The Familiars

A new, untrained and untried witch must find her way in a chaotic world that needs it's saviors. Through her journeys she comes across two other warlocks that are also journeying to fill the same destiny as she is.


9. 8


            “The first thing you need to learn is how to find your power.  Because it’s been almost four years since your power should’ve manifested, it may be that your power is hidden from you.  We must find a way to unblock whatever is keeping your power from you.”  My bonded sat up from her bed, waving in dizziness for a moment before righting herself.  I could tell she was still weak, and I shoved a little of my power into her making her gasp.      

            Sorry, I was just giving you some strength.  I thought toward her, making her gasp again and clutch her head.

            “What was that?”  She asked aloud, making me smile…well as much as I could smile.           

            “Those were Myst’s thoughts.  He can direct any thought to you, and you to him.  Someday when you have grown more together you will not need to even think something for the other to know. 

            He also gave you some power to stabilize you as you are still very weak.”  I nodded in confirmation and tried to walk out of the room.  However, the door had shrunk back to its original size and I was left with my head out the door and my body stuck behind me.  My bonded laughed.

            You look like an oversized lap dog.  I heard in my head.  I couldn’t turn to see her, but I could imagine her sitting on the bed not being able to breathe because she was laughing too hard.  She sent me an image of what I looked like, and I had to agree with her: I did look pretty pathetic.

            Mackenzie waved her hand and the door grew larger letting me out.

            “If your magic is only used for healing, how did you just do that?”  My bonded asked.         

            “That is just basic Magic.  Everyone learns the same basics, and then they find their own talent and branch off from there.  My specialty is healing, but everyone can use the basics.” 

            “So I could make that door bigger or smaller?”  I took a step back remembering my first time learning how to control magic.   I had tried to summon a wind and nearly blew my whole den apart.  My Mother Wolf was so furious I thought she’d turn me to stone.  (I later found out that we couldn’t turn each other to stone). 

            “Yes, in possibility you could.  However, let us not use Magic in my house.  I rather like it, and wouldn’t want anything to happen that I could not reverse.”  My bonded nodded as it made sense.  She slowly got to her feet and grabbed the railing of the bed to steady herself.

            I wanted to help her but one thought from Shalatook kept me rooted to my spot.  Stay where you are Myst, she must find her own way in this harsh world, starting with standing up.

            I knew she was right, but that didn’t make it any less easy to watch as my bonded struggled to walk across the room.  By the time she made it to the door, she was covered in sweat and was breathing heavily from the effort.  It took her another minute to recover before she started out the door yet again. 

            After she made it to the hallway, I looked to Shalatook asking permission if I could lend her more of my power.  For Strength, I begged her.  Reluctantly she nodded her head, I guess you may, however do not give her much.  I know it seems cruel but I want her to find her way on her own.

            Be ready.  I warned my bonded before I pushed a little of my strength back into her.  Color returned to her face and she stood a little taller as her body accepted the newfound power. 

            Thank you Myst.  She thought, and with the remaining strength made it outside and into the sunlight.  She looked more fragile in the sun, more like a porcelain doll then anything. 

            “Now, we will begin your training.  Think.  Concentrate.  Feel your power inside of you.  What color is it?  How does it feel?  How does it move?  Feel the power inside of you.”  Mackenzie said as they stood outside the clearing for the first time.  Val stood there trying to concentrate, maybe a little too hard.

            You look like a constipated squirrel.

            Not helping Myst…and wait how do you know what they look like?

            I’m just saying the power is in your heart not your mind…and don’t even question how I know, trust me, I know.

            After that, I went silent, watching her as she worked to find her power.  She still looked like a constipated squirrel, but less of one.

            After hours of practice, Val still hadn’t learned how to summon her power.  She sat down exhausted and dripping in sweat. 

     “I can’t do it.” A glance between the Shalatook and her bonded told me something was about to happen, and I alerted myself for any danger that could happen to Valerie.  I gave a warning growl, but while I was watching Valerie, I felt myself be picked up in huge jaws and thrown across the field. 

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