Meeting You

A story about how I think love works


2. The Conversation

At lunch, Sara could have sworn they both talked for what seemed like hours. They told stories, shared their hobbies, even confessed their fears. She would have wished for more time with him but by the end it, she definitely felt something. She managed to get through the day by thinking of how it could all end, either in tragedy or in maybe in love? At the end of the day, as she was walking home, he approached her again. " I had a really great time with you. I guess you're not as boring as I thought you were." he said enthusiastically. She hit his shoulder playfully. " I did too, I guess you"re not as rude and as charismatic as I thought you were." " Hey! I didn't do anything! I was just being funny" he shot back. Sara rolled her eyes, and pulled out a little slip of paper. "I think you'll need this." she said. "I bet I will." he said charmingly. And with that he winked at her and strolled away. 

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