The Familiars

A new, untrained and untried witch must find her way in a chaotic world that needs it's saviors. Through her journeys she comes across two other warlocks that are also journeying to fill the same destiny as she is.


2. 1


            Valerie Clutter was the average 16-year-old run of the mill sort of girl.  She got good grades, stayed out of trouble, and had some good friends around her.  Val loved everyone, and was pretty popular in school – in the good way, of course.  Nothing ever really happen to her that was out of the ordinary, but she liked it that way.  Honestly, having no one to worry about but herself was pretty nice.

            Currently, however, Valerie was hiding from her older brother, Toby and her father, Ed, who were hunting her down for some broken glasses.  Actually, in all reality, it had been Toby’s fault for tripping her in the restaurant, causing her to drop the trey full of glasses in the back room. 

            “VALERIE!  Common, please come out, I’ll tell dad you didn’t mean to do it.”  Toy whispered as he walked by her hiding spot.  Rolling her eyes, she knew that he would do anything to avoid their father’s rage toward him, even if that meant lying and throwing her under the bus for the mistake.  If only she could make it to the backyard door, she could spend sometime in the woods behind her house.  It would give both sides time to relax and take a break.  She heard Toby’s footsteps recede upstairs and bolted for the door, only making it a few steps before her father’s heavy footsteps sounded behind her.

            “Valerie Clutter!  Stop right where you are!”  A sinking feeling rose in her stomach and grew, gnawing and aching inside of her.  She just wanted to go to the woods, where she could be alone with her thoughts and not have to worry about the harsh talking to she was about the broken glasses.

            She pleaded with him, “Please dad, let me go outside for just a little bit, and then I’ll come back and we can talk.  I just need sometime.”  But her dad was already shaking his head, and the little hope she had left sparked out. 

            “No, we are talking about this now.  This behavior will not stand at all.  You dropping glasses is one thing, you taking off yelling at your brother is another.  I will not have you behave that way in our restaurant.  We will discuss the extent of your tonight when the shift is over, but for now, go to your room and give me your phone as well.” 

            “FINE!  YOU DON’T CARE ABOUT ME AT ALL.  DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND THAT THIS WASN’T MY FAULT?  TOBY TRIPPED ME.  Of course you don’t care, do you?”  Val threw her phone at her father and ran out the back door, ignoring her father yelling at her to come back.  Tears streamed down her face, but were whipped back behind her as she ran to the edge of the forest.  The wind cracked the air like a whip as she stood, one foot in reality, another in a whole new world of animals, Mother Nature, and, yet she did not feel it yet, of Magic.

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