he coming over later today?"

Papyrus nods into his pillow.

"Speaking of that, Courier is coming over for the weekend." 

Papyrus sits up. "But Mettaton is staying for the weekend too!"

"That's not all," Sans says, frowning, knowing his brother isn't going to like what he's going to say, "He's bringing Stella."

And Papyrus doesn't like what he said. Stella is Courier's gorgeous best friend. She's also Papyrus' ex-girlfriend. She's terrible. She was so nice until she wasn't. Papyrus doesn't even want to think about her let alone see her.


"Look, I'm sorry bro but I can't just tell her not to come."

Papyrus crosses his arms. "Yes, you could."

"Too late now," Sans says, getting up, "You should get ready for Mettaton."

"He's getting here at twelve," Papyrus complains.

"It's twelve-thirty," Sans says, now leaving the room.

Papyrus jolts up. "Get out, I'm getting ready."

"Wasn't planning on staying," Sans says as he exits.

Papyrus gets out of bed, throws on a white t-shirt and a pair of jeans and rushes downstairs.

"Where is he? Is he late?"

"Relax," Sans replies from the couch, "It's eleven-fifty."

"What? You lied to me!?"

Sans nods.

Papyrus sighs and walks to the kitchen to get breakfast.

There's a knock on the door. Papyrus tenses up. It could be Courier and Stella. They might be early. He begins to panic, thinking of everything that could go wrong.

"Papyrus?" It's Mettaton.

Papyrus sighs with relief and walks to the door. When he opens it, Mettaton is standing there with (surprisingly) only two bags.

Papyrus smiles.

"Hello, darling," Mettaton looks relieved as well, "I was so worried that you wouldn't be home or something. You know how awkward it is showing up to someone's house when they aren't there? God it's-" he cuts himself off, "Sorry, I'm rambling."

"Uhm, let's go put your stuff upstairs."

Mettaton giggles, "Okay, darling."

They go upstairs and Mettaton puts his bags down. He then flops onto Papyrus's unmade bed.

He smiles. "Your house is so naturally home-y."

"Sorry I didn't clean up or anything."

Mettaton looks at him. "Don't worry about that, love." He sits up. "I mean it looks like you've been cleaning."

Papyrus sits next to him and crosses his legs. "I think it's always like that."

"Anyway, who cares about a messy bed if you're just going to mess it up again anyway."

Papyrus smiles.

Mettaton holds Papyrus' face in his hands and smiles back.

He pulls Papyrus' face towards him and Papyrus doesn't hesitate to fill the gap.

Papyrus pulls away but only because he's out of breath.

Then, almost as if he knows it's the perfect time to interrupt, Sans calls from downstairs.

"They're here!"

Mettaton frowns. "Who's here?"

"I, um, forgot to tell you that my cousin is coming over."

"That's fine."

"That's not it, he bringing his friend."

"You don't seem very happy about that."

Papyrus looks down. "She's an... ex-girlfriend."

"Ex-girlfriend?" Mettaton whispers, knowing his boyfriend is gay, "That never ends well. Does she know?"

He shakes his head.

Mettaton takes his hand. "I'll be here, darling."

Papyrus smiles.

The two walk down. By the door are two people. One, a boy with dark hair wearing a black hoodie and the other a girl with gorgeous, thick black hair, wearing a dress that hugged her form closely.

"She's hot," Mettaton whispers. Papyrus lightly elbows him.

"Hi, Papyrus," Stella says, her voice, sickly sweet.

"Hello, Stella," Papyrus says awkwardly. At this point Courier and Sans are both sitting on the couch.

"Who's this?" she motions to Mettaton.


"I'm Papyrus' boyfriend," Mettaton interrupts, proudly.

"-Mettaton," Papyrus finishes, still awkwardly.

"That name sounds familiar."

Mettaton frowns. "I'm famous."

"Really? Why Papyrus then?"

Papyrus' breath hitches as he stares up at the slightly taller man.

"Why not Papyrus?"

"You're famous and handsome and he's just Papyrus."

Papyrus looks extremely uncomfortable.

And Mettaton looks furious.

He takes a deep breath and his expression softens.

"I see why Papyrus hates you," he says this softly but there's still malice in his voice.

He turns around swiftly and takes Papyrus' hand. He takes him upstairs and into his room.


He's sitting on his bed looking hurt.

"You don't believe her, do you?"

He shrugs.

"So you don't think you're good enough for me?" Mettaton says softly, grazing Papyrus' jaw with the side of his hand.

"I don't know," he mumbles, "Am I really just Papyrus?"

"You're not anything more that Papyrus are you?"

He looks confused.

"I mean, you're charming, handsome, adorable, sweet and strong but you aren't more than Papyrus."

"I don't get it."

Mettaton smiles. "You are just Papyrus but Papyrus is all I could ever want."

Papyrus smiles back. "Really?"

Mettaton leans forward. "Really."

He plants a kiss on his lips.

"What about the rest of the weekend?" Papyrus asks, softly.

"I'll deal with everything," Mettaton says, "Just know that nothing she can say will make me love you any less."

"I love you," Papyrus says.

"I love you, too, darling."

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