The Familiars

A new, untrained and untried witch must find her way in a chaotic world that needs it's saviors. Through her journeys she comes across two other warlocks that are also journeying to fill the same destiny as she is.


7. 6


            Now this lady was really crazy. 

            “No, there’s no way I can be a wizard…they don’t exist.  They’re only fairytales.  They’re made up to make people believe in the impossible.  To make them believe that there’s a hero at the end of a story…” Val trailed off, something about this old woman’s gaze told her that she was not joking.

            “The stories you hear were taken overtime from true events that happen with true wizards.  Of course, you humans tend to over exaggerate things you cannot explain, like Merlin the wizard of King Arthur, or really any wizard in history.”

            “And this wolf?  What is he?”  Val asked with even more uncertainty then ever.

     “He is a familiar.  Your familiar I might add, and you gave him quite a scare.” 

     “I gave him a scare?  He’s as big as a horse and was sitting at the top of my bed!  He scared me...wait, what is a familiar?”

     “The familiars are animals who are descended from the old Animal goes of Talikia.  They are bonded to wizards when they come of age, just as the wizard bonds to the familiar when they come of age.  The bond you make with your familiar lasts forever.  If you die, your familiar dies, and vise versa.”  Something in the old woman’s voice told Val that she was not lying however that didn’t stop the doubt that this wasn’t real. 

            “Tell me more.”  Val commanded, wanting to hear more about the mysterious world this woman lived in.  She decided that after hearing more, she’d decide if the old woman was crazy or not.

            “Alright.  If I must, then let me start at the beginning. 

            Before Magic came into the world, it was as you lived before you came here; simple human lives with no familiars, staffs, or even the knowledge that Magic exists.  You lived with horse drawn carriages, castles, and

     Then, the great wolf Noctarer and a man named Merlin brought the first bonded into existence.  That is when all Magic was born throughout the world.  All decedents of Noctarer are bonded to wizards, and Myst, is one of the most powerful decedents.  He picked you because he was attracted to your power; he knew how powerful you were. 

     There’s a reason he’s a white wolf.  It’s a mark of how powerful he really is.”  The old lady stopped there, she rest her hand on the wolf’s head.

     “What do you remember?”  She asked, not taking her eyes from the wolves.

     “All I remember is being in my father’s restaurant and then I woke up here.”  Nodding, the old woman moved forward, placing her other hand on Val’s chest.

     “Do not move.”  She warned Val, and it came not a minute too soon.  A flow of warm energy rushed through Val making her gasp.  When she opened her eyes, she was not in the room any longer. 


     There were bushes in the way, but I could see clearly from to the girl standing at the edge of the forest.  Her power radiated from her, but that wasn’t the only thing that kept me bound to watching what she was doing.  She hesitated, like she’d never been in the Magic Realm before.  She almost looked scared.  The wind shifted and I smelled another scent on top of my human…it was a bad smell; there was no mistaking the evil in it.

     My human turned to look behind her, and I put a face to the scent.  That was an evil man, had to be born of the blood of Morthag.  I shook my head and rolled the muscles in my shoulders.  My Magic would be useless in the Human Realm until I had bonded with my human. 

     The man grabbed my girl by the arm, and I felt her pain as she tried to twist free.  NO!  I thought as I ran forward out of the cover of the trees, out of the Magic Realm and took my first steps into the Human Realm. I could feel the shift in the barrier and knew that my power had been suspended until I could bond with a human, but luckily, she was right in front of me. 

     I lunged at the man, taking his arm in my sharp teeth and crushing it in my mouth.  All I cared about was getting to my human before this man could call his Familiar to his side too.  Finally he was on the ground and out of the way, and I turned to the girl on the ground.  Don’t be afraid.  I thought to her, but knew it would be useless: she would not be able to understand me until she was bonded.

     She put her hand out in wonder, and I pushed my head into it.  Finally.  I thought as the warm rush of energy circled around us.  I had finally gotten my bonded.  She would live and die with me from that moment on.  We were one.


     Val opened her eyes once more and found herself back in the room. 

     “What was that?”  She gasped as all her senses rushed back to her.

     “That was Myst and his view of what happen after you came running home.  He was waiting for you the whole time, and it was quite a surprise to him when you didn’t walk straight into the forest…Let me rephrase.  It was quite a surprise to me as well when I found one of the most powerful wizards untried and untrained. 

     It’s quite peculiar that you were able to stay hidden so long from Myst in the first place.  When you reached the age of 12, you power should have manifested, and a wizard should have come looking for you to train.  When you reached the age of 14, you should have gone on a journey to find you’re bonded.  It’s quite strange that you are now 16 without training in your powers.”  Val was still trying to wrap her head around the fact that she wasn’t dreaming.  Myst stood up and walked over to the side of her bed.  She almost laughed aloud – he was as big as a horse standing over a bed made for a child.

     “Hello, Valerie.  As Shalatook has told you, I am Myst, I am your familiar.”

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