Blue maid

What happens when Ella meats ceil phantomhive ?

Will she fall in love with him or his suductive butler ?


2. one

Ella's POV

I was awaken by a soft knock on the door then a strange but suductive deep voice

" Hello I'm looking for an Ella Collins "

Even though I don't know who is behind the door i still got up to answer for once I'm glad I fell a sleep in my daily black dress

"I'll be there in a secend "

I walked over to the door and opened it d

"Hello I'm Sabastian , I asoume you are Ella Collins "

"I am indeed,what makes you vist "

"My lord ciel would like to see you "

"Very well , it has been quit some time "

After that last sentience was said I walked out of my small house ,turned,locked the door than got to the vehicle .Leaving my very simple life behind and entering the exiting world of phantomhive

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