Alone In A World Full Of People

Sequel to, "Emotional Rollercoaster." This time following Alec's point of view. All grown up Alec find the struggles of the real world. He meets a couple of old friends. Alec regains his sense of what it was like to be in love. In love with the same girl. The same girl who danced with him. The same girl who moved on.


1. Meeting Once Again

It came as a shock. He was so bright, and bold. When I got the news it was horrible. I could never believe this happened. I dressed in all black, and I drove at least two hours. When I finally got there I realized it I was early. At least his family was there.

Mrs. Jacobson: Alec! I'm so glad you could come!

Alec: Mrs. Jacobson! I'm so sorry for your loss!

Mrs. Jacobson: He was so young

Alec: I know 

Mrs. Jacobson: His body is in the casket already. You can see him one last time

Alec: Thank you

I walked over. When I saw him I had to cry. He was not only my friend, but family. He was one of my best friends. But he's gone now.

Lacey: H-he's really gone

Alec: Lacey?

Lacey: Hi

Alec: Hi

Lacey: I can't believe this happened to him

Alec: Do you want to see him?

Lacey: Yeah 

She walked up to the casket, and I could see her eyes tearing up.

Chase: Hey guys

Alec: Chase

Tyler: And Tyler!
Chase and Tyler came up to the casket. Before we knew it we all were crying.

Tyler: I guess we're all here


Author's Note:

Hey! This is the sequel to, "Emotional Rollercoaster Called Life." I don't know if you guys figured it out who died because he wasn't mentioned a lot. But if you do comment down below who it is! Yes he was part of the main gang! 

Anyways, I hope you guys will enjoy the sequel! Thanks for reading!!

<3 <3 <3



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