The Familiars

A new, untrained and untried witch must find her way in a chaotic world that needs it's saviors. Through her journeys she comes across two other warlocks that are also journeying to fill the same destiny as she is.


3. 2


“Myst, my child, open your eyes.”  I heard my Mother Wolf coax me out of the deep sleep that I had been in.  I snuggled closer to my Mother Wolf and into my littermates.  I didn’t want to open my eyes - it wasn’t time yet.  I knew that two of my other littermates were already up and moving around the den, but it seemed perfectly safe right next to my mother. 

            Suddenly, I felt a rough tongue over my eyes, forcing my eyelids to open for the first time.  I yelped in protest, but she kept licking, forcing them to stay open.  A blinding white light flooded my vision, causing me to blink over and over until some shadowy shapes formed in front of me.  I stumbled back from my Mother Wolf as I took in just how huge she was. 

            Her jaws gaped in a big smile, watching me look around in wonder.  My legs were shaky as I tried to stand.  The world was HUGE!  The den opening was at least twenty times bigger then I was.  A high-pitched yelp made me swing my head over to see my littermates play fighting each other.  Hey, that looked pretty fun, actually.  I made my way over to them, getting thrown into their mess of limbs and fangs.

            “Myst!  Finally, you’re awake!  We’ve been waiting months to see you open your eyes…but at least you weren’t the last one to open your eyes.”  She pointed her nose to the two pups still by our Mother Wolf’s side. 

            “Mother, may we go outside to play?  It is getting to cramped in this den with Myst awake now.”  Mother shook her head.

            “Not now.  I cannot keep an eye on you pups and these two at the same time.  The outside world is dangerous, my younglings.  We must heed caution when we go outside.  Until you are old enough to get your bonded, you will not truly know the dangers of this world.”  I tipped my head to one side.  Bonded.  That was a new term.  Mother saw my look and took a deep breath to explain.

            “You have been born into a long line of bonded.  This means that when you come of age, at 3 years, you will leave to find your wizard or witch.  You would become their bonded, or in their terms, they’re Familiar.  You will be their source of power, and their one true friend.  Being bonded not only means being their pet, it means being their partner.  You will learn how to harness the Magic in this world, and, as you grow, you will become more powerful then you can imagine.

            But for now, my young pups, you first must learn the art of patience.  Let these two open their eyes, and then you will surly start with finding out the Art and Magic of rest.”  Now that she spoke of it, I was getting pretty tired, even though I had done pretty much nothing.  I felt her guide me back to her stomach, and curled up for a nice long rest.


            It had been four years since I had last been with my Mother Wolf, and now I stood at the edge of the forest, pulled closer by the Magic of a witch.  It was time for me to find my bonded. 

            I could feel her Magic; it was strong, like me.  But I couldn’t quite understand what she was wearing.  The wizards and witches that my littermates had bonded to wore something very different, and they carried a staff with them always. 

            This witch was so strange; it was as if she had never entered the Magic Realm in her life.  Yet here she was with one of the strongest Magical auras I had ever felt in my life.  I leaned forward, putting all my weight on my front two legs, ready to bound forward as soon as she stepped foot into the Realm, and take up the bond with her. 

            But she never stepped foot into the forest.

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