Meeting You

A story about how I think love works


1. The Appearance

When I met you, I thought you were perfect, but you had a few flaws... 

She loved Daniel, he just didn't know it. Sara longed for Daniel to notice her, but he never did. She tried to talk, but she was shut out, she tried to do an act of kindness, but he simply pushed away. Sara was the kind of girl who never really stood out. Just was in the background, but on this fateful day everything would change. It was right after Calculus, her favorite class, she stood at her locker waiting for her best friend Erin to come and meet her for lunch. five minutes past, then ten, she finally gave up and began to walk down the hall, little did she know she was being followed by her favorite person in the world. "Wait up, I thought you might need a friend.", the soft voice said. She turned to see none other than, Daniel Smith, the star piano player and soloist of the boys choir. Daniel was all about music. He could play almost any instrument you could think of besides the drums. Sara smiled and said with a surprised tone,"Hi, did you think I was someone else?" "No, I just saw the look on you"re face and wanted to see if you were alright." "I'm fine." she said softly. She told him about Erin and how she didn't really care, but the truth was- she did. "Would you care to join me for lunch?" he asked playfully. "Sure I guess" she replied. Daniel nodded his head and together they walked to start something that would would soon become the best thing in their entire lives.

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