The Familiars

A new, untrained and untried witch must find her way in a chaotic world that needs it's saviors. Through her journeys she comes across two other warlocks that are also journeying to fill the same destiny as she is.


4. 3


            “VALERIE!  INSIDE NOW!”  Valerie whipped around and saw as her father ran after her to the forest.  Before she could step one foot into the forest, he yanked her back. 

            “You will never go into that forest, Valerie.  Not on my watch.”  He made to drag her back into the house, but she would not let him.  Valerie tried to twist out of his grasp, but it was just too strong.  Finally giving up, tears streaming down her face, she let herself be pulled back toward the house.

            Before she knew what was happening, a white blur of motion caught her eye.  Ed grabbed his wrist in pain and dropped her collar. 

            “Son of a Bitch, what is this?”  Valerie whipped around to see what the commotion was and saw a white wolf, the size of a horse or bigger, tearing at her father’s arm.  She ran backward trying to get as far away from the wolf as possible, but some tie held her to the spot. 

     The wolf let go and turned to face her, fear struck in her heart, but also a sense of longingness.  Longingness ached inside her.  Wanting for companionship, for someone to understand, for a friend.  She put a hand out to the wolf; scared it would bite her, but then again, not scared at all. 

     She bent down next to her and pushed her head into her hand, and an electric current ran up and down her spine.  It felt as though she had been electrocuted.  Everything crackled around them, the air sparked and the sun shone just a little brighter.  Birds chirped a merry song, and it seemed as though the whole world had stopped.  And then,

     “NO!  I swore you would never be bonded!”  Came from her father, still lying on the ground, blood covering his shirt now.  His whole arm was mauled and it looked like a long scratch went down his chest.  He moved to grab her again with his good hand, but one growl from the wolf stopped him cold. 

     For some reason, she knew exactly what to do.

     “Ritham shire de plthy sham!”  She yelled, and everything went black.

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