Blue maid

What happens when Ella meats ceil phantomhive ?

Will she fall in love with him or his suductive butler ?


3. two

One I arrived to phantomhive manor I could not help but feel like it has been here for thirty or so years , ever though I know it has only been standing for two years .

"Is some thing wrong, Mis.Collins " sabatian questioned

" no ,everything is just fine " I reassured him , in the blink of an eye Sebastian was next to the door and I could not help but ask

"how did you do that "

so he replied

"I am just simply on hell oh a butler "

However I could not help but to hear him put an infrance on the word hell . I walked in to the mansion,it was trulyextravagant and I expected nothing less for ceil .

"Young lord,your guest has arrived "

I turned to look at the stairs ,and acsadently made eye contact with ceil . He was hot I give him that but sabatian laps him 100 time over, with his sexy low voice ,his towering hight ..Wait what am I thanking

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